Dragon Ball Super

They've kissed. Deal with it.

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Toriyama says otherwise. Get over it.


Cell kissed Chichi.

Kissing? ChiChi is clearly feeding him.

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Based. These two also did btw.

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I feel bad for gohan fans. Once a potential main character thrown so far into the back, that decades later his fans are thrown a single bone in a movie. But the movie look like awful cgi shit like the horrible berserk adaptation. And all it’s doing is pandering to gohan fans instead of improving the character and pushing him forward. I loved ultimate gohan but super really loses its flare after putting gohan and goten so out of the way of everything.


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Goku only did doggy style?

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Is there any faction that DOESN'T want to fuck Pan?

Toriyama isn't in charge of what's canon
Mexico is


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I feel great for Gohan fans. Once a potential main character thrown so far into the back, that decades later his fans are thrown a single bone in a movie. But the movie looks like amazing CGI gold unlike the horrible Berserk adaptation. And all it’s doing is pandering to Gohan fans in addition to improving the character and pushing him forward. I love Ultimate Gohan but Super Hero really gains its flare after putting Gohan and Goten so out of the way of everything.

Jirenscholars are above such things.

Bulma loves Sonkun!

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Alright listen up, this is the last time I'm gonna warn you guys.
Pan is a 10 year old girl. If you are sexually attracted to her you need help. Please, she is just an innocent girl who does not know the meaning of the word sex. There is no reason to sexualize a fictional child like that. Get help, thank you.

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Toriyama doesn't remember what he says.

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ChiChi loves Bejita-sa!

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No matter how you feel about having sex with Pan, it's still way above the totem pole in comparison to having sex with animals, Jirenbro.


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terrible tumblr tier art

Kiss Pan!


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amazing CHADmblr tier OPUS

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Fucking KEKAROO.
How much for this one?

Jobgetafags don't want you to see this

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Reminder Vados is the ugliest of her sisters

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Was it realy 50 euros?

All you will ever have

They've kissed. Deal with it.

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Yes. The tourist who posted it didn't even capitalize or punctuate his babble, so it's believable.

What a loser

another 50

We need to see whis' family have a giant dinner party

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This angel comes to you and says she will train you to be the strongest in the multiverse in a single year. You will eat, sleep, and spend all your time with her. There's just one catch, if you have a single impure thought of her, she will immediately Hakai you.
Can you make it?

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There's probably a lot more angels we haven't seen, as Merus proved.



Y-you weren't supposed to respond that way.

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Easy. I am so pure like my hero Goku I could easily fly on the nimbus.

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Yeah, I'm more for her big tittied taller sister Vados anyway.

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It's been 7 years
How hyped were you for this?

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I was a little disappointed when they revealed that they'd be retelling BoG. But decently hyped.

I'm still hyped.

Whatever you sya Master Roshi

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Bros...? IS THIS REAL???

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Easy peezy. Just defeat lots of bad guys for her.

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Every Dragonball release ever since Battle of Dogs has been absolutely horrific and detrimental to the series.


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Remember when Roshi killed the turtle? FUNNY!!!