Daily Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Chapter

Nozomu Itoshiki is depressed. Very depressed. He’s certifiably suicidal, but he’s also the beloved schoolteacher of a class of unique students, each charming in her own way: The stalker. The shut-in. The obsessive-compulsive. The girl who comes to class every day with strange bruises. And Kafuka, the most optimistic girl in the world, who knows that every cloud has a silver lining. For all of them, it’s a special time, when the right teacher can have a lasting positive effect on their lives. But is that teacher Itoshiki, a.k.a. Zetsubou-sensei, who just wants to find the perfect place to die?

Chapter 100: A Roadside Artist

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A casual summer kimono usually made of cotton. People wearing yukata are a common sight in Japan
at fireworks displays, bon-odori festivals, and other summer events.

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And that's all for this volume, and all for now. I'll probably post Shibuya chapter 8 later today. I just have a couple pages left to finish, but I'm not at home with access to my files right now.
Do you tend to have trouble focusing on the task at hand? On a scale of 1-10, how cute would you rate Komari?
Translation wise, yes, but typesetting would be the bottleneck. I'm not confident I'll have the time to finish one every day.

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It's not fucking fair

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Goodbye Koji Kumeta!

this chapter has 1 Tsunetsuki, 1 pantyshot, 2 Uropen, 0 Amakudari-sama, 1 Miss Sakurai Yoshiko, 1 stork and baby, 1 stick dog, 1 black tear, 1 Mr. Asou Tarou, 1 Mr. Abe Shinzou, and 0 eye of darkness

No pressure, you work at whatever pace works for you

Shibuya Near Family Chapter 10: Kumeta Kouji is twins
(Is this a reference to something?)

>Blurb: There are as many mysteries as there are towns...

>There are many urban legends
>in Shibuya.

>When winter comes,
>(whisper whisper)
>such rumors become a hot topic among the children.

>A friend of a friend saw it.

>He saw it in his dad's hometown when he was small.

>Its belly was green and garish,
>and it had red eyes shining in the darkness.

>T-that's got to be...
>just an urban legend.

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>There's no way kotatsu actually exist!
>Clockwise from top right: Kotatsu, heating, futon, mandarins

>It's an imaginary heating implement!
>I guess modern kids treat kotatsu
>as just an urban legend.

>Well, I suppose folks in Shibuya don't really use them all that much.
>They live in apartments.
>They say Japanese-style rooms are going out of style everywhere, right?

>I think there must be some
>in Chiba.
>A kotatsu sounds nice...

>No... I mean, there are places in Shibuya that have them, too.

>I don't believe anything that I haven't seen with my own eyes!

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>When I was in New York,
>I certainly didn't see them, not even once.

>Is that so?
>They often show up in anime, though.

>Just about anything would be real if appearing in anime were all it takes.
>(Real, Real)

>Miorosu-chan, have you ever seen any?
Like I noted last time, miorosu means "looking down on others"

>Kotatsu... I'm pretty sure those are things that commoners use for warmth.
>If I say that I've seen one, they'll treat me like a commoner!

>I've never seen one.
>Does something like that even exist?

>That's right!
>People believe too many things that they've never actually seen themselves!
>Clockwise from top right: The Earth's mantle, Rare cards, Popular mangaka

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>Kotatsu do not actually exist!
>Never seen one.

>I see them all the time, though...
>[Katayose Ai] (Names means "pushed aside" and "indigo")
>But I can't really say that right now.

>Have you seen any?
>N-no, I haven't...
>And thus, the public opinion forms.

>Sign: Staff room

>Looks like it's from my parents.
>They really shouldn't be sending stuff to school...

>A kotatsu?

>That ain't Shibuya...

>I can't let the students see this, or...

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Goodbye, Koji Kumeta! Goodbye!

>What's that, sensei?

>T-this is...
>NOT a kotatsu.
>We know.
>It's not like kotatsu are real.


>I knew it, they basically treat kotatsu as out-of-place artifacts in Shibuya...

>No matter how I look at it, though,
>it's a kota...

>Wait, now's my chance.
>I'll be brave and tell them they're real.

>S-sensei! This is a kotatsu, isn't it!

>T-there's no way...
>there would be kotatsu in Shibuya, you know?

>See? Even sensei says so, so it must be true.
>Kotatsu are just figments of our imagination.

>So what the heck is this, then?
>Sensei had it, so it must be something Shibuya-related, right?

>Let's put it together.

>Now I get it!
>This is...

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>A tanning machine.
>No... I think it's a torture device for new employees.

>By doing this everyday...
>You'll become one of Shibuya's black gyaru.

>That's it!
>That's totally Shibuya!

>I don't think there's anyone who'd actually use it that way.

>Yeah... This is that Shibuya feel...

>Dear mother, the old kotatsu...
>Has turned into a splendid Shibuya tanning machine.

>And thus, a new urban legend was born.

>A friend of a friend saw it.
>A kotatsu that had sprouted human legs...

>Shibuya Duties Diary - I still wanted to do some more prop comedy.

>Sidebar: Neither good kids nor kids who want to become black gyaru should try this at home. Heat up some dried sweet potatoes, instead...

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I don't misfocus, it's more of a tidal wave of being distracted.
I could be doing something important, but then sudenly decide it's more important to do my daily minesweeper quests.
Though Komari is a 10/10. Yay.

I never get tired of seeing these girls gussied up in yukata

that's a lucky star reference, right?

thanks, OP. i'm decent at focusing, but working from home has drastically reduced my ability to pretend to pay attention during meetings. she's a pretty 9 cute
thanks, countanon


Komori is like a 7 on average, but in the "Don't Open It" pages she's like a 9

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tummy slut

No she's not

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What would be a good font to use for this?

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Holy fuck that caught me off guard
10/10 Kumeta sensei, I kneel

Holy based neurotic Chiri

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the paper blogs are distinctly more comfy and less self-hatred this time around

Shibuya Near Family Chapter 8: It must be exciting to work on the nighttime Yamanote Line.

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damn that makes me a little sad

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I would read the shit out of that

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And that's all for today. How much do you crave validation? Do any of you actively use social media?

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Thanks for the dump like always OP.

At this point i'm a bit confused. Are sensei and Majiru living at school or they're just using an empty room to host Majiru wheen nobody is looking after him?
And who's this cute browny who's always along with Maria and why's oftenly caryin a rifle?