I'm going to post this everyday until you like it

i'm going to post this everyday until you like it.

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place your best, how long till the mods delete this thread

2 minutes~

Sakurafish, a true board classic.



Gambatte Sakura, watch out for Suzaku’s lovemaking!


4 minutes, feeling lucky today

I will post more then.


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>place your best
Participation medal pl0x

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get with the times, old man

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But I already like it

no fun allowed on Yea Forums

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I hate it!
And I hate AoG!

Long time no see

>Five years ago

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>Discord tranny
Nothing of value was lost.

I love it!

For great justice...

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I love you, Yea Forums!

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I doubt it


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I miss it.

>my daily threads encourage people to star their own daily threads and make them feel like they are above others so I had to get rid of

but this literally never actually happened. Why are the mods so fucking shit on here? It was funny. It's a classic. It got into the fucking banner for god's sake.

Fuck the mods

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bring back sadpanda threads

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why is she eating the background color fish anons

who is yoow889

what happened to yoow1 to 888

why does she look so angry

how did she get the fish???

Welcome back and God speed.

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maybe her fish hurts

I've been seeing this image and text for over a decade and it is kind of like wallpaper at this point. When this stops getting posted its the end of an era and kind of like something dying. I wish I could stop time and just live in the moment.

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A million Jannies are about to be snuffed out in senseless cruelty. Only then will they let go of their banhammers. Banhammers that would have taken the joy out of 10 million threads

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I wasn't browsing Yea Forums during the Sakurafish days. Did it really get bad enough to warrant a now hair-trigger ban like pony posting?

it will stay up

It did, there were like 5 daily threads around 2013, my dear newfriends. I would know, I was one of them and I was warned I would be range permad.

It was very random, it was the only daily thread in 2017

what were they? I remember repeted memes but nohing that was truly daily.

IMO it really was never that bad.

I love you too, Mikan.

Reddit board

I love you too, Mikan

>everyday until you like it

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I miss the morning Koume threads.

i liked it ten years ago

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I was a newfag at the best time.

not surprising for a board that prides itself on back seat modding nowadays desu

Every day a ghost of a faggot named Yonkers will break into your home and steal your poops

Sakurafish and wake up Koume were the only ones I remember.

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The only thing this place backseats mods are the buzzwords and frog/wojack memes. And the former doesn't even work half the time. Why do you think the board is in this state? It's not because of a hands-off approach on modding that's for sure


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I feel indifferent about it. Post it again tomorrow.

please do. I want the fishe back.

Mmm— I’m warming up to it.