Subs are out

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Itsuka needs correction

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I dropped this during the girlfriend drama

Delete this

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Itsuka-chan has TWO threads!

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I can't believe otousan is fucking dead

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>no cake
I sleep

Was there any drama?

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next episode

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MC will deliver, believe it!

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5 more children with Mitsuru!

i will post on this one, as it has the proper title.

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will shinri fall in love with nagumo too?

>comfy anime
>3 dirty SIRS/mutts who can think of nothing but rape shit up every thread

Internet for ppl below 80 IQ was a mistake.

is japan really that ok with child labor?

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>thread created 5 hours after the episode release
How is this show this unpopular?

You need correction. Robespierre-level correction.

anons. i think i'll make itsuka an onee-chan.

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i dont make new threads but i was expecting sooner, shit ep this week so I guess nobody else bothered

There's another thread that spelled the title wrong.

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It's not a very white friendly show. They don't care about traditional Japanese snacks.

We had a hiccup

Why there are 2 threads I hate you all.

The first retard spelled the name wrong.

other OP is a fuckup, but first

>opens her heart up to this stranger at the first opportunity when they're alone
it was love at first sight.

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>free pass to take pictures of her anywhere
would you?

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i would not contact the mom

well ofc some picture won't be sent.

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MC also turned into a trap?

only for the one scene

it was made for old ladies

>not a very white friendly

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TN: Otousan means Dad, but ackshually in this instance it's one way of a married woman to refer to her spouse

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But they explain traditional Japanese snacks for a gaijin like me.

yes, that's the point of that image, most of the stuff that isn't translated is shown very clearly (satoimo with an img of it). only uncultured retards wouldn't understand.
it is a seinen show with lots of respect for their (japanese) culture and localizing it would only trash that.
i've only started noticing the lack of localization when an user complained about the translation last episode.

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Itsuka's disdain faces are the best. Super cute, heartwarming, adorable, 10/10, makes me feel fuzzy inside, I love them!

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unfortunately the burgers hold most of the internet hostage, so it would be hard to kick them off completely

Is Itsuka going to win or not?

Imagine obtaining your own abandoned cute loli and then after a while her mother comes to steal it from you how would you react? I would probably go mad and commit a hate crime.

I want to molest itsuka

I want to protect itsuka

Forcing itsuka to kiss me

Marry Itsuka.

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I think they are allowed to work if its a family business.

>comfy thread is ded
>autism thread is thriving

this thread always sucked

No u