Weekly Shonen Jump #24/2022 ToC

Witch Watch (Jump cover and lead color pages)
One Piece
Boku no Hero Academia
Ao no Hako
Jujutsu Kaisen
Super Smartphone (Color Pages, 25 pages)
Sakamoto Days
Akane Banashi
Mission of Yozakura Family (Color Pages)
Mangaka no Neko de aru (One-shot by Tsutsui Taishi (We Never Learn), 17 pages)
Nige Jouzu no Wakagimi
Me and Roboko
Children of the Earth (Color pages)
Kokousei Kazoku
Doron Dororon
Undead Unluck
Mamore! Shugomaru
Black Clover (Hiatus)

Weekly Shonen Jump #25/2022 preview

Sakamoto Days (Jump cover and lead color pages)
Boku no Hero Academia (Color pages)
Witch Watch (Color pages)
PPPPPP (Color pages)
Chou Neraware Taishitsu no Ore ga Sute Secret Service wo Hirotta Ken (One-shot by Seiji Hayashi (Jimoto Ga Japan))
Super Smartphone (23 pages)
One Piece (Break)
Black Clover (Hiatus)

Weekly Shonen Jump #26/2022 preview

PPPPPP (Color pages)
Nande Nanda-san (One-shot by Yuki Kawaguchi (Red Hood))
Black Clover (Hiatus)

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>One Piece was absent 8 issues ago
1 ・ My Hero Academia ・ NO. 348 - UNREQUITED
2 ・ Blue Box ・ #45: August 26
3 ・ Jujutsu Kaisen ・ CHAPTER 178: SENDAI COLONY, PART 5
5 ・ Akane-banashi ・ STORY 6: SENIOR PUPILS
6 ・ The Elusive Samurai ・ CHAPTER 55: KUSUNOKI 1335
7 ・ Me & Roboco ・ Chapter 81: Saturday Street Date & Bondo
9 ・ Mashle: Magic and Muscles ・ CHAPTER 101: MASH BURNEDEAD AND THE DARK MAGMA
10 ・ High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku ・ Chapter 78: Graduation, the Season of Goodbyes
11 ・ Doron Dororon ・ CHAPTER 15: ICHIHA KOBAYAKAWA
12 ・ UNDEAD UNLUCK ・ No. 103 Negator vs. Regulator
13 ・ Ayashimon ・ Chapter 16: Only You
14 ・ Protect Me, Shugomaru! ・ Chapter 16: Protect Me Like Usual, Shugomaru!

Did Doron really just jump another place up? WE'RE STILL IN THIS!

It's still roughly in the same place as last week, just one spot above the bottom three

01.00 One Piece

01.71 Jujutsu Kaisen
02.00 My Hero Academia
02.90 Sakamoto Days


05.00 Akane-banashi
05.00 Blue Box
Dr. Stone
05.83 Black Clover
06.00 Me & Roboco

07.11 Witch Watch
07.25 Earthchild
07.50 PPPPPP
07.64 The Elusive Samurai

08.29 Mission: Yozakura Family
08.56 Mashle: Magic and Muscles
09.00 High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku

09.89 Undead Unluck
Ayakashi Triangle

12.58 Doron Dororon

13.50 Ayashimon
13.58 Protect Me, Shugomaru!

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It was 4th from the bottom last time too but that's good, it means it's been out of the bottom 3 rotation twice. It's also only been dead last twice, overall it has the best ranking out of the Ayashimon/Shugomaru/Doron batch, for whatever that's worth.

>out of bottom 3 twice
We're gonna make it

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Imagine taking rankings super literally instead of generally. ToC Threads never learn

I think it's more that if Ayashi/Shugo/Doron had similar survey results or they were all planned to be axed they would have all been in the bottom three rotation like RH and Neru were. But they're not so if there's any meaning there at all it's something good for Doron like getting comparably better survey results.

> Akane > actshit
> non criminal author > sex offender
> ole golazo self proclaimed atletico madrid fan artist > jobless artist
> rakugo > muh method acting

I hope so, we're basically pic related right now.

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>UU bottom 3
>Under dororon
This is high fucking slander

Doron has too much soul to be axed

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Akane is sexy. Hope it gets a JAV parody about enjo kosai.

I can see Doron surviving this round, but if it lives, it'll probably be axed next round.

Is UU really that unpopular with nips?

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Kek, cant wait for the axe.

Good god I posted this and I didn't even remember the fucking track suit.

Looks Like the axebait trio will have a similar run to Agravity Boys

If next week has Doron out of the bottom 3 again, I’ll kneel.

Sex with Gakuon!

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Chinatsu x Truck-kun OTP

The only thing that's important is that we outlast Ayashitmon.

I do NOT give a FUCK about ayAXE-SHITmon.

Too the top.


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Genuine question: how the fuck DID Agravity Boys last as long as it did? Were it's vol 1 sales impressive despite the piss poor toc placements?

gag standards are low

Is it me or Doron and Ayashimon have longer magazine -> tankobon release delay than average?

They were running other series more worthy of destruction.


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It sold around 10k, which looking at the garbage of the gags now it's a LOT.

Yeah jump must be changing shit because it seems like things that don't sell that well, last longer these days? Must be a policy change or something.

Porcupine hedgehog girl designs are nice
Author has good taste at least

But we're most likely gonna get Mimin/Meloli and Sorachika's color pages


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>Ayashimon still in the bottom 3
Guess it's still doing poorly in the surveys that Jump has essentially no faith in it.

Don't get this page

Nico has the best harem in Jump.

I already put in my heart, that it might not make it to Chapter 30. If it does nice. I love to see a come back. Anything past that will surpass my expectations.

You're soulless husk, that's why

This but unironically. If it gets axed then no one bats an eye, but if it does manage to survie the payoff will be unreal.

Is Nico an underrated Jump girl? Who are the best girls of Jump rn anyway?

I think 50 chapter would be the Best of both worlds.
Not a success but neither a failure, just like Mitama.

The females in Witch Watch are under appreciated. Random chicks are just pretty as fuck.

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Now edit it with Doron, Ayashimon AND other Jump series

>5 ・ Akane-banashi ・ STORY 6: SENIOR PUPILS

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Standards for non-battle shonen are lower. People won’t buy a magazine for a flipping battle shonen, but they’ll buy it for a successful one with decent gags and drama to supplement it.

Battle shonen bros... is our genre starting to die out?

Spokonbros, when will our time come?

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*I meant flopping, not flipping. Mobile posting.

Kaiju 8 is complete shit and selling

based Furusu color page enjoyer

>05.00 Akane-banashi
We live akane bros

Essentially how each of the axebait trio argues for its survival:
>Ayashimon - veteran status, Vol 1 sales, and Jigokuraku anime
>Shugomary - gag manga
>Doron - slightly higher than usual rankings

Why so scared, ayashitmonfag?

They need to replace that shit with more shit that hopefully sells


The funny thing is that veteran status is the one that lowering ayashimon chance to survive.
A newbie manage ti sell 20k will get praised but a veteran only manage to sell 20k?

Akane vol 1 will sell

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The problem is that Jump may be having trouble getting new shit right now. Last week was around the time that Ayashimon's batch could've been axed, but instead, they're still going, and we get only one series to replace AT.

Why the fuck are people expecting Akane to sell high numbers for Vol 1? I've seen one user say that selling 10k is the "worst case scenario", even though it's normal for newbies to hit around that number.

Newfags obviously, akane attracted a lot of cancer just by having a hot femc.