Daily Hellsing

Order 40: Final Fantasy(Part 5)
(Ord. 39)

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She is literally Ryan Gosling

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Damn these nazis are thirsty for virgin British girls.

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Great perspective

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And here's our girls!

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Laugh so epic it tears through the page

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End of Order 40
I love Anderson so much

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Alucard wishes he had this many cool nicknames

Why was Heinkel a man in the main series anyway?
It's better the other way if he's to be Seras's nemesis.

She isn't

Heinkel is still a woman. She just got hit harder by the style change than even Integra did.


Kek, didn't know unicode covered integral symbols

Imagine being a vampire with god knows how much money sunk into your transformation and you get killed by a regular human woman with a sword 1 on 1. Absolutely embarrassing.


All the millennium mooks are secretly huge Anderson fans

Unicode has everything

They should be honored to be slayed by his bayonets.

The band?

It’s clearly an anti vampire sword to be totally fair.

Hellsing Heinkel is “neither man nor woman”.

Thanks for the dump like always OP.

Does anyone know if the deluxe Edition have the chapter color pages?

Thanks, OP.

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there's only 3 or 4 of them in existence, they have to act fast
>Did you hear, Heinkel?
>Did you hear, Yumi?
>With a bleeding nose and a veritable swarm of the freak force before her!
>Come and get me?
>I will fight you?
>No mistaking it
>She, this woman, and all with her...
>...are our sworn enemies! Our arch enemies!
>We will defeat them.
>We are the only ones who may
>No one can interfere
>Noe one can have that right
>No one! No one!
>Shut your mouths!
>No talking for the dead!
>Before my very eyes, the dead walk
>The undead form an army, line up, and march forth
>For those who would attempt to embrace that ultimate principle of backwards heresy...
>would the Vatican, would Section XIII, would I forgive them?
>Before you even have a chance to tremble...
>...you'll perish like straw

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"Midians of London" doesn't quite have the same ring to it as werewolves, I have to say.

That's a lot of angry Nazi vampires.

This seems like overkill.

I didn't realize that Yea Forums's terrible character display allowed that.
Yea Forums doesn't use unicode as far as I know. It has its own character display system that sometimes but not always crosses over with unicode character sets.
You can add unicode characters to your post, only to see them not display later very often.

This puts Integra at like top 10 most powerful characters in the universe, doesn't it?

Integra is a badass.

No because Iscariot.

Such a badass

She got a breast reduction because the tig-ol-bitties made it hard to fight properly.

But she fights with guns from a distance...

I dunno, why did Yumie stop being a schizophrenic?

Tits still get in the way and tire you out to carry.

Little Alex just developed a crush!
Thats adorable!

Thanks OP



That's even a worse excuse than what OF girls give.

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Seras is a vampire, that's cheating

Isn’t Judas Priest also one of Alexander’s titles? Man literally works of a organization called Iscariot(the bitch’s last name).
Grandma doesn’t have problem hunting.

Anderson is fucking great. Thanks OP.

>Elevator action (Saturn)
>Xanadu (PC)
>Age of Empire (PC)
>D (PC)
>Final Fantasy 1 (NES)
>Final Fantasy 2 (NES)
>Final Fantasy 3 (SNES)
>Final Fantasy 4 (SNES)
>Final Fantasy 5 (SNES)
How's the backlog going, user?

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>So much attitude it breaks the panel


Yumie looks stunning.

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