UQ Holder 28; Akamatsu-Verse Part 4; 2nd thread

>What is this about?
A timeless classic.

Part 1 AI Love You
desuarchive.org/a/search/subject/A.I. Love You Storytime/
Part 2 Love Hina
desuarchive.org/a/search/subject/love hina part 2/
Part 3 Negima
desuarchive.org/a/search/subject/mahou sensei Negima part/
Part 4 UQ Holder
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Kirie died, no one cared
Mizore died, no one cared

Leaving both prototypes here if anybody wants to dump them.

Prototype 01

Prototype 02

Now that I think about it, we never got to see full power white of mars from Touta even though he spent many loops perfecting it before climbing to the top of the elevator.

And Ba'al was an asshole just "because lol".

>Mizore died, no one cared
I cared because Ken shat a fat smelly turd on Ayaka's legacy. A true ojou hater to the bitter end.

Some thoughts about themes and the like.
I'd normally call this a character arc but Touta actually stays fairly static in terms of character the entire run so instead I'll call it Touta's theme instead. The entire run as far as Touta is concerned could be looked at as him progressing to the point where he stands on the same level as Eva, now before you all start screaming let me explain what I mean by that.
The start of the story and even back into Negima has Eva holding a rather bleak perspective when it comes to immortality and life in general, in contrast to this Touta holds a very optimistic outlook. Where Eva is bitter and jaded, even going so far as to call herself and others like her "monsters", Touta views these things as gifts. The problem is of course that Touta lacks the life experience of someone like Eva, this is emphasised by things like his childish dreams and vague goals.
As the story progresses you see him gain the experience needed for him to stand on an equal footing with Eva, like Eva he sees the passing of people he cares about, he spends time wandering alone, he is hunted and makes powerful enemies, like Eva in the end he is forced to fight against a person he loves and like Eva he finds himself forced to wait an incredibly long time to meet the person he loves once again.
The final scene with them has their roles reversed, now it's Touta that is the one with more experience, that's lived vastly longer and even had other lovers and all this is required for his to refute Eva's original views on immortality.
The theme of the story isn't "immortality is bad" like many choice to believe, the theme is that immortality is neither good nor bad but instead what you make of it and what you choice to do with it. Much like life.

Can you post your desu archive links to the storytimes one more time?

And can crop bro share his link or whatever again?

Also, I read every story time, and commented except for 6 days I was banned. 3 for this thread, 3 for the crime of covered nipples in a boob thread.

>hot blooded/a little angsty touta
>chachazero around
>eva looks like she's acting more like her old smug lolibaba self
Wish we lived in this timeline instead
>eva dies in first chapter
lel what

>granddaughter loses harder
>granddaughter dies young and alone
>doesn't meet her best friend
>'best friend' didn't even care returning back to her timeline

Heh, I literally posted this in every thread for like a month and a half,but that's just the stregth of my love for Chizuru.

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I had stronger feelings when I saw the thread die than with Kirie or Mizore.

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Things Ken Juuzoed in both Negima and UQ Holder.
>Princess Akira fate
>How Nagi defeated Ialda
>What's the past between Asuna and the Nagi gang?
>Negi and Chisame's engagement on timeline A'
>Touta's parents
>How Negi defeated Ialda the second time
>What happened to the rest of 3A? At least the heavy hitters like Ku Fei and Kaede
>Ialda's backstory
Am I missing something else?

And of course,the best minor character in the Akamatsu-verse.

Also, I still think the timeline split happened in 2065, depending on if Negi succeeds in killing Ialda with the 9th spell. There were hints to that at the end of Negima. Besides, if Negi had failed,then Eva would've had Touta with her presumably when she went to meet Chao Linghsen and the Awakened Asuna.

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Jesus man this has so much more personality, what went so wrong, who the fuck told Ken to make Touta the blandest character ever?

Nagi ddin't though,he punched her lights out with guts and was then taken over.

Negi used the 9th spell and and killed her and himself in 2065.

Arika, not Akira

Imagine the sequel, and Ken finally gives us a Tengoku arc,imagine seeing Shizuna and Chizuru after 12k years in the afterlife realm.

Also I'm talking about the first link

That 5tobun guy is all I can think of, he used Negi's name as a pen moniker and was inspired by it's harem hijinks.

Konoka is an ojou as well, technically, and she had a happy ending.
You forgot
>left in a wheelchair
>Ako's scar
>Mana's backstory
>who killed Yuna's mom
>when the fuck Ialda captured Konoka, Setsuna, Mana, Chachamaru and Zazie
>anything related to Zazie and how Venus works
>why the fuck Setsuna trusted her granddaughters to Tsukuyomi, when did she have her face turn, how and why
>who the fuck are Chao's parents anyway
>what does Chao do now when not working as a Deus Ex Machina
>did Takamichi and Shizuna ever get together?

Sayo's backstory (unimportant in the grand scheme but was teased and forgotten because Negima became about big stuff suddenly)
Zazie in general and more about demons
Mana and her demon heritage
>Princess Akira fate
While I am of the mind that being a princess is indeed the lot she deserves, it's Princess Arika you are talking about
is it always you one user who makes this mistake because it constantly popped up in these threads

That's true for now, but it won't be forever. We're technically in orbit within the sun's atmosphere. The sun, along with its atmosphere, is expanding. Orbits in atmospheres tend to decay. The thicker the atmosphere, the quicker the decay. Right now, we're "high up" enough that the effects of this atmospheric drag on the moon's orbit is less than the increase in velocity that the moon experiences due to the earth's rotation slowing from ocean tides inducing drag. But the sun will eventually expand to a point where the extra drag is enough to counteract that, and the moon will begin to drift closer to earth. I don't know how far off that would be, but it's way more than a few thousand years. Ken is such a hack.

I'm glad it's over and done. Ken broke Negima by himself and UQ was left to fumble on its pieces. Love Hina was pretty fun too.

>Princess Akira
Are you that same user that keeps mistaking Arika with Akira?

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The first scene in the sequel better be the Eva sex chapter.

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At least link the previous thread so people can go read it

How many posters did the last thread get?

>Eva dies to some literal who

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Konoka's father's life must have been horrible. Imagine him receiving the news that his daughter, Setsuna, Rakan and Albireo were captured by Ialda.

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>Your bloodline is gonna dick correct that cheeky vampire cunt
He'll survive.

This. Kudos to you.
user made the best analysis out of this manga.

>Negi got a harem at the end.

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12000 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

Zessica still hasn't won

The main problem is that even if this was the concept it still didn't pan out in practice because Touta didn't reach this conclusion out of actual experiences and growths that surpassed Eva's.
What he's saying now after 12.000 years is the same stuff he was saying back when he was a 4 years old clone.

After 700 years Eva went through various degrees of growth and changes and losses that led to her "Immortality is bad" mindset.
Touta started at point A and is still at point A regardless of his 12000 years of life.

This one has much more soul, Eva acted funnily and Touta behaved more like a human instead of a robot. Why didn't he go with it?

>user is a better writer than the politician hack

11990 years to go user.

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>best daughter-in-law
>best sister-in-law
>doesn't win anything

>Besides, if Negi had failed,then Eva would've had Touta with her presumably when she went to meet Chao Linghsen and the Awakened Asuna.
He was hiding to not confuse her.

UQ Holder is just bad. Half the time it was completely aimless, it used prequel elements in the worst ways including the borrowed final boss that was never really developed, has bad pacing, dropped plot points all over, everything about Dana, etc. Touta, despite having some endearing traits, is a complete blackhole of a character that the entire setting/story seems to warp around in the worst way, in universe justification be damned. You can also almost pinpoint when sales were in decline just by following the story and seeing the massive tone shifts where Ken cranked up the romcom, ecchi, and negima nostalgia. That also brought up the problem of how much I'd rather just be reading more negima than whatever UQH was trying to be and this is from someone who didn't really like the latter 3rd of it. Overall it was bad battle shounen, mediocre romcom with decent fanservice, and a horrible sequel. There were some good side characters and moments, but those are few and far between.

4/10 would not recommend

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Eva was also had centuries of being alone while Touta always had friends around.

>Sayo's backstory (unimportant in the grand scheme but was teased and forgotten because Negima became about big stuff suddenly)
She is in fact Sayoko in disguise.

>What he's saying now after 12.000 years is the same stuff he was saying back when he was a 4 years old clone.
No it isn't.
His first impression of immortality was that it was "awesome", the diametric opposite of Eva. Then their final discussion is the pair of them agreeing that it's ok circumstantially, "As long as you have someone to walk by your side", the middle ground.

would you rather have:
>negima full anime adaption
>negima 3
>UQ Holder 2 (for some reason)
>negima x UQ Holder crossover
>akamatsuverse crossover

Someone post all of the skeleton Yea Forumsrmy edits

>Implying Ayaka didn't launder some of her assets to leave some negitherium for him and Asuna to spend after her death
Do you even Ayaka bro?

>akamatsuverse crossover
This ALA Carnival Phantasm, Akamatsu is at his best when is just full comedy.

His first impression of immortality was that it was great and he still thinks that. Those 12000 years changed nothing, there was no growth.

A new crossover, Negi immortalizes 3A and eventually kirie and Karin join the group. A well as Shizuna. Then they become like galactic heroes/wanderers.

>literally PUNISHED Eva
I dig it.

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No one's talking about A.I. Love You,so I will.

I love that Hitoshi is a perv,and that he plays hentai games. You can tell Ken was in his 20s and cool when he wrote it.

thanks for the akamatsuverse dump, magister. it's been a great pleasure reading your threads every day

UQ Holder taught me an important lesson. Judas is very hot.

Ill say it was a fun read as a storytime, would have hated it if I followed the normal release time.

Would not recommend unless you are a fun of harem things.
But still big thanks for storyanon for sharing, read the threads everyday. Now I have a void again.

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Look like he is preparing for a sequel with a new protagonist, set in an AU.

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>Got Karin
>Got best boy Juuzo
>Got CHADkitis
>Got Karin SEXOOOO
My sunk cost paid off, I feel bad for anybody who kept on reading this while not getting any fun, I'm so sorry bros.

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Sounds like Gengoro is going back,if anything.

No way can Ken abandon his schtick.
>fantasy worlds/isokukan

No way can he just ditch all that.

>punished eva
>murderboner proto-touta
>they bantz and fight all the time
>but eva gets killes by run-of-the-mill mook
Just remove the last part and it would have worked better than what we got. Killing Eva off would be a huge mistake and I'm glad Ken came to his senses.

Why are you autistically linking something that has nothing to do with my post?

I absolutely would not have managed to read this alone. UQ is a solid 4/10, it's not even bad enough that you could laugh at it. Just below mediocrity really is the worst place for anything to be.

UQ Holder 2 for the Eva sex chapter.

This story had probably the biggest count of wasted characters that I've ever seen in a single manga.

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Touta goes to space,and finds the planet of big-titted lamias.

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Here you go
Love how he killed Mizore to keep it consistent with why her pactio card didn't have green borders and yet on the same page you get Shinobu who didn't age a day even though she should be in her sixties at the very least.
Dude really hate blondes.
You also forgot
>Had to watch her other normal friends die of old age.
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I couldn't think of anyone more appropriate to be inspired by Ken.

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