In two hours it'll finally be time for the long awaited (since yesterday) showdown between Momo and Kuro. Don't miss out!

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"Fierce Battle! Momo Royale!"
The Momotaro legend has been carried down all across Japan! And he has other descendants besides just Momo too?! Once a year these decendants gather from all over in order to battle it out in the "Momo Royale" to detemine who the true Momotaro is. And the Onikko end up being the ones to judge this battle between the Momotaros after Momo entrusts them with the positions of examiners. As the competitions continue on, filled with local pride and enthusiasm towards history despite being rather casual in nature, Momo pulls out... a card game?! It is now time for a battle of souls with the pride and honor of everyone's hometowns at stake!

>Blue is best onikko
>Blue is best Momotaro


>Thank you for watching today! Today Momo had a fight with Ao Aozono, the Momotaro of Takamatsu, Kagawa, and her fated opponent... or rather, actually just good childhood friend?! They both worked really hard, so surely they can both be Momotaros, right? ...But who was this girl with the koshu dialect?! Look forward to tomorrow!



>It's the Momo Royale! Momo and Ao's back-and-forth gave me a really warm and fuzzy feeling! This kind of stuff is what they mean when they say "the more you fight, the closer you are"! I wish I was part of their social circle, lolz. Who did that voice at the end of the episode belong to, though?! Look forward to tomorrow's episode! -Mika

My wife Yellow is best Oni

I wonder if Kuro is going to be the final boss or if there's another Momotaro after her.

Shiro is missing.

I'm not super familiar with Momotaro lore, but apparently there's a "Momotaro rock" in Yamanashi that Kuro is probably going to be pushy about. Apparently Momotaro's dad told them to cut a peach-shaped rock and doing so uncovered both treasure and magic water that brought the village great prosperity.

Ki too.


>This is Mika Negishi from Onipan's! The Onipapapan! Pan! CD jacket and extras have been revealed! They're all really cute and show off our individuality well! I particularly like the photograph. The wind was really strong when we took the picture, but my sturdy horns stayed on until we were done! Make sure to check out Onipapapan! Pan! Bye bye!

>The 2L photo is included as a bonus if you buy the CD at Asmart and most physical stores. Don't miss out!


>Acrylic strap figures based on Onipan will appear in capsule toy sections all over Japan this June! Don't miss this merch from the all new original anime following three cute onikko! 300 yen for one of a total of 12 different figures!

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>CD release celebration event: A preorder bonus distribution event will be held at Gamers Namba Sunday June 19th at 4pm! Outfits will be different for each event! Please drop by! Invitation applications are accepted until Sunday May 22nd at 11:59pm!

>the only transformation used on merch is the police style

Kinda want to preorder this

i dislike blue she is to fat and lazy


>VDC Magazine 023, on sale Friday June 10th, will have all new photos and an interview with Onipan's! Look forward to it!

i like blue she is perfectly fat and lazy


>VDC Magazine 023 will feature Yume Nozaki, Mika Negishi and Cocona Nonaka's unit Onipan's! The interview will of course focus on their anime theme song, and will also have the three introducing themselves. Don't miss the all new gravure photos either!

blue corrupts all

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>Aniverse has published an interview with Kaori Maeda, who plays Momo Momozono in the Onipan anime!
>To commemorate the interview, one reader will be given an autograph card signed by Maeda! To enter the lottery, follow @aniverse_brs and retweet this tweet. Deadline midnight May 31st .

>they're promoting the other seiyuu now too

>radio interview with Nozaki
>magazine interview with all three onis
>web magazine interview with Maeda
>Tomita and Maeda's podcast interviews Inoue

It's like the promoting of the show went from 0 to 100 overnight.

Yeah that is very strange, I doubt it'll do much overall but who knows. They probably had some money to throw around and decided that they'd better get on it.

Based Blue.

That Tiktok livestream too.

10 minutes.

Oh, I just noticed that they miscolored Red's left horn as part of the chair's color in this image. Because Blue's hair wouldn't part like that, and it's exactly where the other horn is supposed to be.

Ha, took me a while to even spot that. I can see how they made that error.

Might see about doing a translation of this if the Friday thread stays up long enough.

Momo's peach

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Starting to wonder if the onikko will transform at all this week. The plot mostly treats them as an afterthought.

Is Kayariri going to smack anyone with her fan? I'm down for that.

Hopefully the host

I like her, she's so tsun.

Which of them?

>they were doing impressions of Kasuga from Audrey
Holy shit I love this show.

Oh, they played this game in another episode too.

Bowtie one, so I'm glad he got sliced down during the violent hatecrime

That's Subaru Kimura, user.

This show is all about people torturing each other, isn't it?

That's 90% of Japanese tv shows

>fat guy comes in
>ha ha he looks like you (points to fat friend)
I laughed. Burger shows would never allow something like that.

That hotdog commercial scares me

There's an entire series of them, they all end in similar creepy ways.

>kloana 2

>cheerleader style
Called it

There better be more of the cheerleading outfits, that was way too short, they immediately switched back. Kuro Momo is cute though

>there was a Green and Yellow after all

Ouen Style

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>Barely any cheer pits

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The Momotaro from the Shiki district in Nara prefecture.

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And the Momotaro from Nakatsugawa in the Gifu prefecture.

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Green has potential


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This smacks of "Shit, we're running out of time" desu

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I'm ready for Yugioh parodies tomorrow.

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