Black Rock Shooter

I'm still not sure if this show is great or horrible, but holy shit Lunatic is the best robo waifu we ever had.

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Do they kill Larry Fink in this?

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why does she glow so much?

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Was it rape???

It is a symbolism.
>of what
I have no idea.

Yes. Hundreds of underage girls raped to death.

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How large will this get before the anime is over?

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The CG in this show was better than many CG today and this was 10 years ago.

Because it had like 10 minutes of action over the whole season and it was getting interrupted every 10 seconds.

I love japanese SkyNet.

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hopefully at last 100% bigger.

Education correction needed

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Sex with robots.

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Death Master?
more like Cück Master lmao

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>Miya (cancelled)
can we please let the villains win?

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This is the kind of a series that could unironically end with bad guys winning.

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it seems they already did at least once, maybe twice if BRS loss was after the machine invasion, so i doubt it.
actually, how many years has it been since the world was taken over? i'm not reading BF...

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Haven't watched this yet, but anyone has that webm of I think it's Charlotte walking with her skimpy outfit in some sort of open field?

Go away, hey hey hou man.

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Thanks, it was these one. The second is good, too. This show has really shitty CG but somehow the 2D animation looks good.

Aaahhhh. I want to turn Miya into a zombie cyborg loli and then impregnate her.

yea, seems like they're saving the little budget they have for the 2D.

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Smiley... Why did you have to leave us all alone? We are lost without you...

This clip makes me want to watch this show

he is a transhumanist i expect him to come back in a back up body

Sex with Lunatic


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I can't wait for this to drop in the west and see all of the angry rants about all of the loli fucking and sexualizing from those people

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You need a new hobby. Stop doomscrolling twitter and Yea Forums all day.

I don't see how they can possibly win at this point.
Even destroying the space elevator is just a delay of the inevitable.

Love clothes like these

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Wow, BRS can give us a girl in a tiny bikini but RPG Fudousan censored Rakira's manga outfit (yes I heard the "china doesn't want to censor her for 20 minutes" argument).

>this and STR are your favorite anime of this season
I am beginning to like Disney+. Which anime will they show in the next seasons?

Is this the only true edgy show we had in a while?
I can't remember another one from recent seasons

That form reminds me of Venom.

Black makes a really really really big gun from the material of the space elevator and uses it to blow up the AI god's secret supercomputer servers on the moon


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Yeah, it's hard enough to even find serious shows these days or adventures or anything with an actual plot.
I think there was one or two isekai that tried to be edgy but they were fucking shit and it's only done to simp for the MC.

I love her design

Just remembered the last one, Redo of Healer, which was one year ago.

It's been a while, but not as much as I thought.

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But Korea would ban bikini though. And Fa loves to abandon her upper outfit and go topless every turn. No Korean webcomic has bikini or bikini armor.

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Fa always go topless though.

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This is Fa's basic outfit. Being Topless.

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kek i wasn't expecting to see the korea schizoposting here. gj keeping it up

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*anti korea shitpost

Smiley was raped by BRS's big throbbing blue laser in the sweltering heat of 2062. Kek what a bitch.

Smiley's final form fucking sucked, that nigga did not know how to fight

well he is an educator, not a fighter

So in the end, Smiley just wanted to be a little girl.
Was he really a villain?

he likes them tight.

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>Rock penetrated Smiley before DM
loathsome cuckqueen

angry empress is so hot

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BRS is so cool...

>best roboot waifu ever
>when useless ponko and alpha exist

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