Daily Gunslinger Girl Chapter


Chapter 72

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Yo, OP.

Bit of an early chapter because I’m imminently going to get drunk

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Za dom spremni
Hope you have a lovely day

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All right so the character sheet says he’s from a middle eastern country
This volume came out in 2011 so Aida could have been inspired by the Arab Spring
Could be really anything
Jordan maybe
I honestly don’t remember if it’s ever mentioned directly so I’m guessing like you

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Since Dante mentions the Balkan conflict he’s probably referring to the Kosovo war
That ended in 1999
Technically the Preševo valley insurgency lasted until 2001 so we can assume that the manga takes place around 2006 - 2007
Of course assuming this takes place in real world event

Also possibly why the guys were wearing rad suits in Kosovo that chapter
Nice Aida, very nice

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>They bombed a lawyer (which is a legitimate form of political discourse)

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Genoan indepenece was a real movement

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I mean who doesn't have a spare nuke lying around?

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Oh yeah New Torino = neutrino

This shit BLEW my fucking mind when I reailized in 2014 first reading this

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God damn it

And that’s it for it for today
Henrietta mark 2, only worse and at the end of her life

If you had the chance to just restart your life and start anew, would you do it?
Honestly, no, I wouldn’t, I’m happy for now and have too much to lose

Thank you for reading
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>back on page 1
Petrabros, I have a good feeling about this volume

Rico is really proud of that daki
I don't think there would be much of a difference if I did.
Thanks OP

Killing lawyers is as legitimate a form of political discourse as voting

Rip Henrietta
I'm assuming all of her memories will come back right when she's about to die
Thanks for the dump once again op
>If you had the chance to just restart your life and start anew, would you do it?
I don't think I would. All the shitty moments I've learned from and made me into the person I am today

>If you had the chance to just restart your life and start anew, would you do it?
Depends on what you mean by "restart". If you mean that I start over from birth with the knowledge I have now, absolutely. If you mean that I start over from birth without the knowledge, there's no point. If you mean that I basically become an infant in the year of our lord 2022, no way.


It could be the occupation of Lebanon which ended in 2005
Lebanon fits the notion of a small country which is easily ignored. The only problem is that someone calls him a "moor" which is North African. However it could just be that the guy was just wrong, I doubt he actually cared enough to be culturally sensitive with his racism.
>Technically the Preševo valley insurgency lasted until 2001 so we can assume that the manga takes place around 2006 - 2007
NATO peacekeeping began in 1999 though, and since the Syrian occupation ended 6 years after that I think 2005 is more accurate.

Very nice



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Thanks OP. Henrietta mark 2, with dead eyes included.

About your question, I'm with this user

That was the missile Dante. Bice tanked your 20mm like a champ.

for a guy who's just in it for the lols he's pretty good at the motivational speeches

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Thanks, OP.
Sometimes I consider it, but even despite the backwards bullshit that's ended me up with where I am it's turned out largely for the best so I guess I'm okay with it.
The only thing I'd prefer to change is my sex life but something must be sacrificed I suppose.

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>Bice tanked your 20mm like a champ.
I'm pretty sure that the 20mm liberated Beace's legs from having to carry the weight of her torso.
If you're going to overthrow a government for lulz, you have to love the game. Once you do, speeches come easy

I think the 20mikemike just vacated her internal organs. The rest was just desire to protect Triela's smile

It looks to me like it takes out the entire right side of her stomach. She isn't able to do much more than step forwards and fall out the window after she's hit

Isn't OP a lawyer?

I’m a law student

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Thanks for the dump like always OP.

I said what I said

don't get involved with prosecuting any dalmatian separatist movements

My ambition is to become a prosecutor actually
There are no Dalmatian separatists movements here. If anything it would be Istrians, but they are not separatist only regionalists
Kind of a shame though honestly, it would be exciting

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holy shit Giacomo
That must explain the radiation suits

>Giacomo used to killing child soldiers
this bodes well

BEST GIRL shows up again!!
Look how ANGRY she is!

Actually a good speech, I was not expecting that from Ciacoomer
Emma is Cute! CUTE!


Thanks again OP
holy shit that was brutal
Just as Rico is proudly showing off her new pillow too
No, my life is really good, I would never restart it

My ambition is to become a defense barrister! see you in the courtroom, OP

Lawyers are part of the Judicial branch!
they have nothing to do with politics!

Once we will meet in the ICC
Be prepared

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I expect you will do your best, same as I will.

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My ambition is to kill! Please be gentle with me, OP