Birdie Wing

I'm loving this show.

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Needs more Char and Amuro.

This is some goddamn Yakuza shit

Not nearly lewd enough

need a Friday edit with Birdie Wing characters

Just watched it. They are 100% going to be sisters, aren't they. God damn it.

Ice cream? God I love ice cream!

who? eve and rose or eve and aoi?

Don't see that myself, I think their parents were golf rivals

Eve and Aoi, of course.

At this point I wouldn't be shocked about either

Vipere the best wingwoman. What a badass.

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Vipere and Aoi

>Snake Woman becomes Eve's maid in Japan

There's a manga like that.

When that goon is feeding the fishies at the sea floor, he's gonna be like "worth it".

Do you like the anime so far? I do, but I wonder how they could wrap this up in just six episodes. Eve hasn't even gone pro yet.

It will be a road to meeting with Aoi again.


stop trying to make this yuri golf evergreen

It's clearly PENIS GLIDE (gliding into Aoi's butthole).

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snek lady

why doesn't eve just bash their heads in with a golf club

Given that she's dealing with the mafia, it's not really smart to make it about violence I'd say.

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>implying she can't parry bullets with her swing

This show is so retarded.
I love it.

Why not just sell their bodies?

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Only get about tree fiddy

Is the one on the left a loli or a shouta? I need to know for reasons

Eventually, we just got the first bit of Char.

Does it matter?

Yeah, Eve is Amuro's child and Char knows this because they are rivals, that's why he trained her.

Obviously, you need to know which way around to position them

I'd pay good gash for illegal alien cunny.

This thread is about gay lesbians, not loli/shota crap, fuck off.

>gay lesbians
As opposed to straight ones, you mean?

All women are lesbians, the gay lesbians are those that act on their lesbian impulses.

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Made for being sold into child prostitution.

Which birdie wing would you fug?

was the child prostitute backstory really needed for gunpla girl?

Kill yourself yuritard subhuman.

It's to raise the stakes.

I would adopt the loli in the middle, she's a cutie and her eyes are pretty.

Is she a goodie or a baddie?

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Where do you think you are?

fucking kek

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She's been trying to groom Eve for success.

do not engage with the retard

This man considered bisexual vampire snake pussy worth getting killed over.

Truly a patrician.

I think she's a goodie, she seems to trying to get Eve out of the bad situation she's in but knows Eve won't take advice and needs to be forced out

So, is Eve actually 15? Because she looks no younger than 25.

Goodie. Baddie. She's the woman with a golf club.

I'll take the little brownie on the left.

15. Bad anglo genes.

Her butt does look like the butt of a 15 year old.

I wasn't expecting her to have such a prominent role but her and the goon made this episode better.

W-what were they doing?

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Vipere wants to eat Eve's pussy.

Klein was a full prostitute. Lily probably wasn't doing penetration, based on the earlier chastity joke and the "I can take it" comment this ep, but she may have been doing service just short of that.

What clued you in, user? Was it the fact that she threatened to fuck Eve into full ahegao when they first met?

you can't adopt kids if you're not married


Don't worry, I'm going to marry Eve very soon.