Boku no Hero Academia

Spoilers in literally FIVE.
Kino is finally back on the menu, boys.

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Bakugo? Simply one of the best supporting characters in shonen manga ever, he has painstakingly demonstrated to ALWAYS be there to give GODku a much needed though love, which he lacked since his absent father was having a little vacation in Tartarus. Just like the truest of friends he was never afraid to criticise GODku's weaknesses.
I am happy because such an excellent rival and BEST friend will be there 100% when GODku inevitably SAVES Shiggy (sugoi, kino and canon) and the three of them unequivocally DESTROY AfO (padre) for good.
God, I love Bakugo so fucking much.

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$10 says it's a Togachako chapter, and half of it is some sort of flashback.
I'm not against the ship, it's really hot. But their whole "conflict" is fucking retarded so it'd be another wasted chapter after such a long drought

uhhh, based?

Tododrama takes priority, no way Hori will switch scenes after this cliffhanger.

One of the best supporting characters ever? HE WILL BE

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Fellow Anons, why do you still follow the series? Are you satisfied with how it's been going? Are you just continuing based on inertia and the fact that we will all continue to shitpost on Yea Forums until we die?

>Are you satisfied with how it's been going?
It hasn't been going for a whole month.

sunk cost
the ride is almost over

Hori has been taking a lot more breaks lately, huh?

Soon we'll have to find another series to shitpost about.

I don't want this series to end, but I want it to conclude.
Also, spoilers when.

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I’m not a fan of Hori rushing. Definitely inertia, SnS actually made me drop it for a little bit, but now I’m just here for the final battles and how many terrible reveals Hori does.

>8 months

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How would you bully Deku?

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Nothing I do to him can be more effective than years of being told he was genetically inferior to everyone around him.

put a mirror on both sides of his bedroom door, he will look at his own reflection everytime he opens and closes the door, remanding him how much of a sad cunt he is.

By fucking him.
Sure you could user, you have to think bigger than that. You could befriend him, stay his friend for years, then pull his pants down and shove him to the ground in front of all his peers, call him a quirkless freak and never speak to him again.

I’m satisfied. I’m okay with Hori rushing to this final war. If I was him, I’d want to end it instead of illustrating 3 more school years too. The normie part of the fanbase is insufferable.

correct answer

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>You could befriend him, stay his friend for years, then pull his pants down and shove him to the ground in front of all his peers, call him a quirkless freak and never speak to him again.

Sounds like something that could conceivably be part of his backstory.

I mean, besides the pantsing it’s basically what Bakugo did.

>see this
What do?

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Help him off the ground, and tell him I think he can become a hero. Then fuck him.



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gorging myself on his cheeks

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Literally built for being bullied by older female classmates.

Dropped it for vigilantes shortly after United stated of smash, I just frequent the threads to check back on things


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>Hori has been taking a lot more breaks lately, huh?
He is emotionally done with MHA.

What went so horribly wrong

I feel like trying to make a lot of the villains failed by society, but also killing off the actual sympathetic villains while leaving the biggest assholes was a misstep.

Miruko isn't sitting on my face.

This is a glorified monthly manga.

This doesn't feel like the final arc. The war did.

I'd grief him in MMO games.

Wait that's Shiggy

why has there been so few chapters? I'm already struggling to give a fuck about what's going on and the lack of releases isn't helpig

I just lurk around spoilers time, usually I wake up to spoilers and read them while taking a dump, if I find the chapter interesting I stick around until the translation. Rinse and repeat for every chapter. It just takes 5 minutes per week, it's not even a cost

This but Toga

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>make a series about a three year school
>everyone hates your villains and forces you to change your plans
>now you have to have the equivalent of the final battle of Deathly Hollows in your story's equivalent of the beginning of Chamber of Secrets

Maybe Hori needs a good binge of hookers and blow to get through this final arc.

Bakugo is better because he didn't get any special treatment. He should be the MC

He did though. The middle school he went to constantly turned a blind eye to his bullying and made him out to be their golden child even though he was a psycho.

I only come around once and while to see spoilers and then leave. I haven't read an actually chapter in months.

>when GODku inevitably SAVES Shiggy (sugoi, kino and canon) and the three of them unequivocally DESTROY AfO (padre) for good

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>playing MMOs

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People were wary of Shinso for having mind control, but no one gave a fuck about Bakugo having fucking explosions? That, at minimum, and with anime logic, are still one-hit KOs on anyone he chooses?

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Shinso just mind controlled them to not care

>bnhatrannies trying to copy dbs spics style shitposts but it's cringe and unfunny

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>seething hatetranny can't stop deepthroating Hori by living 24/7 in our threads
Many such cases. Sad!

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I wish, weekly formats are cancer

I haven't read the manga in about two weeks, what did I miss?

>what did I miss?
Endeavor lost an arm, AfO called Deku "my stupid brat"

Why can't she just be real?

Nothing. It’s been on break for 3 weeks.

This is not a perfect world

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How does Shiggy always manage to look absolutely kino even when he’s dressed like a hobo?

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A hiatus.

You know, seeing him barefoot makes me think that a natural extension of Shiggy's power would've been extending Decay from anything he's standing on.

AfO will murder Shiggy when he starts agreeing with Deku's justiceshit

I fuckin wish the latter was true

Trust the plan.

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>he doesn't know
Prepare your angus

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It's not happening, DfObros
Deku will probably turn out to be a failed vessel candidate at least though

Post YFW DFO turns out to be real.

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