One Piece

There is absolutely no way raid is gonna fail

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morjsisters hang in there we can do this!!!!!

How the hell did momo make flame clouds strong enough to hold up the castle?

>not even the spoilers managed to make the threads less dead
OPbros... is it over?

We're just waiting for panels

What the fuck is Oda's obsession with prophecy? It makes his boring pacing even more boring when he's literally telling you what's going to happen and that everyone expected it to happen.

There's already another thread up, ultraretard.

color of covenience

>There's already another thread up

By going all out for real this time aka what happens in every single story always. He even collapses from the strain later.

Learn to use the catalog, there's a fucking search option.

He got upset when people checked dubz on 4chains

lol just found it, I couldn't find it because I filtered every Yamato image

Is their combined CoC (or any combined, desu) enough to make new gen pacifista faint?

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Boa Hancock is

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a huge fucking slut for charlos' cock


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Oh my 7 joyboys

>Luffy says he will create a world where Tama would never starve, then he hits Kaido and Kaido falls to the ground of the flower capital.

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>no devil fruit power
>no teacher
>self train haki
>not a chosen one to become Joy Boy
still manage to become Pirate King
Chad D. Roger>Asspull D. Luffy

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>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Crocomom
2. 28 year old Linlin
3. Black Maria
4. Baccarat/Kalifa
5. Reiju/Monet
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Perona
2. Yamato
3. Shirahoshi
4. Koala
5. Toko
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Crocomom
2. Black Maria
3. 28 year old Linlin
4. Yamato
5. Mousse
>Top 5 design:
1. Amande
2. Perona
3. Black Maria
4. Ulti
5. Galette
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Ulti
2. Perona
3. Kokoro
4. Nami
5. Kureha
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Nami
2. Yamato
3. Kureha
4. Bellemere
5. Dadan
>Top 10 best overall:
1. Nami
2. Yamato
3. Kureha
4. Bellemere
5. Robin
6. Dadan
7. Perona
8. Vivi
9. Kokoro
10. Chimney

No because they're robots, dummy.

>had been a pirate for literal decades before becoming PK
That alone makes Luffy more impressive.
Give Luffy the same time table and he’d be the PK 10 tens times over.


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Take Luffy's fruit away and he would be dead against fucking Buggy

take luffys fruit away and he would have gone the garp root of just punch harder and would be imu level by now

lol without his fruit Luffy would be dead in so many way its not funny


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Luffy is a sloppy fighter. Guy's fight IQ is actually low IQ.

I'm going to masturbate to YOUR waifu, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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>my name sounds kind of like Usopp
>I look like Usopp
>whenever Luffy or the others say Usopp's name I feel like they're calling for me
It's an abstract kind of feel

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Oda was just hyping up Wano for Volume sales. He is a salesman.

Is your name Twoscopp?

He's talking about the final war you retard. Besides, Roof Piece had been great.

...he was absolutely styling on Kaido even without his fruit. The rubber body just lets Luffy goof around until someone can actually hurt him. The only thing it did was make him act more carefree than he would normally be.

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by turning on his DF ability?

No he isn't you coping tranny. It's literally about Wano the legend in question related to WB is his former 2nd Commander Oden.

Oversell and under-deliver is a staple of One Piece. We're all here to see how this train crashes.

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He got knocked down 4 times by the same Thunder Bagua move even with prep time. Without his awakening Luffy would have never won.

no steaks


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That doesn't even make sense. We knew about Oden and his connection to Whitebeard since Zou.

IQ has nothing to do with being physically overpowered. Once Luffy learned how to apply CoC properly he was parrying the fuck out of Kaido. He learns way too fast. It surprises almost all of his big opponents.

Only took him 10 years to get someone to read the poneglyphs vs Luffy's 3 years of getting everything handed to him.
Luffy is a fucking sucker in comparison to the self made chad Roger was

oda also said he wont have luffy beat kaido with a hard punch.
he literally retconned luffy's devil fruit to give him more "freedom", so he can now be as creative and free as possible when luffy fights, and what does he do?
have luffy beat kaido with a hard punch

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Yes but his backstory got fleshed out then. Why would Oda talk about the final arc when he is talking about the start of fucking Wano use your monkey brain. Nowhere is there a single mention of "final arc" this was a message about the upcoming arc aka Wano.

My waifu is Devon

He got scared and made ones that could carry him and Luffy up in Punk Hazard so Luffy put him under pressure to get results

>Luffy's "punch" hits Kaido with a wave motion beam of haki
wtf is this shit Oda?

>learns way too fast
>forgot lessons from Rayleigh and only remembers when it's convenient
>took him two years to learn haki basis
>3 days in prison he knows advanced haki
Also in the rooftop Luffy gasses out by his Kong gattling and gets beaten another two times in a row. Only thing Luffy has is bullshit recovery that his enemies dont get

What is the point of you posting this pic?

Who the fuck names their kid Aesop?

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je figured out which back chakra to tingle to make the cloud dispenser work

You get dropped into the One Piece universe, who you giving the D to? I would choose jewelry bonney.

Reminder this Ryou gattling didnt do shit but a giant fist of G5 knocks Kaido out OHKO. People don't understand the power difference of G5 to G4 it's like Base form to SS

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Luffys wife

It's more like King telling Kaido to high jack the prophecy of Joyboy showing up in Wano where it has Open Borders. Kaido and even Blackbeard love doing shit with fate. The prophecy of Wano isn't even fulfilled now as "Joyboy" had to help open the country.

>I'll introduce one one of the legends who lurks in the One Piece world
We already knew about Oden and how he was so badass he sailed with Whitebeard and Roger.
>Perhaps it will be something related to Whitebeard
We were literally told he was in Whitebeard's crew by Neko and Inu.
So Oda told two lies, and a third one since the Wano War is nowhere close the forces present in Marineford.

>forgot lessons from Rayleigh and only remembers when it's convenient
>took him two years to learn haki basis
You literally just contradicted yourself by saying Rayleigh only taught him the basics. He wasn't taught any advanced techniques. And it only took him a year and a half, not two like Rayleigh thought it would.

You're a retard with shitty bait, and I won't be giving you any more attention. Kaido lost, eat a dick.

>Guy's fight IQ is actually low IQ.
tournament arc contradicts this up until he said "fuck it" against Don Chinjao

Irrelevant. Strong CoC can break things.

I don't think you can combine COC, Even when katakuri and luffy did it to the peanut gallery they still were clashing with eachother


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Luffy becomes pirate king and liberates the world
Zoro becomes the greatest swordsman
Sanji finds All Blue
Nami makes a forrune selling her World Atlus
Brook reunites with Laboon
Chopper invents a panacea that cures all infections
Robin learns the true history of the world
Franky fixes the Noah
Jinbe leads the fishmen to a new home on the surface after the destruction of Fishman Island
Usopp goes down in history as a great warrior and becomes the subject of many folktales

Thete, I've spared you five years of continuing to read. Now you can just drop One Piece and stop caring about it

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Did Kidd ever bring up how he faught with Shanks? Or Luffy question how Kidd lost his arm?

Shut up speedreader. Rayleigh taught some advanced observation haki beforehand and Luffy remembered that shit when facing Katakuri. Yes Luffy is low IQ

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about to catch a cold! Go dress yourself properly, woman!

We're not getting detailed spoilers right?

He'd be dead.

Big Mom Pirates vs Beast Pirates

Big Mom vs Kaido
Katakuri vs King
Smoothie vs Queen
Cracker vs Jack
Perospero vs Who's Who
Oven vs Sasaki
Daifuku vs Black Maria
Amande vs Ulti
Opera vs Page One

which side will win?

Kaido. Next question.

Dressrosa tournament was filled with shitters and Sabo took over in the finals.

This is all we have so far, spoiler wise:
Chapter 1049: "The world we should aspire to"
- In the cover, someone burned Niji and Yonji's book
- Kaido flashback time.
- Kaido is shown as an 8 year old in Vodka Kingdom.
- The king of Vodka Kingdom tries to sell him to the marines for Reverie's participation.
- We see Kaido in the throne room in chains and being taken away by several marines but then he escapes.
- Kaido at age 15.
- He rampages in Hachinosu island (Blackbeard's base island).
- Rocks pirates come to the island.
- Kaido meets young Whitebeard, who told him that Captain Rocks wants to meet him (we don't see Rocks).
- Kaido is recruited to the crew as an apprentice.
- Granny Kurizumi Higurashi (Orochi's mentor) invites Kaido.
- Cut to bigger Kaido and King.
- The flashback ends with Kaido telling King he knows who Joy Boy is.
- Back to present timeline.
- Denjiro hugs Hiyori.
- The water from Onigashima Raizo and Jimbei spread, leaves the castle and lets off the flame clouds that were holding up Onigashima.
- Momonosuke starts making his own flame clouds.
- Luffy's punch hits Kaido.
- Kaido falls to the Flower Capital.
- Flashback continues.
- King: Who is it then?
- Kaido: The one who will defeat me!
- King: Then he will not appear.
- Onigashima falls near the capital
- Momonosuke falls to the Flower Capital.
- Break next week

>he would have gone the garp root of just punch harder and would be imu level by now
Garp is his generation's Smoker. The jobber didn't accomplish DICK.

>that fucking image is suppose to be your proof of him being “taught”
Do you understand the definition of the word taught or do you think him passingly mentioning it is somehow him teaching him anything?

Big Mom pirates win because they are more organized and they have more varied powers and abilities.

The rules of one piece state that whenever there is a group of people, the girl is the weakest one, so Big Mom loses.

> Lives up to the reputation of people with Straw Hats being the World Government's Stooge
> Wanted to get a death like Noland so he could draw a mass of people in to look for Laugh Tale in hopes of the one who could be the next joyboy being inspired
> Whole Gol D. Line is Wiped Out
> Kid gets strong with haki
> He even learns and is adept at using Rokushiki techniques with his fruit because of his Marine Blood
> His Grandpa and Father are still alive
> Main leader in forging the New Age not having to get himself executed to do so
> Broke in and Out Of Impel Down
> Redefines the meaning of Straw Hat to be one of Adventure, Romance, and Freedom

>Rayleigh taught some advanced observation haki beforehan
Being told it exists isn't the same as being directly taught the technique, you fucking subhuman troglodyte. Fuck you for getting me to reply again by being so goddamn stupid.

He literally killed One Piece's Osama BinLaden, come on user


The weakest Strawhat is Usopp
The weakest Yonko is Shanks

He appears later in the story.

Crew - Big Moms crew wins against Beast Pirates.
Kaido vs Big Mom - Kaido Wins and then Wipes the floor with Big Mom Pirates
so I guess Beast Pirates Wins?

That was all Roger.

When can we expect raws?

Kaido is awakening and beating Luffy, but I find hard to believe that the raid is failing at this point. Luffy will just find a way to bounce back (again)

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you dumb faggot he literally says "I train you" while Luffy remembers about AO fucking speedy and you see them in a training montage too. Luffy isnt a smart fighter. He always needs some form of prep time or else he jobs dramatically. No excuse losing to the likes of Ceasar for example.

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Kaido >>>>> BM
Karakuri >>> King

Everyone else is irrelevant. Put Kaido and Katakuri on the same team and they become PK crew tier

Big Mom vs Kaido, Kaido
Katakuri vs King, King
Smoothie vs Queen, Smoothie
Cracker vs Jack, Jack
Perospero vs Who's Who, Perospero
Oven vs Sasaki, Oven
Daifuku vs Black Maria, Daifuku
Amande vs Ulti, Ulti
Opera vs Page One, Page One

Also got laid unlike the virginhat pirates

>Kaido >>>>> BM
More like Kaido >= BM
They fought for 3 days

Katakuri has conquerors, awakening and future sight. I would give it to katakuri.


>people still rate King
with his amazing moveset of…uh….moving really fast and…uh….the dragon thing thats useless against non-fodders and…uhh….uhhhhh………

LuNabros... SaNasisters...

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Not for long

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Kaido beat all of the Scabbards, defeated Luffy countless times, beat Zoro and Law. Made Kid's alliance into his bitch. The fuck did BM do?

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Nami and Rouge had nothing in common. We know next to nothing about her personality pre-pregnancy, she wasn’t a navigator as far as we know, she didn’t love money/tangerines, and she was a D. unlike Nami.

But who gets the eyepatch?

Actually kill someone outside of a flashback

Katakuri has conquerors but doesnt have advanced conquerors armament.
Unknown if he's capable of hurting King since Marco barely scratched him.
If it comes down to durabilty i would give it to King due to being a Zoan.

We don’t know Nami’s birth name to be fair.