Spy X Family

How can a comedy manga reach this kind of kino moment... Axeman really did it.

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kill yourself

You never had any friends user?

Wait Spy x Family is a comedy?

shojo manga

Why is it OK for a 6 year old to try and be a home wrecker?

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How can you not notice that?

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>Everyone is dancing and singing, even Damian
>Anya is unimpressed
Always gets me

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Is the author a Nogizaka fan?

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Deep down she knows Roland needs correcting

Dammit Becky I hope artists take the bait and you get the correction you desperately need.

is Loid still planning to abandon his family and leave Yor a single mother?


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Because it has zero humor?

Probably, He loves idol culture

That's still the plan, however he's definitely going to have conflicting feelings about it even for a moment unlike early Loid who'd do it in a heartbeat.

>Anya's Fall and Winter Collection
Will you buy it, user?

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>heart pupils
Now you realize Becky is absolutely moist in this page.

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She's trying to emulate her mother's smile of innocence in an attempt to befriend Damien to help her father's goal of saving the world, but she can't quite manage the "innocence" part of the smile. Her contempt for the uppity brat also complicates and obstructs her attempts at befriending him, inadvertently causing him to get a crush on her and responding in the only way a 6-year old knows how: with teasing and bullying, further exacerbating her contempt of him. Additionally, this relationship caused Becky to misinterpret the situation and think Anya has a crush on Damien, when the reverse is what's actually true.

I love children acting like dumb children !

Pedophilia carries this anime

I highly doubt he do break Anyas heart like that. He just has to dump yor.

Yor is going to dump him for being a POS.


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Mesugaki like Becky are a bad influence on Anya.

Who did it better?

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Anya looks cute, but Becky made my dick so hard she can sit on it.

lol imagine if twilight finished strip and then just takes Anya with him. Literally Yor would have only herself for getting attached when from the start she was just a pawn to get Anya into a school. Doubt Anya would be OK to leave without both of them though.

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Three days left till next chapter

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I like this

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>his father doesn't care about him
>his crush is playing with his feelings

>do not repost
why are you like this?

Damian tutoring Anya chapter when?

Judging by what? The anime? I mean, they didn't adapt the comedy well so far, but the manga is hilarious.

The Bond chapter seems like he was projecting or that he really has conflicts about leaving them.

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>loves shojo manga
>loves idol culture
Axeman taste is really weird

Yes, His masterplan after ending the operation is to go buy cicarettes and left Anya with Yor.

>loves idol culture
I must put Axeman to sleep forever

Depends if Spy Autism cracks from de feelings

A watermark will never stop me

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You monster...

Becky affects me in ways Anya can't.

Becky is my onahole

Kill yourself.

>t. Loid Forger


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I think you mean "artificially kino"

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the funniest thing here is the implication that strix is still going when Anya is older and still hasn't reached imperial status

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Anya is exactly like a normal kid
Becky is exactly like a hentai protag.
I consider people that lewd Becky to be normal.
People that lewd Anya can be considered true pedos.

if Yor wanted to she could take advantage of Loid at any time thanks to her gorilla strength. But I guess its dangerous when Anya heard his weeping.

>buy peanuts
Good one Damian.

Anya is too stupid anyway.

Why is she so retarded anyways? I know she's maybe 1 or 2 years younger than the rest but still

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>she hasn't earned a single Stella since the manga
Sasuga peanut-chan

>2 years younger
>Had a super crash course in lessons to join a elite school among the best in the country and still managed to pass.
>Learning everything in her second language
>Still not at the bottom of the class.

>her second language

Not him but it's implied Anya has a strangely high affinity on a supposedly dead language that no current country in-universe talks anymore


"Classical language" is usually Latin and she probably picked up some cause she was raised in a lab

probably won't change until
he finds out his father was a spy who did the same to him

It's not a ancient dead language not spoken in thousands of years. It is implied that it was a language spoken until some time ago (to the point that twilight tried to check if anyone that could speak the language is still around).

The difference in the intellectual capacity of a 6 year old compared to that of a 4 year old is huge, user. There's a good reason children have to be at least 6 years old to begin elementary education.

What the fuck

Reminder that Anya is so dumb that she can't even talk properly