Kubo draws the most beautiful women

Kubo draws the most beautiful women.

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I want to kiss Rangiku

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I never liked her character. What was even the point of her besides being a slut for Hitsugaya?

>Blonde white woman in Japanese afterlife

He needs to draw more girls exposed their underboob

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I would nominate Murata, but yes, his women are hot.

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Go back to /pol/.

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Are Rangiku and Yoruichi supposed to be much taller than Orihime?


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Yoruichi is shorter than Orihime by 1cm. Rangiku is almost a head taller than both.


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good lord, that mizuki



Post more Rangikus

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Did you skip Deicide and Everything But the Rain?

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Kubo draws the most beautiful everything.
Backgro- wait let's skip this one.

>"I value women's attractiveness on the size of their breasts"
The man is empirically based

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I didn't save it, but he answered with that on some fan question/answer site

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he is one of the best, that's for sure

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this pic is over 10 years old and it shits on the modern females of today's shonen manga kubo is on another level

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Nude edit is an absolute classic

skipped the hell chapter i see

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>Mizuki will never crush your head between her thighs like an impotent watermelon
Why even live =/

Remember when this was considered a big size for boobs?

They better up the ante for the new season.
Those are cantaloupes and we need watermelons

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Kubo is a great man

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How big do they need to draw them?

At least a J full top

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I know he said Nel is officially the biggest but her breasts operate on the quality that she's borderline retarded-genki but has fat tits.
Rangiku is a tease who knows what she's got and flaunts it purposefully.

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>Rangiku is a tease who knows what she's got and flaunts it purposefully.
And that's why she's the best

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It's the natural born right of women this beautiful

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>tfw you will never shoot up together in a dingy apartment

>Long night of being alone and thinking about Gin

Literally made to be bleached.

Do you prefer her manga blonde or her anime strawberry blonde?

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But not muscle girls. It's weird how he pandered to almost every fetish and body type possible but there was never an amazon type female character.

Maybe all anime redhairs have this same behavior too

More common with blondes

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I prefer her hair color in the manga.

Based Liza poster

The greats

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Shouldn't really be surprised to find you in a Rangiku thread kek

Bambietta or Noel?

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For me, it's the way he draws lips.

Mila Rose?