What the fuck is one piece? Like the actual treasure, is there even a description? What about a location...

What the fuck is one piece? Like the actual treasure, is there even a description? What about a location? After 1000 chapters how close are they to reaching the end?

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>how close
IIRC Oda said One Piece will finish around 2027, meaning like 85% or something like that, is already done.

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But what about in the story? Do they have a lead? Are they headed towards it? What's the current obstacle?
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ah i see you don't read it
yeah they know the location
they don't know what it is but oda said the one piece isn't material wealth

>working class revolution
>consistently supports traditional monarchies

Makes you think

I can't justify spending a year of my life for one comic. So what's stopping them currently?

You don't need to know if you're not gonna read it lmao

the one piece is a hit piece written by an old age journalist called joy boy that also was a cartoonist that provides irrefuteable evidence that a shadow goverment genocided an entire nation that refused to kneel before an empire that later transformed into what's known today as the world government and a reincarnation of joyboy is supposed to find this evidence and unite the world's nation to rebell against this long standing dictatorial entity
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one piece is a gray world, sometimes you have morally good characters like cobra or riku but you also have people like wapol or orochi too.

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Yes goy slave harder

The greatest piece of propaganda perpetrated by the West was convincing people that having any problem at all with the ruling caste of billionaires was Communism.

nice theory but I think its much more likely that joyboy was probably either a monarch or the very king himself of the vanished kingdom in question, and the one piece is the last legacy of said kingdom which holds enough power to overthrow the world goverment itself.

The main reason is that they just haven't reached the island yet. They're well over the halfway mark, but things happen from island to island. Just think of each island as having its own story. And as this series has progressed, the arcs get longer and longer.

One Piece is truly the real soft-seinen series

>What about a location?
rafu teiru

They think that any system is good as long as it works, almost as if they had common sense.

One Piece is a story for manchildren that get a hard on for being constantly blueballed

The progenators of projection, the CIA should really be commended for how they've managed to convince people it's actually the commies in their school not them.

around chapter 300 the main goal of the story was to find the one piece, however around the water7 / ennies lobby arc its exposed that the real story is about the strawhat crew being the embodiment of freedom itself and the world goverment opposing that freedom, the strawhats in reality are liberators of kingdoms and countries who have been stuck on an almost 800 year long struggle, and most of the arcs are focused on exploring the political spectrums of those countries and how the SHs are liberating them, making them their allies, leading for an inevitable world-scale war that will change the main positions of power of the entire world at the end of the story.

the one piece is just related to it in some sort of way, but most of the reason readers are not tired of the series is because the stories of liberating countries and gaining allies all over the world is generally more interesting and also gives clues about how to find the one piece itself.

In the last issue it will be revealed that The One Piece is an amusement park that Gold D. Roger loved as a kid.
>Verification not required.

>Since I'm not being manipulated I'm going to do what they told me to do

Yes yes I'm being tricked by saying you're being tricked so I'm going to say you're being tricked that I'm being tricked to say you're being tricked at which point you'll say I'm being tricked that you're being tricked that I'm being tricked to say you're being tricked. We good? Did I cover all the bases?

Real treasure goes beyond material commodities. Real treasure is your race, your family, and your nation.

We need to deconstruct the modern Jewish ideal of "treasure".

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One Piece is actually about supporting traditional monarchies and rebelling against Globalist Jews.

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One Piece should end with the Celestial Dragons facing the guillotine.

The left are genetically incapable of meme

Also, of course they think One Piece has a message "compatible" with their demonic ideals. Bunch of midwits.

Didn’t know French history was demonic.

I think the CIA should be applauded for turning the entire left into their little Stalinist foot soldiers. They must have realized their genetic inferiority decades ago and how to hijack their psychological tendencies for their own means.

>He didn't know that the french revolution was inherently demonic and lead to modern globohomo demonic faggotry
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Early One Piece introduces the tale of a liar that was laughed at and Gold Roger read the shit on the One Piece treasure island and call it a laugh tale. So its story about a guy who went to free the world from a powerful kingdom only for the other kingdoms to come together and take over the world

Can't have one fuckin thread without shills huh?

They will only begin to demonize One Piece as evil propaganda the moment they cannot use it anymore to make shitty threads like this to export their ideology.

See Harry Potter. Went from using it as a vehicle to do dumb shit like this, then the author commits wrongthink, suddenly they claim the opposite. They will do this with any popular medium by the way.

prime overthinking, the main appeal is colorful islands and fighting strong enemies

the one piece is the frens we made all along the way user

Pretty sure even the actual Revolutionary army in OP explicitly doesn't want to ruin the marines or monarchies, just the parasitic 1% or world nobles.

Yeah it's a joke obviously

The Feds executed MLK because he was going to turn all black people into Socialists. Why assume they are all of a sudden commies in our hyper-capitalists society?

>interpreting themes in art is "overthinking"

God this place is so anti-intellectual it fucking hurts

I mean just look at this bullshit. Yea Forums is fucking stupid.

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>“My favorite lesson from One Piece was when Jinbe didn’t give Luffy his blood and let him die because mixing blood is bad”
One Piece if Japan won the war.

sounds like a scam to get the companies to keep paying you until you are old. Even MHA is ending soon.

>facebook meme

the political messaging you can get out of one piece are
>absolute monarchies without checks or balance bad
>slavery bad
>racism bad

Oda said the One Piece is a physical item and that the One Piece is on the final island in the Grand Line called Laughtale. The OP is connected to the grander storyline than we think because of its connection to the ancient pirate known as Joyboy who is theorized to have Luffy’s devil fruit in the past.

Is “don’t be a count” a political message?

Bro it's literally been
> 5 more years
Since 10 years ago

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Well it is. Also nothing good came out of the french revolution. The french nation just fell prey to another imperialist who declared himself monarch a decade or two latter.

Okay but the marines and kingdoms are what support the decadent nobles. It's not like the nobles themselves have any power once you take away "muh lineage" and "muh Empty Throne"

Its not overthinking when the story of every single arc is overthrowing occupations or illigitemate monarchies or government. The manga is literally on the nose. The whole story revolves around the WG and the need to overthrow it.

he'll make it until it sells, as with every shounen

Its a story set in a 1600s to 1700s setting. What the fuck did you want? A manga about the legitimacy of trannies?


The feds also burned down a building of right wing Christian fundamentalist. What makes you think the feds are capitalist when every single thing they do is anit-capitalist. And no, they did not kill MLK but also MLK was known to hate white people and hire white prostitutes as well as plagiarize other black pastors speeches.

Mods can you please just kill the thread?

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I'm complaining about people like in OP's pic that try to give it a political message it doesn't have.
Also it does literally have trannies and robots

>I mean just look at this bullshit. Yea Forums is fucking stupid.
>He's too stupid to understand the deeply national socialist subtext of One Piece

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>Always give you 100%.

Deku literally cannot give 100%, even now, or it blows up his limbs. How the fuck is that the message you'd get from MHA?

Nigger we aren't against blood transfusions, what the fuck are you on about?

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>make political thread
>people don't interpret the art as political like you do
>people interoperate a different political opinion than you do
>people have different opinions than you do
>god Yea Forums is so anti-intellectual unlike me who projects his political opinions on adventure anime for pre-teens

It has a political message relevant to the time period its set it. OP and you are fags who try to make shit that happened 300 years ago around the world relevant to your faggot moder day NA social politics. Yeah despite being seen as something distant for modern day society, monarchies were a thing for centuries all around the world.

Mods can you please sticky this based, keyed, and redpilled thread?

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There is literally nothing wrong with monarchy

>The whole story revolves around the WG and the need to overthrow it.

The WG is bad, and Luffy and the Straw Hat's come into conflict with it as a matter of course, but they as protagonists are pointedly NOT involved in directly opposing it for the sake of liberation. There's an entire faction devoted to overthrowing the WG and the protagonists are pointedly not associated with it except by circumstance. OP is about finding your own way in a bad world, found family and dreams.

For someone who hates the jews you sure do support them a lot

>OP and you are fags who try to make shit that happened 300 years ago around the world relevant to your faggot moder day NA social politics
that's literally what I complained about you retarded subhuman, also OP isn't set in any real life time period, it's a mix of a bunch of shit from a bunch of different eras to make a cool story.