Kengan Omega

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>so desperate he was literally just standing in place flailing his arms

Incredible chapter! Feels great to be a doomchad, Sandro never lets us down.
What are we feeling next week, bros? I’m thinking Ogi and Tenjin killed offscreen by Ryuki and Akoya on the way to the warehouse.

Dad and his son

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2000 dollars isn't enough to kill someone... but what about a more :logical: solution to our problems?

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>These two are genetic miracles
Yeah...I don't see it.

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Here's my script for the next chapter (reposting)
>xia thinks it's all over for him now
>koga offers him a hand to stand up
>you told us you have information about worm right? You'll answer our questions and in exchange you'll be in custody of kengan organization
>ohma drags ogi and tenjin's bodies and throws them to the floor
>you were pretty awesome, xia ji
>xia ji cries
you rike?

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You've got it all wrong...

How the mighty have fallen.

Kengan is some sort of government psyop. You cannot convince me otherwise.

One is already cute, but there's two of them like that. Isn't that a miracle

Koga didn't use the niko style, meaning the chapter is at the very least a 2/10

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bottom of the barrel

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This chapter was inspired by a lot of Baki

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It's coming, you know it is.

Alright, we have 3 possibilities here.
1. Xia gets killed in the next couple of chapters so he can join Eddie and Fei
2. Xia is removed from the plot by going to jail or something
3. Xia somehow manages to escape and gets to live another day to ruin things for both Kengan and the Worm
What's Sandro gonna pick?

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The expectations subverted route
>xia joins keegan and becomes a good guy

Xia gets beheaded ISIS style by an index card Himuro kept in his pocket

Xiasisters...we were too lazy to win...

Why not, instead of giving Xia a shitty version of superman syndrome, Sandro gives Xia some adrenaline rush condition that only kicks in when he's in danger, forcing his body to momentarily adapt in a fight or flight situation. That may explain how he manages to tank killing blows and keep escaping

>if you don't keep up on your training, you get too complacent and lose
>if you keep up too hard, you become too strong and lose too
What's the intended message here?

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I can't see Xia ever reforming, Sandro's been hammering in how irredeemable of a person he is into our heads from day one. That's just too much of a subversion

Evil is on the job....

>joins the KA
>becomes another stoic guy that exists solely to hype up Koga when he finds another homeless guy to bully
I'd rather him joining Eddie and Fei in the azure skies

Ok sure Eddie died but Gilbert is basically his clone and he's doing extremely ambiguous things in the background
Ok sure Fei died but Tiger Niko basically trained t he guy and he's doing extremely ambiguous things in the background
Ok sure Xia got captured but Yan is basically his clone and he's doing extremely ambiguous things in the background

"Evil"..... has stopped moving.

Xia already performs great only when he is in danger and out of his mind due to fear. Since Koga the Jobber is super weak, Xia the Dragon can't awaken. That's no excuse for the last villain in the manga being defeated that easily though and by the guy who shouldn't even be there,

I'd like to move in and out of evil if you're catching my drift

Hassad... Please save my beloved

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>what determined the battle was tenacity
Nigger what? Xia has been a literal bum surviving on the streets for 2 years. He's tenacity incarnate. How the fuck does Koga NO DIFF Xia when that same Xia was literally making Akoya and Ryuki look like fools 1v2.

"Life is like a box of gyozas" - Shen Long Gump

>no diffs schizo duo
>o my koga wins after being scrapped once
>he-hes strong! He bent his knee!!!
>xia ace in the whole is just a fucking small bag
I mean what the fuck sandro, are you autistic?
Koga should've at least get hit by whatever ace in the hole, or stabbed by a knife or some bullshit
But we get "FIST EYE" in inverted color oanel and thats it
This fight is the same as terashi getting capped by okubo, Jesus Christ

Nigger Tigo already failed to kill Muteba and failed to produce a fight boner in Cohma, this man is already in the top five strongest guys he steamrolls over.
Yan already said that the Worm can go to Hell for all he cares. Since he is still the head of the Worm, it means he is going to Hell SOON.
Gilbert already was established by killing a super strong EVIL BAD moderate guy. Since now we know that he is super strong, Sandro can just skip to Rayman murdering him.

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The ace in the hole is still in play
Infact it's literally falling on koga as we speak

it's cause the motherfucker won't train and keeps trying to gimmick his way out of hard work
Of course, this would all mean a lot more after a bit of Xia recovery where he's not eating fucking trash from the trash can, an actual Koga tranining arc, maybe a chapter where he thinks about the guy who got him stabbed, and a real confrontation instead of Koga's Make a Wish fight

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TOO MUCH of a subversion? Did you forget who are we talking about?
That's it, Xia Ji is living with Kazzy from now on

Is it? He must've thrown it really high!!

why are they just randomly sitting together being gay

Xia's defeat made absolutely perfect sense, but the rest of the manga made people desperately cheer for the villain regardless of how little cohesion it'd have had

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Who would've thought it'd end like this, what masterful writing

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it's a funeral or something

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There was a chinese girl
She used to bully a dweeb named Sandro in high school
Instead of moving on, Sandro let the hate build up in his heart
Finally Sandro found a chance to channel his hatred both at the girl and chinese people in general
Thus Xia Ji was created, as a stand-in for the chinese girl
Sandro unleashed everything on Xia Ji, for the hatred he kept for years manifested itself
But it backfired, and people are cheering for his bully
Sandro was seething and in distraught, but he came up with a final plan
The people loved Koga, and surely more than they love Xia Ji
So he made Koga fight Xia Ji
And here we are

Okay, so him not training allows him to clown Akoya and Ryuki, and escape a ton of other people trying to catch him, only to get no diffed by Koga? Does this mean Koga would 1v2 Akoya and Ryuki?

Exactly, now add Xia to the mix and we're done, next arc incoming

>That's just too much of a subversion

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>me playing bongos with my waifu's ass

>Connector bullshits some wisdom about how a dish can change in a new locale
>>Head remarks how good it is
It's over, Xia Ji is coming to the Kengan side. He'll grow as a warrior but his personality will remain shit, He is the Omega and will attain his goal of ENDING the Kengan Association

Yes but since Akoya was in full armor he this means Koga >> Le Banner

No, for the defeat to occur Koga being there had to make sense. But it doesn't because the last time we saw him he was on a random island in the ass part of the world. This guy couldn't even meet Kokuro in the last two years to spar and show off his progress before their horrible match, no way he could get there in time, maybe Xia is right and that's not Koga, but some kind of a Kogabot the Kengan Omega.

Sandro really is subverting our expectations of this manga being good, isn't he? I bet in 2 months time Koga will be no having close fights with Agito and Kuroki, and 'YOU WERE AWESOME-ING' Lolong.

YamashitaKazuo's home for reformed thugs

I hope Xia gets stuck in a situation where it’s life or death and no way to escape against a top tier opponent. Then suddenly his natural talent, 1000 years of Chinese martial arts combines with rat dickery for the ultimate dragon/rat style

And then it’s revealed he can only unlock it in those moments. Some hypothetical shit where he forces Ohma into a demonsbane only to counter with pocket sand.

>Kazzy adopting strays
How kind of him.

Because they were trying to kill him

I doubt he'll do it against any Kengan, but I expect him to kill Grace&Frankie after they corner him.

Quick user: is Ohma defeated in this panel, yes or no.

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Koga is at least KAT finals level at this point.

Oh no, he was too young to pass. What a shame. Ah the humanity.

Same, Ohma was just a hypothetical, but it would be great if that became his entire power level.

God imagine if Xia becomes friends with Koga and they go shopping like kt was done with Ryuki.
God i yearn to see Xia shy while asking Koga to rate his new dress, oh god imagine them walking in the snow as two lovers oh Christ.
Jesus Mary and Joseph i want to have a panel where we clearly see Xia blushing after a compliment frkm koga, Xia would say something like "stop!" or "stupid!" while trying to slap Koga while blushing and Koga would just Fist Eye his slaps and grab him by the waist and oh god im gonn~~~

One year? But two years have passed?

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i want to live in the universe where lolong death rolled ohma so hard his worm heart exploded

he only joined purgatory a year ago I think

>Ohma's doing the retard thing trying to act like a master
>Lolong nicks his jaw
>Ohma falls to the ground backwards
>slams his head on the ground
>starts spamming

I will save him
I will bathe him
I will feed him
I will tend him
I will love him
I will fix him

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I like how Tiger niko is such a hilarious villain, always rambling about the niko
style and his vague evil plans
>>I can't expect any further evolution from the niko style
>>now teach me removal, Eddie, so I can watch my students die
>has 1 surviving student: agito (and ohma if you count randomly assaulting a
>coerces his students into killing each other or teaches them insane, suicidal techniques that have yet to actually help in a fight
>trains students wrong, as a joke
>>ohma and agito: pay attention to your junior's strength
>the man's one, true remaining disciple (I don't even want to remember what happened to lu tian) jobs to waka
>by killing himself
>wipes the floor with him while dicking around (while waka proceeds to go
full uunga bunga caveman mode)
>decides to show off for daddy niko
>proceeds to do the kengan equivalent of smoking a bunch of crack during the match
and overclocks his heart so he could annoy waka with...bloodbullets
>dies immediately after his first fight
>>I have all the data i need for the niko style to evolve even further
>by seeing Fei kill himself? Against the jobber gatekeeper?
I mean seriously, how hilarious of a villian is this guy?

>Ohma activates Advance
>instantly dies
>this makes him the victor

Sister... let him go...

>has 1 surviving student: agito (and ohma if you count randomly assaulting a
Setsuna too.

stop, i can only get so hard

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artist's name?

Sandwich is shitposting with this page and the one preceding it, right?
Like, this has to be a shitpost. These two pages are completely pointless filler. The page preceding it regurgitates shit we already know about Xia Ji that Yan himself just mentioned barely a few chapters ago. This page is just Shen Wulong talking about food.
These pages say absolutely nothing new. And then there's Yan criticizing Shen here in pic related. Is Sandwich mocking himself?

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>Xia Ji down again
So what's going to happen to him? Will Sandro finally let Tom and Jerry kill him off? Or will his hellish existence continue even after this fight?

This chapter is a war crime

God, if only

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It's probably his attempt to build character.

Link to the first dump thread?

Sandwich.... likes chinese food

idk I saved it from here

Kurokibros, we are still top of the verse.
Kuroki would neg diff Eddie

i think he is reiterating that the worm is not worried with Xia being captured. and ultimately still have everything under control.

The Ohma vs Lolong fight encapsulated what Omega has been. Simply inconsistent. Starts off kinda shitty with the light speed punches but still some cool moments of Lolong telling Ohma to cut the shit.

Some cool back and forth finally that builds up into Lolong breaking Ohma’s arm and invisible elbows, some decent Kure/Niko stuff interspersed with random retarded shit like Copy that breaks up the flow. Good back and forth with good build up and then just ends flat with “hahah I got the timing right you were awesome Lolong” The whole tournament was this inconsistent arc between flat fights and actually fantastic fights. I’ll still stake that Naidan v Ryuki, Judowbowl, and Kung fu vs Sambo were amongst the most entertaining fights. Nicolas, Fei’s, and Rihito’s were fantastic with a couple questionable decisions. And then just random stupid shit like Yumi’s or fucking Terashi that were just trash.

I think the worst part about this format of the tournament was that it didn’t allow for nothing less than average fights whereas you could get away with some shittier fights in round 1 of KaT

I feel like kazzy has a soft spot for autists
>Ohma in ashura was based but extremely aspie
>ryuki is ohma 2.0, but somehow even more autistic
>Xia is probably the most normal of the bunch, albeit a narcissist
It'll be like the Brady bunch with fighting autists

>top two panels is from chapter 49, back when the manga was still good
>bottom half is post-chapter 50 Omega

Literally soul and soulless in a nutshell.

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How many levels of metaphors are we on right now

>Ohma's face
Wow. Koga is soooooo awesome!

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>flat backgrounds
it's over browiches...

I wouldn't go that far. R4 ohma would likely still wipe the floor with koga. Kuroki is literally himself, so no one beats him either

You fucks are hilarious, Koga, the supposed new MC that turned to be a jobber for 100+ chapters is finally being the MC and you are bitching?

Oh, I just realized, Koga's good at front kicks because of squats.