Ojamajo Doremi

They're all very good and cute girls.

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en.ojamajo.moe/Arabic/دروبي مع دوريمي الجزء 3/25 - عطلة اصيف المملة.mp4

Best English speaker

Right? I wonder what they woudl have done about Momoko is the 4Kids dub went that far.

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The Arabic dub covered Momoko's midriff MS Paint Nicktoons Dragon Ball Kai-style.

Are you kidding? I'd like to see that!

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I'm not kidding. See it here: en.ojamajo.moe/Arabic/دروبي مع دوريمي الجزء 3/25 - عطلة اصيف المملة.mp4

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Fucking idiots. What are they thinking?

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>cute niqabi whores with fat sweaty arabic asses doing cute high-pitched loli voices and pretending to be little girls

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They seem to have covered her legs, to.
Her long, lovely legs. I get that she weard very weird clothes, that skirt is way too short and no way I'll let my daughter wear something like that at 9-10 years of age, but it's a cartoon!

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She's just sunburnt from being hostage in the Arabian Desert, right? Why don't we cool her off?

Hazuki's skirt is almost just as short but they didn't bother covering her legs...

Seems like aot of effort for nothing.

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I love Momo

I love her too.

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Too bad she probably hates Yea Forums for being racist

Yea Forums isn't racist, Yea Forums has all kinds of people in it. I'm here and I'm not racist.

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Onpu is for ponpu and donpu

Erika is way cuter.

Are you crazy? If you stay with her she can support you, specially if you get her pregnant.

This breaks my heart.

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What's Pop for, then?

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Remember when Onpu was an antagonist?


Beautiful, and also artistic so it's fine even if you can see the butt.

So the canon here is that she got a skin graft from her black friend, right?
They even did her legs.
Doremi's X-shaped bellybutton is left untouched though.

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Charming smile. That's my Momo-chan.

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High-res official Doremi art is pure eye candy

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>we will never get our hands on the original high res artwork for the trading cards
feels bad man

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Well, what if you become rich?

>the canon here is that she got a skin graft from her black friend, right?
No, but that's funny.

Thoughts about this child's butt?

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Yes. Lots of thoughts. Mostly lewd ones.

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Butts are overrated. Belly and chest are hotter.

I want it on my face.

>Belly and chest are hotter
A true Momo fan, I see.

its raining different shades of ojamajo today
ever fantasised about visiting maho-do ?? like you are the customer and you get worlds best service
like sit down get served cake by doremi omg haha i want to eat a cake served by doremi i want to sit in maho-do and smells doremis rose omg waat fuck inspect doremis pearls noo fuck aaa shit uhhh

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Sex with Reika.

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She's 10.

Out of 10

I meant her age.

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Hazuki's lips...


Is this okay to post?

Naked ojamajos are always okay to post.

One of my favourites episodes in the show. I like how they gave Aiko that element of self-loathing to contrast with her otherwise boisterous and upbeat personality. It adds a certain dynamic to her character that you don't really see as much of in any of the other girls in my opinion.

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What did she mean by this?

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