I can't believe Komi was an impostor

I can't believe Komi was an impostor.

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This arc is unbelievably bad. He must be doing this on purpose.



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She do be sus though

It's less stupid than the nerfdart arc honestly, it's at least cute and goofy and gave us


Just checked out the latest chapters, holy shit. Can this manga sink any lower?

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Not just sus. I can't believe that Komi actually did that. This opens dangerous route for Komi.

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What the fuck is this shit

Hi, I'm interested about getting into this manga. Can you tell me which chapters cover the Fortnite arc?

kinda sussy

I love how the scanlation didn't give a flying fuck doing this ch.

Let's be real. The artstyle now fits this arc more than anything.

Is this real?

This manga is reaching a new low.

It reached peak soul more like

Why is he making an Among Us arc like a year after everyone stopped giving a shit about the game


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The author is creatively bankrupted

The author has always been an out of touch boomer, it was obvious even in early chapters.

He just wants friends

Wait a second... Is this manga for children?

This would have been cute if any of the characters were likeable and if the author had waited like 20 years until sus amogus faded out of relevancy

which is hilarious because he's like in his early 30s at the absolute oldest

idk where you guys hang out but I still frequently see among us shit.

I judge what's hip today based on what my zoomer cousins are currently into. They think Among Us memes are cringe now and mostly play Valorant.

The fuck, is Valorant even still a thing?

How did you niggers not drop this after pic related around ch 200

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Pretty sure it's like top 3 in twitch viewers still.

holy shit can your taste get any lower
this manga is on fire right now

Relevant or not, if F*CKING teached Komi to backstab people. THAT'S NOT GOOD!

this arc is insanely funny
you should stop reading komi and never post on komi threads again, win-win

This arc is more funny than I thought

lol she's going to come out of the game thinking everyone will hate her for having to do it until they're all like "lol it's a game, chill"

That will confuse her even more. Not good life lesson.

I've fapped to that Komi incest doujin so many times that I can't even read the manga anymore.

She has tasted the Tadano blood now.


Being in Jeopardy is how you know the boomers are just finding out about it while the zoomers moved on forever ago.

Jeopardy hasn't been the same since Alex Trebek died anyway.
I barely ever watch it anymore.

Can someone post the full cover?

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Sweet thanks

I don't read Kaguya but wasn't there an amongus chapter in that too?

I think it was referenced once but that's about it.

Remember when this manga was good?


I am going to shoot myself

It was referenced years ago.

I want to shoot Manbagi (with my semen)

I don't read this series but this seems kind of cute.

Oh no. Komi going psychotic soon?

best arc in some time


>Animated handrape
I was expecting this kind of depraved thing for a long time

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I hate this manga and it's author like you wouldn't believe

They got to this? Fuck I gotta find a good subgroup


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Man, I really needed this

You don't need to shill your shitty manga that much, dude.

Didn't Amoogus already die?

>I gotta find a good subgroup
there isn't one, ether watch ESL subs based on the french manga translation or don't bother. After seeing what's happening in the manga I'm leaning towards the latter

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he cant even draw her hot ass body anymore
fuck this hack