Shadows House

New chapter today

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where's it?



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>emilyko that skinny
B-but Keito-sama is fat

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where? link?

I'll dump the raw as soon as it's posted on cubari. We're still waiting on it

Not sure why it's not on cubari yet, but I guess can post it.

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What killed the hype?

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Keito sama is too flat here
I remember her being a grown lady already

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my favorite mad scientist

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What is this manga about? Can be explained simply?

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>Calls Emilyko a super living doll
>Attempts to kill her
But why?

Absolutely based super doll.

Chapter end

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>willing to sacrifice himself in the name of science
I can respect that

Mad scientist logic. "I got my memory back from a hammer to the head. Maybe we can take memories away the same way!"

160 IQ emilyko
Thanks for the dump bro

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>Normal eyes
So tat was regular coffee?

There is a remote mansion atop a hill where the Shadows live.
They are a race composed, as like coal. Due to the difficulty to express facial features with a pitch black face they make use of 'living dolls', personal servants who tend to their needs and act as their 'face' in public.

The manga follows the Shadow Kate and her living doll Emilyko in their life within the mansion and the mysteries therein to be unravelled

Yes, Oliver says it was coffee made for practice here

Promised neverland 1st arc but an entire manga about it

Summary onegai.

so just hit all senior and starbearer head doll and they will remember that they are human?


Sounds like John has a job to do

black widow?

Are you implying they're to line them up and play whack a mole?

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>unwittingly gave the crazed carnie a weapon and some protection

Coffee enema please

So doesn't this mean Barbie knows she's human given her head injury

Probably, which would explain why she's so depressed and why she worried about Barbara despite it being her duty to produce soot

when did that happen?

>Maid's Day ... So Emilico when I put it up for a serialization meeting (subtly all different)

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>I remember that the white lace when I was dressed up was initially black lace with gold embroidery (and hand-painted), but the cost of drawing was the worst, so I stopped it.

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>when did that happen
When Barbara had her autism freakout

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this was way before they started cutting out the coffee

But some of the children much younger than Ollie still haven't remembered they're human. The head trauma may impact their memory even without being taken away from coffee, Barbie was much younger here, and had probably been coffee'd up for as long as Ollie is now. Maybe it would explain the party of delight being made a thing since Emilyko talked about how she wished at times for the relief of the coffee despite knowing it was brainwashing her

Action acrobat Emilyko!

Just realized their noses are different


little blond girl so cute!
why is it that every blonde hair loli like Emilyko and Ana Coppola are so cute?


Did the raw uploader just stop posting to cubari?

not knowing japanese

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Chapter summary?

>It always paid to be nice to a jailer; you might not get handcuffed behind your back. A man with both hands in front of him had quite a lot of freedom.

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