But seriously, how did boruto drop the ball so hard

naruto is so full of mythology, its world is rich and feels alive. it's so full of detail, both the battles and the story itself offer a satisfying complexity. boruto be like: remember that cryptic ninja village full of mysticism, yeah it's a metropolis now and naruto is the mayor. also robots.

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Kill yourself, narutard.

Boruto is better than most Naruto post-timeskip

Neither are good. If you want interesting storytelling and thought provoking themes read HxH. If you want worldbuilding and drama read One Piece. If you want great action read Baki.

I prefer Boruto since the boys are cuter.

The magic behind Naruto's success is the first editor. He literally turned Kishimoto's dogshit ideas into gold and kept him in check. Kishimoto supervises Boruto and fucking Taguchi once worked on Boruto.

naruto was as equally shit as boruto but you were too young to understand. naruto had a very good first chapter, surprisingly good and well written for shonen manga and then right away it just drops in quality from there into garbage


Naruto is a manga, Boruto is mostly anime and it's trying to become the next never ending anime like Pokemon or Sazae-san.

No, Boruto originated as a manga like Naruto did, so it's a manga as well.

Boruto's best arc would still be part 2s worst

>The magic behind Naruto's success is the first editor.
Who was it?

The manga is monthly and slow af, it's nothing more than a storyboard for the anime.

>naruto had a very good first chapter, surprisingly good and well written for shonen manga
as a huge naruto fan, the first chapters of naruto are good but not that good. if anything at the time it was seen as a flame of recca copy. but the anime had awesome production values for the time. the animation the music the direction the voice acting everything was miles above everything. it literally single handedly elevated battle shounen anime.
>The manga is monthly and slow af
viz media or whoever runs the show apparently wants total control. typical company interfering that ruins everything.

If anything Boruto has been an even better series so don't know what you're trying to communicate here.

Taguchi never worked on Boruto

The Sage of Six Bowls is intruding upon this thread

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I hate scientific ninja tools. Worldbreaking trash.

Boruto is way better than Naruto.

>Kill yourself, narutard.
I will not.

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Naruto was completely lacking in the worldbuilding. What fuck are you even talking about? Naruto almost never set foot in any other village besides in fillers. FFS he only went to the Land of Waves in the OG and the rest was spent in the village and then rescuing Sasuke. In Shippuden he only went to the Sand and Cloud Village iirc.

In Boruto they have gone to many many villages. They even went to the world were the Snake summons live which was only referenced in Naruto.

Boruto go straight to the point, kill and be killed, no talk no jutsu, we live in a society thanks to Naruto


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>interesting storytelling and thought provoking themes
Like what? Outside of the chimera ants there wasn't anything that stood out
>worldbuilding and drama read One Piece
What worldbuilding? We only saw east blue (which was just generic shitty islands) and some of the grand line, most of the world wasn't shown to us at all. Even the grandline is just different climates and different cultures in the real world anyway (water 7 is venice, shandorians are mayans, etc). Most islands can be summarised with evil dictator abuses citizens until the chosen rubberman comes and frees everyone, there's not much variation there. As for the drama, there is none. Oda is incapable of taking anything seriously and turns everything into a joke

Boruto has even less worldbuilding than Naruto.

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This is admittedly true and the one thing I'll concede (I'm not op though). Boruto introduced relevant characters from different villages early on and had them go around. Naruto was pretty centralised around konoha and any ninja from another village was either from the chunin exams or the akatsuki. There wasn't nearly as much variety of adventure. They were introduced too late - during the final war arc. I wish Kishi had placed some arcs between akatsuki fights where they could build up relationships and developments, instead of shoving them all at you right at the end.

Even so, Boruto is just piggybacking off what Naruto introduced and still the worse series

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Boruto reboot with good editors when?
>The magic behind Naruto's success is the first editor.
kishi's editors saving the day is a story old as hell.


>Taguchi: Usually the authors and editors of Shounen Jump meet once a week to discuss the progress of the story and everything that revolves around the writing of the manga. As for Boruto, however, since it is a monthly publication, Master Ikemoto and I meet once a month.
>Ikemoto: We generally do everything together the three of us (ed. note: Mikio Ikemoto, Masashi Kishimoto, and Ukyo Kodachi). The parts that are a little more delicate are viewed by Kodachi, then in the end anyway it's all three of us, actually all four of us including editor Taguchi, who decide how the story should go.

retarded ass faggot shut the fuck up there is no way you actually think the first chapter is the only good part of the entire series

Kek never forget

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I looked up both quotes and found nothing, link me the source

Shotas are literally young boys

Boruto is a gateway anime of the best kind. It's a great series, with a story and characterization that is very well done in most aspects, and which bolsters its strengths with great character development and a dark, complicated plot. Your average user, hopefully, is intelligent enough to see this as the masterpiece it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is very well thought out and deserves recognition and respect.

These very aspects that make the anime so deep and mature make it a discussion ground for scholarly gentlemen who engage in every kind of both online and in the real world. The hard-working characters who continue to stand against all odds, the realistic jutsus and well-designed clothes, the whole and everything about the complex Boruto world provides fuel for much thought, and the deep character backgrounds, their dark past and emphasis on revenge, and overall greatness of the series make it fit just right with the refined taste of your average intellectual and his sense of disappointment towards the world’s dull, un-thought provoking choices in entertainment. Exactly the kind of material that brings the intelligent and well-educated together over critical discussion.

Boruto is basically THE series to attract the highest-tier fanbase known to Yea Forums, which is why, regardless of individual opinions, it is the responsibility of every user to support the existence of threads discussing the subject, and make sure to give a friendly bump to all Boruto threads to make sure Yea Forums’s elite continue to show their faces here.

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Is there a timeline of editors?


Use DeepL to translate spaghetti. Here's another one
There was another short interview where he said among other things that he liked the truffle chicken he had at a local restaurant. If I find it I will link it.

Holy shit how have I never seen this before. That's amazing.

Man the big 3 threads are the best when it comes to shitposting. Even if the big 3 era is over they're still the most fun series to discuss

That's because the world was already built in Naruto, and Boruto takes place in the same world as Naruto but comes after, so there's not that much world left to build.

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This franchise is in hibernation mode.

And really, does it need to be more? The original series ended in a good note. Characters married, kids born, world at peace. And it even had a good anime adaptation and a good final movie. Boruto is optional.

wtf there's a pic of me in the first page.

>Beating two dudes and an alien makes everyone across the world settle all their differences and live an era of milk and honey.
Even I couldn't believe that shit.

That's the thing, it didn't! But you have chosen not to read Boruto.

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One look at Boruto's amateur art was enough for me to avoid it. At least the movie was good. They really should have let the series have a peaceful death there.

I know Boruto elaborates on that. I'm just pointing that user saying "The original series ended in a good note. Characters married, kids born, world at peace."

Not him but for such a trainwreck last arc, the ending itself was fine. It brought a decent end and closure to Naruto’s homobrolust with Sasuke which was 90% of the series and made him become Hokage with a loving family which was the remaining 10% of his purpose.

>>Beating two dudes and an alien makes everyone across the world settle all their differences and live an era of milk and honey.
actually... its kinda does. the "alien" is literally a mythical woman who fell from the heavens and gave them chakra. it's an existential revelation and a pretty good reason for unity in the same sense that Pain wanted to unite people (in fear) by become a dreadful violent god. well that god does exist. and it makes sense for people to live their lives happy until it comes back again.

Only the villages involved in the war would reach a "peaceful" unity, and even then, none of them fought Kaguya, only Team 7. The rest of the world has no reason to give a shit about this.

Everyone was trapped by Infinite Tsukuyomi. Every single sentient being on earth. It is of everyone's interest to repel the aliens.

I have seen many shit takes in my life but yours might take the cake this year my friend. Not only do you have horrendous taste but you clearly don't know the meaning of the word "world building" either

But that doesn't mean they were involved in the conflict of the war and only a select people know about Kaguya and the Otsutsuki.

Did you manage to sleep through York New, and haven't touched the Dark Continent arc?

Please. Naruto dropped the ball a long time ago going from "mediocre but promising" to complete shit. And the final chapters completely made it unbearable.
The only good thing it caused was the seething rage of a meltdown of the NaruSaku fags.

Do they? It feels like the knowledge of "hey a fucking alien attacked us" isn't a tightly kept secret. Why would it be? The only thing that's probably kept secret is Sasuke wanting to murder the five kage right after.

>The only good thing it caused was the seething rage of a meltdown of the NaruSaku fags
Those were some of the best times I've had on Yea Forums.

Because Kishimoto had mininal involvement. The first editor prevented Kishimoto from corrupting the plot, the story ripped off Hunter x Hunter loads and the anime put Naruto on the map which is the story for nearly all battle shonen

>It feels like the knowledge of "hey a fucking alien attacked us" isn't a tightly kept secret.
I think it is, and the mainstream story is that Madara was behind everything (I think Obito has been omitted as well, for coolest guy reasons).

>The rest of the world has no reason to give a shit about this.
lol wot. it's literally an existential revelation about the origins of chakra and a female vengeful god who wants to turn people into fertilizer. yes of course the entire world gives a shit.

But Kaguya was defeated.

Every single Naruto character? All were Yahagi's idea.


Might as well credit Yahagi as the co-author of Naruto at this point.

Uzumaki clan lore when?

The guy who single handedly made Naruto popular.