Is hoe a legitimate weapon in isekai?

Is hoe a legitimate weapon in isekai?

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If you can kill people with it then yes.

No, same reason scythe isn't a real weapon. The shape is too impractical to use in battle.

why the fuck keep prunning isekai thread?

Do you see any hoe wielding warrior in real life or fictions?

War scythes exist though.

Might as well use a pickaxe if you're using a hoe

Where is the next volume of Overlord?

It only leaves a small wound. With a hoe you can take a large chunk of the enemy's flesh.

I wasn't expecting to like murimshit, but Volcanic Age and Crazy Demon were surprisingly fun. Are there any more 'must reads'?

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And the blade is readjusted 90 degrees so that it's vertical instead of horizontal.

What do you think about his elf (dwarf)?

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murim is just better than wuxia

>he does it for free


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This dwarf's transformations are better.

Why are gooks so obsessed with this shit again? Monk is literally the most useless class I've ever seen

Different shape.

Different reason, too.
The hoe is largely too imbalanced to be practical. It would be too slow in a real fight. But if your enemy is too slow to evade, you'll kill the fucker.
A scythe is very awkwardly shaped and difficult to even aim for a good attack in against a human-sized opponent. It would be decent against grass-sized foes though.

I don't exactly understand how the society works in murimshit. Like all the martial folk have vast power and wealth but exist in autonomy under an empire. And they duke it out and get thousands of talented martial folks killed for what accounts for some silly dick wanking. Like how does any of it make sense for the emperor?

When you level is high enough, everything becomes a deadly weapon in your hands.

flip it you baka gaijin

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Good luck piercing shit with it.

It's an axe with a sideways blade

With that weight and size, what kind of armor do you think would protect you from it?

>It only leaves a small wound
I seen that russian mercenary use a pickaxe on a poor fellow and they certainly not leave a small wound.

isekai quartet movie - june 10
vol 15 - june 30
season 4 - july

>Like how does any of it make sense for the emperor?
The emperor is usually powerless to stop them. Only reason they let him be emperor is because they don't want to deal with administrative shit.

I always saw it as a bit of an HRE situation, with hundreds of virtually autonomous states with countless squabbles being fought by mercenary companies. Also, a lot of murim series play into the whole separation between the murim world and the muggles.

It all depends on the where.
Stab wounds can be surprisingly survivable if they don't happen to penetrate some actually important stuff.

The problem with deep stab wounds are the blood loss and infection though. They will slowly kill you.

i havent been so annoyed at a manga in a while. hmm a problem comes up..
>skill activated you can have/do this now
jesus i know i shouldnt expect amazing writing but come on is there no other solutions the author can find

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It's all so tiresome

Why isn't there any ninjawanking in isekai when there's so much katanawanking?

i suppose you are right, its just that the other user does not know how big a pickaxe is or how heavy it is. The pickaxe will definitely overpierce your body and it look like it is not easy removing it without a strong force pulling it. The guy the god pierce by the pick axe made a loud cry then abruptly stop when they remove the pickaxe from him. Definitely ruin his backbone for sure.


>Japanese spices
It's only a "problem" because the author chose to make it one, and he only made it a "problem", because he found the idea funny of having the protagonist buying them through that donation box.

I don't understand why you would think that the lack of modern condiments would be a problem that an author would need to find a solution for.

Wrong nation user

Katanas represent the samurais, the privileged class in Japan, ninjas are the equivalent of thugs for hired in the west, the lowest of jobs.

I'm reading a couple, three I remember are
murim login, infinite leveling in murim, return of mount hua sect
I've dropped a few.

It's the superior nation to that silly vassal nation.

There is.

Ninja are week and cowardly, katana are honorable and folded one thousand times

I wouldn't use either a pickax or a hoe or a scythe in a battle. I think my best option would be to use the pickax to remove the blade from the hoe, and then just use a stick.

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Many "weapons" are originally modified farming tools. They serve their purpose aka kill just fine, but never think they are any better than actual specialized weapons like Warhammer, Dagger, Longsword, Spear or Pike.

All the weapons except swords already existed long before agriculture.

>modified farming tools
The unmodified versions do not serve a combat purpose just fine.


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fuck i can hardly get through this

As long as hunting animals can be considered farming, but since it's an isekai thread it's acceptable

How many of the systemshit ever even explain the system? I only remember Legendary Mechanic. Otherwise the closest would be "brainchip fuses with my soul lol".

You can kill a man with them and thats the point. Take pitchfork, put it on a peasant and he can kill a soldier with it. Hoe is basically just a sideways axe too. Point is they are can be used strictly as weapons, even if shitty ones.

Often system just becomes less and less useful or it basically just stays as unexplained plot device until series runs its course.
>"brainchip fuses with my soul lol"
Warlock in magus world?

>You can kill a man with them and thats the point.
No, that's not the point. You can kill a man with a cliff.
But asking a guy to follow you to the cliff and then pushing him over the edge while he is not paying attention, is not a viable strategy in a fight.

Similarly, a weapon that can technically split skulls but is too slow to hit the enemy and too slow to defend against the enemy's attack, is not a decent weapon.

>even if shitty ones.
Do you understand what decent means?

The brainchip shit is actually used in a few series.

>Do you understand what decent means?
My mistake. The original claim was "just fine", not "decent".
My point remains the same.

Now I can literally say that

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>no emotional baggage
>no hero complex
>not an annoying bitch
>cute and funny
glad the author realized the first heroine was an irredeemable pile of shit

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>not a yandere
That's already a net negative

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you're judging too early

Wrong, kuudere and drills are already better.

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There's always a scene where the MC meets all of his old classmates/family or whatever and shows off all of his money and how skilled he is now. I'm a sucker for that shit.