Just finished reading dorohedoro, what does Yea Forums think about it? How's the anime?

Just finished reading dorohedoro, what does Yea Forums think about it? How's the anime?

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should've ended in the department store, gyoza magic was okay but everything else was too by the numbers

anime is okay, sadly Kaiman and Nikaido have the worst 3d models, but everyone else looks fine. fights feel a bit too slow. amazing backgrounds, good OST, fun EDs. I don't have 3d with a burning passion like other autists on this board though.


i know is not a masterpiece, but its ridiculous and brutal humor fits so well with my own that is one of my most beloved mangas.
Also, most of the characters are likeable and got their fair share of personal shortcomings, making them a little more relatable.

The anime did justice to it, the OST is good and the 3D animation if not the best, is done well enough to enjoy it. Also, they upgraded the environment.

Went on too long and all the mysteries end up being pretty weak, but the early parts are fun

Manga art tended to be just a little too messy, and the 3d in the anime was both frequent and bad, but it was still a damn good series after all.

I like how the most murderous people are the most enjoyable.
Also Noi is wife.

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*the* manga for asspulls, nonsensical powers and powerscaling, and le random but braindead characters.

after the mangaka leaned further into these in dai dark shes been doing pretty well, especially because she's abandoned any semblance of internal logic.

Anime ending was anime original which I hated because what should have come was more questions and a really kino scene.

just finished the first dai dark volume, wasnt feeling it, does it change much?

I hate 3d but this shiw was a decent expample of a not so bad 3d

not really, there's a kind of antagonist and new companion introduced, and some hint that it's the same universe as doro


It lacks any definitive plot to invest yourself in

hey i don't want to spoil myself, so I ask you OP, what site did you read this manga on? thanks bby

go back


She certainly is bro , if only I could find a woman resembling her in real life , my life would be complete .

well, i've got an ereader (boox nova 3) and the tachiyomiAZ app to browse nhentai and mangadex for the one manga i'm following, but i wanted a rec on what's the best/preferred website, specifically for this one manga
i've gotta admit i'm not a regular on this board, no harm intended.

It feels like its coming together but I read dai dark before doro

Low iq sub human. You can literally google anything.

Is Nikaido the hottes?

Noi pre devil

its shit
terrible story and characters
ugly drawn
waste of time

I always use tachiyomi, though, I'm not big on manga, I think this might be my second post on this board.

Yeah, you were never going to understand this manga in the first place.

>How's the anime?
Better than expected, but worse than what the series deserved.

This, pretty much everything was solid but it should have been 2d

I would honestly prefer the ova style to anything.

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>mfw BD prices

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Lots of good girls in this series.

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Really good, and fuck sorcerers! Anime was ok considering CG.

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It's my all-time favorite, BUT we should've gotten a kiss

the manga gets kinda stupid towards the end but it was fun to follow, the artstyle was great and it has best girl Ebisu plus the soundtrack is killer youtube.com/watch?v=EzgpCBbwFWk
The anime was pretty good I thought, I don't really mind 3DCG but I thought it worked pretty well for this series

based hole
fuck sorcerers

Anime was better than I expected. The CG was iffy at times but better than average, and the backgrounds were gorgeous. The OST was great and the voices were perfect.

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I really like en family vs hungry bug shenanigans. I didnt care about crosseye or devil stuff

i liked cross eyes gang before boss arrives

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One of my favorite manga. It does a lot of great things, which I won't mention.

On the downside, it suffers from "everyone is an asshole" syndrome. Which makes sense, in a universe run by devils, that there wouldn't really be a faction of good-guys to root for (at least not good-guys who are important to the plot). Caiman, the En-Family, the Cross Eyes; they all murder randos very casually, not always in self-defense; which makes it hard to really care which of those factions wins. I guess Nikkaido is the "good guy", but she doesn't really wanna win any factional power struggle; she just wants the status quo at the beginning, making Gyoza in the hole with Caiman and pals, so I guess you should root for Caiman, but Caiman fucks that up by leaving, so maybe not. It just gets a bit tedious, and starts to feel like random shit happening without a purpose through most of the middle part of the series. The ending wrapped things up in a surprisingly tight way; that sort of gives structure and meaning to the middle parts, but only in retrospect.

The genocidal nature of Holey really calls you back to the very first arc, where the reader is trained to hate sorcerers; before making them the focus of the series. That was an interesting way to manage catharsis; cause by the time humans are getting their revenge, the reader probably doesn't hate sorcerers anymore.

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Noi is wife but early devil Nikaido is also wife.

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The anime was painful to watch. You could tell that the studio really cared about the property and put the work into making the details nice but then the actual show has HORRIBLE pacing issues, terrible 3D, simple production mistakes, and wanting to cut content to fill time allotment (the director didn't want to cover the baseball game).
Personally, I'd just watch the OP/EDs and the occasional good clip that was worth saving.

anime was worth it for the baseball ep and Wataru Takagi voicing Caiman, just a shame all the really interesting psycho shit happens after the 'first arc'

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Probably some of the my favourite art in a manga, ever. Its just so grimy and gnarly, like if you reached out and touched it, the page would feel like the wall by a deeprfryer thats never been cleaned. Excellent fucking manga.

That's why I love Hole-kun, we may not hate sorcerers as much, but no one is consoling all those millions of humans that got tortured by magic users all those years. And to be honest, while the cross-eyes or Tanbas gang may not personally deserve it, their race does. Hole was in the right to kill every single one of them and I think Chidaruma even thought so too. There's a page where he tells Asu that he's both looking forward to Holes birth and him killing magic users. My favorite character is Haru because she's really cute.

Caiman is one of the most fun main characters in a long time, all in all the manga is a lot of fun. The anime is one if the few good examples of how to use 3d.

And Noi is best girl.

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Manga was pretty good, even with all the crazy shit near the end. Anime was fine and I would like a season 2. Still wish it was 2d though.

>the ova
huh??? i never knew it had ovas

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need big wife

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to hug n squeeze me so hard she breaks all of the bones in my upper body half

dorohedoro ma no omake

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Yeah I love this series, prob one of my favorite manga of all time. I do have a question though, why doesn't EN become a devil? The devils are the top dogs and he kinda has to be their bitch. I thought about it and I suppose he would have to live a whole year without magic, which considering all the enemies he has would be impossible. Devilhood really is the top of the top.

There's something about most of the cast being bright and chipper despite the setting being incredibly bleak, dreary and dirty that's really endearing.

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All dorohedoro thread is just Noi posting thread.

Nikaido is good but sometimes you want a near 300 lb 6'10" woman to hug you.

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She wanted to fuck Caiman huh? When she was how hot he was with his normal face she was hooked for sure.

I don't think that Chidaruma had any moral qualms with what the sorcerers were doing to the humans. He's almost a completely immoral character. The only moral action we see him take is to follow through with his side of the deal when he loses his bet to the other devils.

He was just bored of sorcerers, and of the Devils who used to be sorcerers. His primary drive is to avoid boredom. Sorcerers and Devils were created by Chidaruma, so he may feel like he's just playing with himself. Like they're just imaginary friends, or might as well be. We see something similar when he creates sentient life, in the Extra Evil segment where he makes a food man come to life. Humans were not created by him; and he was very excited to find them; played with them for ages (mostly tormenting them), but they are too weak and short lived. Hole-kun, as a devil who comes from humans, not sorcerers; is the closest thing to an actual peer that Chidaruma has had. The closest thing to a real friend. And very importantly, a game-changer who would alleviate some boredom.

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i watched the anime awhile ago when i had netflix
what chapter does s2 end on?

A manga centering them or one centering Chota would be cool

I don't think it's every mentioned. Your guesses are pretty good. Even if he isn't killed by an enemy, he could be captured by someone who wants to make him their slave-partner (either an outsider, or Chota the gay bird man). Maybe he'd rather be the biggest fish in the relatively small sorcerer pond, than be a low-ranking devil. He also might not even survive the devil training due to it's dangers (most recruits die IIRC).

Also, a devil's personality changes. They become silly. En's life goal is revenge against black-powder creators; in particular, the cross-eyes leader. He might not want to become a devil, knowing that he might forget about his revenge goal. It's also possible that Chiduruma might not allow Devil-En to pursue his revenge goal; like with Asu, who was not allowed to help Nikaido.