Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu

>you wiill whore yourself out with your bros just for the sake of one gremlin

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Why aren't these guys the protagonists? They look way better.

At least they are sticking with what they know.

Mylene in her underwear when?

sorry chad, this is real life. the incel mob gets the girl

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While I don't have anything like that, it's got to just be only a matter of time. The manga artist seems to love drawing her the most

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rare based artfag

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No homo, but I'll schtupp the one with purple hair.

More Queen.

Why are they so much better than Angie and Liva?

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not lesbians for one.

They didn't become bisexual.

so far i've only been attracted to villainesses and mylene
what does that say about me?

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I thought they lost their appeal to women when they lost their positions, I mean if you go for beauty only don't the slaves/servants look better?

don't question the logic surrounding the 5 faggots

Mylene best girl.

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Being attracted to an onee-san and a milf means that you are a "family man" if you catch my drift.

They are still nobles.
Disinherited doesn't mean they got turned into commoners, and they can always regain status through accomplishments just like Leon did.

but aren't they like under Marie's thumb? why would a girl want that for herself? or were the coliseum oaths only heard by Leon?

whats his name???? i want to see more of cute queen

do the girl who buy their services, also hope to marry them? otherwise it makes little sense to not just use a slave..

>but aren't they like under Marie's thumb?
Julius was engaged to Angelica and that didn't stop the sluts from fawning over him?

Here his twitter account


you're a god bro

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Angelica, but Marie's much lower in status

Is this little Ishida Akira robot got a lot of screen time or not? I want to watch this show for Akira.

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you want a woman that will pamper you

Luxion is pretty much the deuteragonist of the series, so yes he has plenty of screen time.

they are

livia is hot, u gay?

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Nice. Thanks, user.

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Clarice spoils that image.

you have based taste

He's in every episode. And the best boy.

Not in every episode, he didn't appear in episode 6 (since Leon was never alone and there was no need for him to speak).
But yes, he's the best boy.

What's the best way to even read this shit? I noticed that the official is only like 6 volumes

Official. There is a fan translation, but it is just edited MTL. Official translation will be at volume 8 by the end of the year.

meh, the mtl is fine. it's a little jarring when you switch at first but it's not unreadable

How can one girl be so best? She completely stole the show



What was Marie thinking after losing the duel(aside from "muh life of luxury")?

I mean, some random mob just derailed her plans and what she knew about the game.
Isn't she suspicious or worried about the course that the game seeting is taking with these changes?

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She was very mad at the mob.

So will Ann join the harem or is she already considered a part of it?
Ghost blowjob!

>Isn't she suspicious or worried about the course that the game seeting is taking with these changes?

The problem is Marie doesn't know the full story. Leon beat the game, 100% and unlocked everything. She never could make it past the combat, so after leon died, she basically just watched the events/custscenes, which gave gist of things, and she was able to figure most things out, but she's missing vital details. She's also trying to speed run things, and rush to the end while again not knowing certain details.

she hasn't appeared in the Main Story and probably never appear since it's implied Marie stopped her attempt at possess her the same way she did in Marie's route, aka showing the spirit just how much of a brocon she is, thus her spirit is now either sealed again or outright purged from the saint items

I would be ok with it in marie route alone.
Having a waifu that scares the shit out of you is a great niche.

Probably for the best.

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Excellent taste, fellow hag-lover.

Be honest, could you have done it better than Leon?

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She did appear but only briefly to protect Marie from the last boss' main cannon

They aren't. Noel is a grade S SOBBING BITCH and Luiese is a massive obsessed degenerate shotacon. Angie and Olivia Alpha woman.

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so we are getting beach episode?

Do you think she has her own gravitational pull?

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mc is gigachad

>terrified of sex and marriage
>literally all of his success comes from cheatbot
>only chad moves he's ever done were accidental
Literally (You) would have done better than him.

Probably not, but we can still hope.

MC feels like a literally me character but based.

He's actually pretty strong without Luxion, he just pretends to be weaker than he actually is.