Friendly Precure

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Alluring shoulders

tropical friends, what happened?

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Lack of findom.

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Do you want people to blame the show, the products, world economic factors, cause that's the replies you will get. But nobody here will give you the answer you truely want.

covid + little girls spending time twerking on tiktok instead of watching mahou shoujo kino like TR + recession + DP being a bad and boring show for babies

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Let's not start that again when DP was the best selling thing in 2021

>little girls spending time twerking on tiktok instead of watching mahou shoujo kino like TR
But TR had twerking? It seems like it would line up with their interests.

I guess this means it should have had even more twerking


DP did worse than TR's first quarter (2020 Q4), are you lacking in math?

DP had a scheduling disruption due to the Toei hack, are you lacking in knowledge?

So did HG. That's no excuse.

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Youre lacking braincells because I said 2021 not Tropical Rouge

>complaining about a little girls’ show actually appealing to little girls instead of 40 year old male nerds
Your otaku season was bad and you should feel bad.

Are you retarded? The "DP results" are Q4 2021, TR's equivalent would be Q4 2020, which is higher than Q4 2021. DP is objectively performing worse than TR did in the same time frame.
Only the first 3 months of 2022 are counted. Unless you think all kids wait til the end of March to ask for toys then DP has no excuse for this performance.

Literally braindead retarded DPturds don't even understand math. It looks like this:
12 20+16+18+10=*64億  21+16+18+10=*65億  Go!プリンセスプリキュア
13 22+16+20+13=*71億  23+16+20+13=*72億  魔法つかいプリキュア!
14 26+18+20+16=*80億  26+18+20+16=*80億  キラキラプリキュアアラモード
15 27+25+26+20=*98億  27+25+27+21=100億  HUGっと!プリキュア
16 30+23+22+13=*88億  30+23+23+13=*89億  スタートゥインクルプリキュア
17 25+18+15+11=*69億  25+18+15+11=*69億  ヒーリングっどプリキュア
18 22+16+14+*7=*59億  22+16+15+*7=*60億  トロピカル~ジュ!プリキュア
19 20+**+**+**=***億  20+**+**+**=***億  デリシャスパーティプリキュア

DP has the lowest 1st quarter numbers since GoPri. You can bring up the hack as a excuse, but don't pretend the numbers are remotely good.

This is amazing.

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You had two topics to choose from from the end of the past thread, and despite the choice being blatantly simple you somehow manage to choose salesposting over pedoposting

Shame on you

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Listen I like aguri and ako too but stop that.

hmmmmm, I don't know

I unironically blame the art style. These designs feel like a Precure chinese parody instead of something made with gusto

Cure and Spicy

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where are all the retards that said that dp was going to sell better than tr and be kino and whatever the fuck now?

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They're the ones shitposting about sales now because it was just a falseflag.

>Precure chinese parody
Thank god it's not that bad yet.

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DP has sold as much as GoPri so far which means that because GoPri was kino DP is kino too.

Probably laughing because you're still thinking about them

Hugtto is one of my favorite post-HaCha casts.

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Based on your ebin chart TR was a dumpster so DP can still overtake it.

Why don't you like Emiru? She is a good girl.

DP can easily sell better than TR. TR's pitiful Q3 is what put it way behind Healin Good, if DP avoids falling down to single digits TR will be beaten easy

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That's a good one

Too bad DP is boring as fuck and WILL be the worst-selling Precure of ALL TIME then.

DP is KINO and WILL sell BUNDLES leaving FLOPICAL SNOOZE in the DUST and as the WORST-SELLING Precure of ALL TIME.

get an actual hobby loser.

I would rather my hobby stop being plagued with bad writing

Are you an ironic lolicon or something?

Can we foreheadpost?

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>TR 3Q
What the fuck happened?

Kids weren't interested in the toy being sold at that point

>Kid unironically liked the castle more.

Cute and canon

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When DP sales are coming?



Is it sad that PriMagi is completely, unironically, FAR more enjoyable than this year's Precure?

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It's not.

TR was better and I like DP more, but it's still fun nevertheless.

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Primagi has been terrible so far.

I'll give you training camp Namek but everything after has been great.

Those are DP's sales.

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Oh shit, lowest ever.

>looks at the sales numbers!!!
why can't we ever get rid of these retards

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>Sales doesn't matter!
>Declining animation quality doesn't matter!
>Precure bleeding more and more staff doesn't matter!
>All seasons are equally good!
>Except Doki, we have to keep calling it shit so our favorite new bad seasons have a safety net.

stop talking about yourself for attention and get a real hobby retard.

this is my first post in this thread
I just think salesfags are retards

But /pc/ told me DP was going to beat Flopical Rouge because it had more tweets made during episode 1 airing???

fuck off

Telling me to fuck off won't unflop DP

Basically DP is just really fucking boring
I know.... UGH I know.....
I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's just that it's really fucking boring is all HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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What if I told you Doki was my favorite new bad season?

I'm sure the DP fans will come up with some bullshit excuse as for why it's not a flop. Just like the TR and HG fans did.

fuck off.

I thought Doki's final was hilarious.

I thought it was fucking amazing, Mana da bes!