Love Live!

New girls are here

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Are they gay?

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Mei's pupils are very interesting. Is she a werewolf or a kitsune?

Who asked for this?

People should have expected that Liella would be 9 eventually. This is not much of a surprise

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Alright, but where is Sunny Passion's new member?

where's your epic crossover posts?

do you really need to ask?

Dunno why people are having a problem with this, it's the usual build up to a group of nine thing, just done over 2 seasons this time

new girls makes me yawning

Let's be real, people having a problem with this are going to end up conveniently having amnesia once they see how cute Shiki is animated. And they know it.

How will they make a star with 9 people? Star has 5 points.

They can't. Liella was supposed to be 5 girl squad and they broke it

Say something nice to the 4 new Liella seiyuu!

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I want to see them next to Liyuu

People are complaining that it will cut characters interactions which were one of the points SS was different from the other series, which is fair... but at same time I find hard to believe they would be able to do write decent episodes with the same characters for a whole season.

Though... it kinda feels shitty that they weren't able to win with 5 people, so they winning by just adding new cast members... kinda feels like they aren't really winning because they are working harder or smarter... they just found new talent and that was it.

I don’t know what’s supposed to be going on here, other than proving that Sakura looks great with any hair color.

They were all nice enough not to outdo any of the existing ones in the looks department?
I’ll make up my mind about them after hearing their character introductions.

Whatever you say, chief

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Sharky-pa ate her.

Shiki is my worst girl for now
Adding more members was unnecessary and something nobody asked for. I'm not against it, but they should have introduced them in a better way

Liella at this point just seems to be running through what made other gens successful as fast as possible (Snow Halation moment, adding new girls a la Niji, 3D PV like Aqours). It just doesn't have that same environment like Aqours or Niji did when they were first introduced.

Yeah, but they've been saying that all along, the original duo were good, they kept getting better as they added more members but still weren't quite good enough

>what made other gens successful
>adding new girls a la Niji
Anyway, I don't feel it's about imitating but about keeping running longer by starting only with first years. After that, adding new club members next season is just obvious.

Calling it now, these blonde creatures of the abyss are gonna have the most amusing interactions.

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I felt that Sumire's drama was too similar to Rin's

Blonde girls confirmed best again

I'd say Sumire's story was closer to Nico's

What the freak are you talking about? If your basketball or football team doesn't do well for the season are you going to say it will be cheating to sign new talent?

Like this?

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Sumire's story makes zero sense, why would someone as beautiful as her not be the stacy of her group and instead is treated so badly by everyone? Including and especially the Liella girls? This is why her character archtype is usually the most popular of all the previous gens but she is not popular at all. Everyone knows that she's a fraud and walking plothole.

That's called subverting a trope

Adding girls in niji is a lot more sense as they are more like solo idols rather than a group. It was gradual process and they were introduced in much better way. Whereas everything in liella just seem to be rushed and like a last minutes decision.

Fuck off retard

It's called boooooorrrrring

Blonde girl has ugly mini fringe

Why are they bottomless

Kanon and Keke are just insanely popular and she's not as unpopular as Ren or Chisato.She's fine

This is the important question

Blonde is kinda ugly.

Of course not, but they are characters we have followed for a whole season, working hard and failed to reach their dream, so it is kinda sad that it just wasn't enough, meanwhile the winners were a group of two idols, who most likely will continue being two in the new season too.

Being a blatant attentionwhore puts people off.
What Liella did to her is not as bad as you thought it might be.
Why do you even care about how popular she is?

Sumire is just Keke love interest and Keke is the real MC.

Yeah well Aqours got BTFO by Saint Snow and were carried by the third years for much of the anime so it's not totally unprecedented.

>make a big deal it was only 5 girls for liela
>now add another 4 for no reason
It's a shit addition and betrays the fans.

>I assumed retarded shit that no official source ever stated and now I'm butthurt they didn't stay true to my expectations
Sounds like a you problem.

This is pretty funny because liellafags used to brought this shit up about how their group is unique and all that just because they only had 5 girls
>look guys a 5 girls squad, totally original fuck other gens too btw how will they ever compete
>what? they added 4 more? nooooooooo but i guess it's a love live after all : )
I hate liellafags so much it's unreal.

Me. You're welcome.

>make a big deal it was only 5 girls for liela
They never did that

Honestly it's so fucking stupid, as if changing the number of members is a meaningful difference. Aqours losing the school despite winning LL is a more relevant difference than the number of members. Even for Liella you could claim that Kanon breaks the mold of the orange leader and that's more meaningful than having 5 members, but people keeps demanding deepness out of a fucking idol franchise when they aren't even able to appreciate it. I'm not even saying it to insult Love Live, I like it, but I'm not deluded about it, it's a series about cute girls singing and dancing with a big corporation trying to squeeze more money behind it, if you want experimental stuff go read untranslated manga or something, instead of pretending that a change on the number of members makes some meaningful difference. Having no one interested in joining Liella on the new school year would be ridiculous, they aren't even underdogs anymore, they placed 2nd on their district in their first year and only lost again the champion, it wouldn't be weird if some people signed up for Yuigaoka to join them.

This pic is going to get so memed

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>Sumire's story makes zero sense, why would someone as beautiful as her not be the stacy of her group and instead is treated so badly by everyone?
Isopod hands wrote this post.
The entire point of her character is that she's naturally gifted but has 0 in-universe charisma. She's not outwardly humble and is initially dismissive of anything and anyone

Whats going on? Is she embarrassed to go into an idol goods store?

kind of, but she's a big liella simp


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Ships ranking on pixiv

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>dat pic
hearty kek!
Need more Kurobanes

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People still give a shit about new Love Lives? I loved gen1, watched Sunshine which was already a shameless rehash with the characters mostly being mixups of gen1 girls gimmicks. Started gen3 and just couldn't be bothered to keep watching, how many times are they gonna rehash the same old patterns and generic tropes..

>how many times are they gonna do this
For as long as weeb are willing to pay up.