100 kanojo / 100 girlfriends 97 Raw

Sports Festival. If someone would like to dump, I would appreciate it.


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Saved a bad resolution again by accident.

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Looks like a very fun chapter

What even is this chapter?

Oh hey, it’s the handkerchief that Rentarou got for Mei as a potential present for Hahari back during their date together, nice call back.

I'll dump then

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Who will be the one that falls for rentarou

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Wow Uto is flat

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been a while since i've read this, how many gfs are we at currently?

Poor Mimimi, she doesn’t realize that showing your effort through your face is beautiful in its own way.

Based baba,seems like a fun arc, even dad squad participating.Now we wait for gooks and mtl-user

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Already at 19

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La creahkotura...

3 chapters till 100...

Honestly, never thought we will made it thus far.

It will be a miracle if we actually go to the 100 gf

almost forget about new ch after a break. so sakura district vs kiraisugi district athletics meet ch huh.

Brown gf when?

Lolibaba sure has some skills,learned them during war?

Ahko, my queen

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Young Jump thread doko?

>still no crab gf

I'm curious how Hahari, Naddy, and Hiro are all participating. Is it meant to be a class + family participation thing?

It's a four-town thing open to the general citizens. Each team represents a town.

Seems like it's a "parents can participate too if they want" event since Hahari, Uncle Hiro and Papasuri are participating. That doesn't explain how Naddy, Mei and Yaku are participating though

its not school fest, its city atlantic fest.

What will the next GF be like?

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>20th gf
>100th chapter

I trust in the madmen to deliver a gf that is deserving of those milestones
Also reminder that Mimimi was the 10th gf

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God Mei is so beautiful.

Who's this bozo?

>gf thread

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anime announcement, merch shill chapter, or chapter promoting the anime for the 100th chapter?

Gooks onegai

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I'm expecting some sort of multi-zing arc. Out of the romcoms in YJ, fucking Kubo is the one getting an anime so we'll probably have to wait some more before that happens

Gooks have forsaken us

What do you call this type of outfit

why did nips ban bloomers?

Blessed airbags return!

Damn, bro, your son-in-law is nineteen-timing your daughter AND your mom

Papasuri is scary

how is this trash still not axed

you ask that every thread

Because I keep buying this shit
How do I stop consoooooooming bros?