Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

The series returns from the break with a new chapter. Dumping the raw pages now.

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Hell yeah

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are they quitting?

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what a little shit

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So what's going on here?

He's basically telling them off about having it easy.

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Dam he mad

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And so, Tean Agares is out.
End of chapter.

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Alright, so we goin at a decent clip again.

I wonder if the other teachers are still involved or if it's just Kalego and Balam hunting down the remaining students.

Here's the current status, updated.

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Thanks for the dump. Sounds dumb, but Balam and Kalego are really there to wipeout the remaining Misfits. With Kalego was expected since he faced teams we already saw in action, but we barely saw any of Agares.

Jazz evolving his kouhai from eggs to Phoenix will win this match

>ywn hang out with the Misfits
why live

To watch Iruma becoming the Demon King

good point

I honestly don't think that Garp got offscreened. It just seems like it would be mean.

Wow Bane sensei really did crash this plane with no survivors

Here's the cover for the 27th volume.
It will release on June 8th.

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I guess the cloud can change sizes? I think this is the smallest we've seen it

Oh, I didn't read the side text but it mentions a new teacher in the fray next issue.

Huh that was fast
Didn't volume 26 come out earlier this year?

Yes, last month.

>Arrowed and Darted by Robin and Lucky Sensei
>outplayed by Atori
>Gunned down by Suzy
>CLAW'ED by Kalego
>ZAPP'ED by Morax
>Crashed by Bane-Sensei
What's next boys?

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Are there even bigger guns than kalego and bane? Unless the old pervert teacher and moira(the other smart teacher) are stronger

Well all bitching aside I think volume 27 looks great

Looks like we got ourselves a charmer

Nah, I believe they are the only rank 8s at the school.

We have no idea what he's capable of
Or maybe one of the teachers we saw at the teacher's dorm chapter
Honestly after Ifrit-sensei everything is up in the air

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I believe in Jazz and his eggs

Agares based???

I think the big part of the exam ended with S.O.S. so those who managed to not be detected by the teachers or succeded in their fights are good, now kallego and balam ate cleaning up for extra cerdits.

Can't wait for some egg action.

Doing these quick now, huh?

There isn't much you can realistically do when ambushed by a rank 8 demon, the fact that they even managed to fight back a little is surprising.

Well you also have to remember that it's been 26 chapters already and I have the feeling that Nishi wants to get a move on.
Remember that we still have to worry about Shiida and Atori and Amelie's relationship with Iruma since he could finally reach Rank six now
But seriously I want more Six Finger plot already
>catpcha KRNTR

Honestly what's more exciting is that Allocer is gonna get his long awaited development, that asshole

Jazz will win maybe iruma as well due to timely summoning of kalego

Who do you think will rank up?
i have never seen allocer in action.
jazz is the meme pick
alice is the most likely to rank up.
i have no faith in sabnock(sorry bud)
i hope Lied doesnt rank down for getting instagibbed twice.
Iruma's rankup depends on the meta.On one hand its been several chapters since his last rankup. On the other hand, if he does rank up that marks this as the end of the halfway point of the manga, as only Ameri will have a similar rank. Kalego and Balam are 8. Grandpa+friends are rank 9 or 10 probably.

Iruma has to rank up
He just has to
Same with Alice, Sabro, and Camui

He's not ranking up. his balloons popped.

I'm not too fond of too long arcs, the harvest festival went imho on for too long. It's more fun with shorter arcs. Though at least it's not boring I guess.

>several chapters since his last rankup.
But in-universe, those chapters were a 13-days holiday and a bunch of one-off chapters (like Jazz familiar) in which Iruma didn't do much during those chapters. For Evidol Games they don't know Irumi is Iruma.

On one hand, I don't mind Iruma ranking up, but on the other, he's too OP if he ranks up too soon. People expect him to rank up but desu I'm not that excited to see that this soon.
I get that there's satisfaction when what you expected happens but when a story becomes predictable it's... meh.
Unless Nishi pull another Undead Archer Iruma (we all expect Iruma will job Robin but the way Nishi presents it was so cool that I don't mind)

>I'm not that excited to see that this soon.
Same, I think everyone just preserves their ranks and if anyone ranks up it's Alice purely because he has been slept on too long.

I'm guessing that at this point, school will only raise your ranks to a certain hight, probably 7 or 8. After that you're going to start to need to do something on a demon-world stage such as defeating a rebellious cult who want to go back to basics. Even then, level 7+ may have other rank-up requirements within the school itself, such as all the teachers have to sign off on it.

Name's literally Incu.

Stop the rankups. We’re moving too quickly. I don’t think the Misfits should be matching the teachers at least until the second half of the story.

Of course, we have no idea where we are in the story. I don’t think the author knows either. I think it’s extremely unlikely we’re going to proceed through all six years at this pace. If I’m guessing wildly, we’re 40% through and there will be a 2-3 year time jump.

>Chapter 251 - Taking it easy.

>Found you~!

>You can hide, but you can't run!

>A teacher!!


Do I start this series with the anime or the manga?






Making me think Az’s bloodline ability might not be charming/controlling others. He made such a big deal about hiding it while this guy is just using it normally. Could be something similar, but more dark or maybe humiliating for him




>The worst possible person found us.

>We'll have to fight back and then make a run for it.

>Got any good magic up your sleeve?


>No way.


>This is all too fast. I can't keep up.

>I told you already.
>We're not about that life. We can't fight.

>I know!

>Let's just give him this balloon!

>It's totally better than getting hurt.

>It's easier this way!