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>Yuri smiling in the corner

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Ah I forget, what's the name of that blondie next to Tomoko?
Yuri's smile looks natural now.
Oh God Tomoko-style Asuka looks, uhhh, fascinating.

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Hurry up googled user

>dat Komi
Holy FUCK my heart.
I'm in love.

Yuri looking like original Yuri again.

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It's over. Yuri won.

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Holy shit look at that bottom panel.

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The dump hasn't even finished yet but this chapter is already fucking great.

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Asuka looks like she took weed for method acting

Next chapter comes out on May 26

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I'm EARLY! And I see an unfamiliar face plus a smiling Yuri on the cover. This is gonna be a good one.

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Komishit evolve to komigod

Darn, it felt so short, like it needed more pages showing the characters trying to act for their roles with their new looks

Being Akari is suffering.
>another 2 weeks

how many chapters do you think we have left?

>>C.204 Almost to the Cultural Festival
The end of Watamotte and the beginning of World War III is near.

Fucking kek.

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I'd say at the earliest Watamote will end in 2024. AT THE EARLIEST. Possibly later.
Thanks for the dump, friend.
Thanks for the manga, Nico-sensei.
And as always, thanks W3.

>She is HERE

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That blondie is Miho.


The plans for the 3-6 festival, where Miho and Fuuka are supposed to be, and their involvement with the Tomoko film are still unknown in the canon.

8 9

>Komi "ああもういいんだ今年は"
The metaphor is that NT has already given up on Lotte in Japan this year because of the losing streak.

Vulgar expressions for taking a dump

She looks like Chibiusa from Sailor Moon.

ruby やってるとこ

so 2 more fucking years? how long will this author milk this manga

>how long will this author milk this manga
Don't blame them, every other attempts they've made for another manga was given the axe, in most cases unjustly. I still want my comfy Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shoujo chapters dammit ;_;
>Even Komi has given up on Lotte
I don't follow Jap baseball but it's probably in reference to the Lottes performing poorly recently.

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>you shall witness true horror, now cum

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Who is unfamiliar?

Tomoko is missing her horn

Anons, I chalenge you to find Ucchi in this picture

Does this chapter have gay stuff?

>smiling Yuri
Emojibros... how can we still win the mojobowl?

It's engulfed by Miho.

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Yep. They’re bottom in the rankings even though they got a superstar rookie pitcher

>Next chapter comes out on May 26
Miho I suppose, I've never seen her face that detailed before. Honestly thought she more closely resembled stacey-moko than Miho.

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Heed my words. I am Kato, bane of mojyos and I have never known rejection.

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incest ending?

Shit, was that only ten pages? It felt like 20.

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By the will of the gods, what manner of deviltry is this?!


Tomoko looks like one of Onio's girls in that page...

Technically, their last manga was the only one outright cancelled, which pissed off Ikko. That was the masturbation study club manga.

The others simply ran their course and ended gracefully after failing to generate much heat.

STOP THAT, it's inhumane

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TL: pastebin.com/5EnJJPFi

My birthday wish is that Koto's trumpet be protected from all unsanitary fluids.

>you shall experience true climax management, now SCREAM

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I mean Ito's trumpet, fuck.

your messing with me, there is no Ucchi!

You are playing with things you don't understand. Turn back now.

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I want to cum inside Itou's trumpet and then watch her play it. (Need a close up of itou's new hair style)

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Thanks Googled user!
Anyway, trumpetanon semen is not an unsanitary fluid.

If Miho wanted Tomoko I don't think anyone, even Asuka or Yuu, could stop her.

That assumes Miho would go after Tomoko

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There were pages to devoted to Tomoki and Ucchi so not exactly.

Bottom looks like an AU spinoff that the author is definitely going to write as a joke later on.