One Piece

Don't give it up Luffy
Don't give it up Zoro
Don't give it up Kaid- oh no no no...

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When I was "YAMATO" you say "JOINING!"

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That little oden slut is not joining

What pokemon would your favorite character have?

Joining Ace in the afterlife.

How would you have gotten out of this situation?

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I'd climb inside her asshole

Why do people listen to this guy again?
Why is it supposed to be impressive that he predicted Big Mom was going to Wano when she said so herself?

>Luffy will defeat Jack!
>Ace was a Beast Pirate!
>Killer will get killed in his fight!
>Kaido had the Koi fruit and awakened it into a dragon!
>Kanjuro's painting of Oden is Tama's teapot!
>Luffy will get rescued from drowning by the carp instead of Law's submarine!
>Ushimaru is Zoro's dad, and Admiral Green Bull, and also Fuga!
>Zunesha is pluton!
>Yamato has the byakko fruit!
>CP0 will not intervene in Luffy's fight with Kaido!
>Carrot is turning out to be super fucking relevant during Onigashima, she is inseparable from the SHs and will most likely join!
>Inu and Neko have huge death flags and they will die! Second tragedy for Carrot before she joins!
>Smoker will join Jesusffy!
>Smoker and Tashigi will be extremely relevant for Wano!
>Jinbe will fucking die, he has death flags, he is not Straw Hat material!
>Pound's death was the best thing ever!
>It's likely Blackbeard is the one invading WCI!
>Onigashima will drop on the capital on chapter 1037! It means heavenly disaster and Yuderon said so!

>The raid will fail!

I don't get it.

as a based /ss/ enjoyer, I would just let it happen to me

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The raid WILL fail.
Lufyy WILL lose again.
Wano WILL have an Act 4 and 5.


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At this point I am confident she's not joining
I look forward to seeing you fags get BTFOd

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Easy for you to say Cricket, you got a free Hercules beetle

I miss him bros

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>jobs and fails his mission
Blackbeard pirates truly are weak.

Friendly reminder

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nice, artist?

That's why they act like true pirates and take their chances. No PUNCH HARDER bullshit.

Are you blind?


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You're in.

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How big is it?

Don't worry he'll come back and kick Sanji's ass

apparently, just assumed that was part of her multi-colored hair i guess

Dam user, be carefull not filling your hard drive with that one.

You're in mine too

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I will be posting mine, while you will kneel and delete yours.

I do not have a folder of posters from an anime board as I am not mindbroken or a faggot

Rename that to "Yamatochad victory folder".

At this point Yamato winning/losing is gonna cause a bigger meltdown than the SnK ending
Anons are way too invested in it

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Yamato! get back to learning how singing like your ancestors! HRRRRRM AAAAARHHHHOOOO

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Carrotfags are doomed to smoke all the grass on their gardens with how much they will have to cope after she boards the Zunesha taxi.

I have no need for a folder like that since all of you (me) are merely figments of my imagination. YWNBR

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Top 3 fight for me.
After Luffy vs Bleuno and Luffy vs Crocodile 2.

IMAGINE being so obsessed with Yamato that

It's so funny that as soon as it became clear Kaido was on his last legs, Yamatofag spamming grew exponentially because there was actually a good chance she wouldn't join

Just for that, I will make more of me (You).

I don't see any connection between the two, what are you talking about?


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>Mfw I don't care and will laugh my ass off as the shitstorm whatever happen

Kaido losing is a prerequisite for her joining, retard.

(You) (me) will never be me (You).

Any pirate scum here...?

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This post was me.


>no mention of Yamato panels in the spoilers

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>Why do people listen to this guy again?
because they're dumb secondaries who jumped ship to one piece when naruto/bleach/AOT ended
one piece theories are supposed to be mind-blowing, yet tongue-in-cheek, like redon does em

I'm scared of what the one piece fandom will be like when MHA ends and all the retards from that start reading the latest arc without having read anything before because "waaaah it's too long waaaaah I just want to shitpost about the latest thing"

All me btw.

So does Nami

No I wasn’t

Who are more annoying? Zorofags or Yamatofags?

just us cute Wanonese transwomen here.

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kaido lost and the raid succeeded

go home, sakazuki
you're a literal dog and the gorosei won't even let you in on the most basic info

There would be no Yamatofags if denialfags admitted she was joining.

The Raid WILL Succeed
Luffy WILL Win
Wano WILL be saved because of a party Luffy remembered after doing something truly romantic


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>Kaido lost
Dropped, he should've enslaved and raped every Wano citizen and then make sure they don't ever reproduce by killing the byproduct of the rape.

Remove the trannybangs and kiku immediately loses 80% of “her” fanbase


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she is still cute bald

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Yamato? Joining
Me? Rejoicing
You? Seething


Do people actually self insert as Orochi?

yamato, carrot, AND jinbe will all be strawhats after this arc, and you're a moron if you haven't realized this yet

pretty sure she would be cute no matter the hairstyle

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>he doesn't know akainu will soon overthrow the gorosei

Does this mean that the arc is finally over? Juano Cunny is absolutely awful. Have themes about food and starvation, but Sanjay is never used in that department, instead he exist in the arc to fodderize to a literally who Spider Bitch. Have multiple mythical Zoans and Chopper is useless in that department. Have a scientist Cyborg who is a member of MADS, connected to Vegapunk and manages factories, and Franky is useless in that department. Don't even get me started on Zolo and Usopp. And it really took 150 chapters of this garbage to defeat Koidou.

So you have all this potential to focus on the SH's, but instead you introduce and flesh out a bunch of literally who's who will only exist in this arc and this arc only? Whole Kino Island absolutely towers above this repugnant, dogshit saga. 5 years for this shit? Oh wait, we also get a new Straw Hat who serves as literal shipbait/powerwankbait/trannybait.

4/10 arc at FUCKING BEST. Even Dressrosa was better than this garbage and had better utilization of the SHs.

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