Carla has nice collarbones

Carla has nice collarbones.

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Carla's (dark elf, female, 72歳) apron sugata.

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What kind of mean things would she spout while getting gangbanged by a pack of orcs.

Damn female healer!

Carla, virtually naked, among mushrooms.

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Carla's apron sugata, manga version.

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Carla horizontally.

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Carla in the current year.

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Carla as a cat.

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Carla in a chair.

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Carla as a creased magical girl.

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Carla's expressions.

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Carla's sundress.

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Carla is wearing sukumizu.

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so is she an all knowing maou protecting Alvin from all actual dangers or just a powerful dork with comedic timing?

Carla's chic threads.

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Carla Most Distinguished.

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Is this good or It just has some occasional cute dark elf moments?

Fine. I will watch your anime.

not op for me the newer episodes are a step up from the first ep, which will probably put viewers off

if they keep a good pace between the scenes its good, if they linger on too much it gets annoying, but the newer episodes are better in general.

Who is Carla?

It's good if you like the kind of hammy self-aware comedy that constantly folds itself over with intentional corny gags, bad puns, and long conversational tangents.

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Carla's studied tehepero.

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The elf isn't funny and deserves rape.

Carla has experienced satori.

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Those are rafflesia, not mushrooms.

Carla among a mushroom.

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Sounds like something a dwarf would say.

"Is this what you got? Even a limp dick like Alvin could have done a better job than all of you."

Hey does this give you a boner?

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Carla with a bucket.

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Carla with no pants.

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Carla listening for the plaudits of viewers and critics.

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I want to obliterate her asshole.

Rape the elf.

I bet Carla has nice bones in general

Is the last episode going to reveal the elf didn't actually curse the hero and she's just a huge autist?

I dropped it after 3 episodes. The healer really is a pain. I didn't particularly enjoy the humour and Carla needs rape correction.

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Is there mahou shoujo anime on par with Carla?

>she isn't actually a dark elf but a tanned one
When are they're going to reveal this?

what is it with flat women and collarbones?

very sensual, user.

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Emotionless sex is overrated.
Half-assed insults and mildly annoying behavior is where it's at.
Like a perfectly mistimed yawn.

Why do the lines on the sides of her eyes make me fall in love with her so hard?

kuso healer

She's over 70 and you're into gmilfs.

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Healthy thighs.

Cuteness increased by 400%


Name 1 funny joke from this show.

The entire world seems pretty harmless and friendly so far, no need for special protection.

What? You wan't me to explain jokes to you?
You can't be THAT dumb, user.

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I wouldn't call the witch harmless. She wanted to use elf as an "ingredient". Not that I wouldn't do the same...

she's so unattractive

why do I have a boner?

How come she can't wink properly?

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Even a fag like you can have good taste once in a while.

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