ITT anime that made you a better person

ITT anime that made you a better person

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>low level entertainment garbage that made you a better person
geez you must've been in a really awful state to be improved by watching a facking cartoon

Indeed, that anime made me fall asleep and realize I shouldn't watch boring junk.

Imagine pretending to be cool on Yea Forums of all places.

Can't think of any. I watch (used to watch) anime for escapism, not to reflect upon myself and try to become a better person.

Tryhard Retard.

i dunno dbz used to get me so pumped that i started working out for the first time in my life. artistically working out to get stronger through training like goku

>grew up with a girl and we really loved each other for much of our middle school lives
>distance tore us apart
>she set the bar so high i couldn't get go
>still think about her despite never seeing each other for many years after
>eventually moved on and found an anime loving weeb girl who I'm currently with

personally i am very grateful for the movie

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I used to hate children, but now I lik little girls.

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wonder how many became organ donors after watching this

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Where does one an anime loving weeb girl nowadays?

This. I watch anime to escape my shitty reality.


I don't know, nothing hit me like TTGL did. Maybe Samurai Champloo and NHK, but this was the peak.

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Well it was a manga, but Berserk really did open my mind up to a new way of thinking about things. That said, I would never have read Berserk if I was not aware of the old anime first. I remember being surprised that the manga was so highly regarded. I scoffed at the idea of reading it because the show was so dumb, but I got hooked. Reading Gantz kind of did the same thing for me too, but I heard about the anime first and I think I might have liked the anime so much I had to read Gantz. But Berserk really made an impression on me more than any other media. It permanently removed the christian world view that was polluting my mind, which sounds edgy. But all it means is that I'm slightly less judgemental/arrogant than I used to be, and now I can at least see how other people think and justify their actions even if I find them abhorrent.

Who the fuck would harvest forever unwashed, disease ridden 300+ pounds weighting weeb lard balls' organs?


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Watching The Tatami Galaxy before entering college was the best thing that could have happened to me.

>'just bee urself'

Slime 300 came along at the right time for me. I was in a very dark place with the whole world going insane during the lockdowns. The show and LNs mellowed me out, even if was only escapism.

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Not anime, but Onani Master Kurosawa hits hard about "stop fapping and go outside"

Somehow I've watched Tatami Galaxy countless times and still refuse to join any circles in college.

am i a better person now? i think i am but who knows, and regarding your question its hard to pin in down to one anime many shows over the years have changed me in various way

none. many people are born in holes they can't crawl out of.

He was my inspiration for working out in gym when I was in middleschool.

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Tatami Galaxy
Ousama Ranking
Gatchaman Crowds
Concrete Revolutio


i think utena, logh, rakugo, hxh, and tatami galaxy dont belong.

Your childhood friend is a whore who got turned out and sucked and fucked her way all through adolescence deep into adulthood and I hope your "weeb girlfriend" dies in a car accident.

wtf based ??????

every anime I watch has been turning me into a progressively worse person and I love it

I don't want to watch some pretentious bullshit about how the best way forward in life is embracing cuckoldry and normalfaggotry.

I'd rather watch a show about how to kill normalfaggots and whores.


>even if I find them abhorrent
Doesn't sound like you changed from the christian worldview. It just sounds like high school and puberty.
You burgers are funny.

It's very pretentious, while having no real substance beyond what a drunk fratbro could give you for life advice. That's why it lasts so long, beyond the waifufaggotry.

>made you a better person

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It is not pretentious at all. People are just brainlets and obsessed over the plot rather than the psychological themes of the story. The plot was obviously always meant to be really obscure and not understood by the audience beyond the basic elements as it takes a backseat to the character development. People only think it's pretentious due to idiots rambling about how some kabbalistic bullshit flashes in X episode which obviously means Y if you're familiar with Z. It was always just "deep" in the sense that it explores characters and psychology really well, but it got diluted by people saying its deep due to some stupid plot-related theory from Evageeks.

Go to r/edgy or something

t. didnt got it

trying a bit too hard newfriend

based newchad


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>shitkai """movies"""
Kill yourself right this moment, nigger troon

Not anime, but Punpun really did something to me back when I was fresh out of highschool.
I wonder which director would be based enough to take on adapting it.

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Anime made me a pedophile, does it count?

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Dragon Ball always makes me feel like working out, does that count?

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Berserk made me value friends more.
Kenichi is a main reason why I started practicing hand-to-hand for a first time in my thirties.

Oreimo and Yosuga no Sora.

Perfect Blue isn't pretentious though, it's just schizo idols' bizzare adventure.

What have you ever done that makes you think you're a better person?

That episode of digimon where tai was talking about how he got kari really sick made me think about how an older brother is supposed to act

How did these help?

unironically soul eater just because of black star

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I have no reservations about wanting to fucking my sister now!

Unironically a good list

This .

Oddly enough, this rarely mentioned show. The show itself, and the discussion threads on Yea Forums that made me, hopefully, less bigoted than I was.

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