Why are magical girls so gay?

Why are magical girls so gay?

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The primary audience for mahou shoujo changed from actual little girls to young men and creepy middle-aged adults, who want shows full of cute girls to obsess over without some dude they can't self-insert into messing it all up. Yuribait sells because these people want to see the cute girls from their favorite shows doing lewd things but still don't want to see a male who might make them feel inferior involved in the whole thing.

They have to be

>in a mahou shoujo but not magic

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>creepy middle-aged adults
yep, that"s me, and it works

"Yuribait" sells because waifufags, who are a far larger audience than yurifags, convince themselves that the girls aren't gay. But it turns out that a large majority of the writers who create these kinds of stories already enjoy yuri at some level. These elements would be present regardless. Editors aren't adding some light yuri to their works in the hopes that they get a small portion of yurifags to buy it. If they really wanted their work to sell, they would add a male protagonist/love interest and see it sell 5x as much.

And the funny thing is that waifufags create words like yuribait to describe how they believe yurifags are the ones being cynically manipulated by creators when it's been the complete opposite for the last 15 years.

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Ah yeah, it's the
>you see, the girls are gay because you know, the author once drawn a doujin with gay girls, yeah
user. Hello.

>Daddy issues meet femcel
Gee, I wonder why.

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Isn't there a meme out there that says most yurifags don't understand the difference between normal female friendship and romance? So why would you think that creators who are yurifags are any different? If you don't believe female friendship exists, how exactly are you going to write it?

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>The primary audience for mahou shoujo changed from actual little girls to young men and creepy middle-aged adults
But Cutie Honey is old as fuck, and Cutie was gay as hell.
There was also plenty of gay stuff in Sailor Moon.

Nice feet

I like to assume only the best about people I have never seen nor met nor communicated in any way with.
Also I can differentiate between normal female friendship and romance and can tell that for example Love Live, Harukana and Asteroids, based on their show, are definitely not yuri, even though that pic implies otherwise. Neither was Akebi from last season, even though some people are absolutely deluded otherwise.
The same with Lucky Star, Yuyushiki and so on.

A lot of CGDCT authors having gotten their start in yuri doujinshi does give credence to the idea that the yuri subtext is very intentional. Hell, look at New Game, where the author apparently had to fight with their editors in order to have Kou and Rin get married in the epilogue.

On the other hand, Nio Nakatani hadn't really thought of herself as a yuri writer for her Touhou doujinshi, and considered them just her writing about female relationships, and yet conceptualized YagaKimi as a story where "no matter how you look at it, its yuri"

Making generalization is silly, every author is different. Here's a doujin by the author of Nettaigyo.

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>Love Live
Sure, if you ignore the novels, the manga, and Garasu no Hanazono.

Someone hasn't read the manga.

One of the deluded people include the publisher of the series itself, apparently.

You are right though that Lucky Star is normal female friendship (drunk Kagami aside). That's why I specified for the last 15-ish years.

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It's a delusion, take your pills and those you'll see those alleged "dykes" longing for dick.

I don't know what you're talking about. None of these girls are gay.

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Oh, and one with the OP pair also by her while we're at it.

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It’s kind of like how every military movie is inherently gay.

This just proves my point that the most of the people interested in writing series about girls without male love interests are yurifags. Normal people want to give them a boyfriend, even if it's a minor role. Just look how the director of Aquatope wanted to give that boy some romantic closure.

>that pic
Heh. You delude yourself that cute girls in your favorite seasonal slice of life show are gay as fuck because the publisher once used the word yuri in a single promo post from few years back. It doesn't matter that the actual contents of the anime and also manga so far are just pure slice of life with some playful character interactions.
>inb4 m-muh play
I'm crossing my fingers for you.
As for the rest, I even said that I based my opinion on shows. But anyway, seeing your way of thinking I'm kinda suspecting that if I actually checked the manga and side materials I would get the same thing.

>still don't want to see a male who might make them feel inferior involved in the whole thing.
For me the appeal of Yuri is that male MCs are always some spinless loser herbivore for the main girls to go 'KYA DESU YAMATE SEMPAI HENTAI' and smack around and that gets boring the 100th time it happens, whereas two magical girls who are actually involved in the plot and occasionally kiss makes me feel good because I like women.

You mean the actual content of the series like when Akebi asks another girl if she's in love with another girl? Is that supposed to be part of normal female friendship? Sounds like to you asking your friend to marry you is also part of female friendship.

But maybe I am delusional. What are some examples of CGDCTs that are non-explicit yuri to you as a point of comparison then?

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>male MCs are always some spinless loser herbivore for the main girls
Not in shoujo.

>Just look how the director of Aquatope wanted to give that boy some romantic closure.
It doesn't really help the argument that most people want it when in that case he was the only one who wanted to do it.

HOly shit I just knew you would post this RinPana page. See how it is conveniently a ship from the only inactive gen?
Also is there any more besides this one page? Like I've said, I have not read it. Maybe there is more. I kind of doubt it because I never seen anything else being posted but maybe.
Just from the fact that it's always the same few pages from manga that keep being posted again and again proves by itself that you are grasping at straws. Like, if anime or manga you claim is yuri actually is yuri, you shouldn't have to resolve to reposting the same page or webm over and over again to make your point. Surely there is more. It doesn't need to show two girls tongue wrestle. Them showing any romantic interest in each other in any plausible way will suffice.
I could probably pick a chapter of YagaKimi at random and would find a page in there that I could post on Yea Forums and rightfully claim
>yeah man, this shit is yuri
and no one would be able to really deny it. We would not be having this discussion at all.
I think this is all I had to say about this so I guess I will stop here.
>CGDCTs that are non-explicit yuri
I'm not sure what you are asking me here but if I get it right, I honestly can't think of any CGDCT that are at least non-explicit yuri, much less explicit. But I have not seen much from the past two or three years.

Because the concept of a girl having a secret double life that she can only reveal to others with that sort of life, and must hide from her family and "normal" friends is an easy metaphor for being gay. Add in a predominately female cast that has little interaction with males, and you have a recipe for homusex, regardless of the intent of the writers.

>not gay
>doesn't show Uranus and Neptune who are in an explicit relationship with each other

>why are you posting the one page that makes it completely undeniable that it's yuri? Why don't you post a more ambiguous page so I can some up with some the thinnest excuse to shit on you for being delusional yurifag
Because it's always outside the realm of possibility for people like you. Why post the page where the two girls buy and sleep in the same bed together? Why post the page where the girls go on a romantic dinner in France with each other? Why post the page where the girls are shown to have rings on? Clearly the only thing that will finally convince people like you that this point is a small blurb in the epilogue that explains what was incredibly obvious to everyone else.

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You are. Girls ask other girls to marry them all the time. It doesn't mean they're gay, it just means they're acknowledging the other girl is more domestic than they are, and they want her to take care of her for the rest of their lives. Totally normal and not gay.

Sayaka was madly in love with a boy for whom she became a magical girl.
Kyouko was a fathercon.
Only Homura might be gay.

she's called HomoHomu for a reason

>Kyouko was a fathercon.
Cool headcanon, bro. In the actual series, she's gayer than Homu.

For me, it's KyouMami

Mumi blew her shot with her, it can't be helped.

It's just how it is.

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All girls are gay until shown otherwise

this is all her fault.

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Butthurt lule

Though they may appear to be magical girls they are in fact terrible frenchliches

To be honest, Kyouko's fixation on Sayaka felt kind of forced if she didn't have any romantic feelings towards Sayaka, or at least a desire of any companionship, something the TV anime never really shows, so the whole things felt kind of weird. It shouldn't have been her first time dealing with a pathetic magical girl, and she should have left Sayaka alone to die or something.

Urobuchi never really cares about writing an actual character because for him characters only exist to tell the plot (along with some shallow list of unique traits and so on), and it really shows.

It's called pseudoromantic friendship, which is the purest form of love.
Sayaka's love for Kyousuke was impure, replaced with pure love for Kyouko; that' the point.
You understanding nothing about close, pseudoromantic friendships.

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So... whos geh?



u r gae


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What a chad

Purest form of love.

>It shouldn't have been her first time dealing with a pathetic magical girl
It kind of was, according to TDS at the very least.

also she saw herself in Sayaka

You don't really get anything about the characters is what I see from this.

Simple magical girls are meant to be cute, and putting two girls together will always be cuter than anyone other pairing to anyone who does not have major brain damage. It's not rocket science.

>also she saw herself in Sayaka
That's the motive, not the execution. One episode she was fighting Sayaka and Homura then in the next couple she shows up on a tree branch looking for Sayaka. If she was an actual character, the moment she knew about the whole soul gem thing she'd just fuck off and hunt witches instead. At that point she barely interacted with the other cast to care enough for them.

I'm sorry then. Maybe it's not just for me. I prefer a character who behave like one, not just a vehicle for the writer to tell some kind of themes, or worse, or to shove in some shipping fanservice.

That more you projecting your ideas onto how the character is written and refusing to understand anything about the writing.

Cutie Honey is a bishoujo senshi in a tokusatsu spoof.

>Normal people
They don't make those in Japan. They don't buy things.