Um user you're not afraid of strong women right?

>Um user you're not afraid of strong women right?

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I like fit girls, but they've gotta retain a womanly shape.
Once they look like roided freaks it's too far for me.

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(rolls eyes)
So you're pretty strong, eh? What's your squat 1RM?


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What sort of woman asks you that? Talk to more people man. Do you ask people "Y-you're n-not afraid of fat n-neckbeards right?" too?

doesnt matter how fit you are, you are sitll a woman and weak.

trying to hard dude

No, really. Nobody is insecure about being (if they actually are) strong and fit to the point they ask for reaffirmation from others.
Well maybe /fit/ but those guys just can't be helped.

And why would I be afraid of something I love?

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t. dyel that gets outlifted by the average cardiobunny

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Nice delts. Is this achievable natty?

that's strong in all the wrong places

It's shit like this that convinces me that there are still nice things in this gay ass world

You have never seen a vagina

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R.I.P. her baby...

Dominating strong women is the best feeling ever.

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I love women like this:
Especially if they have blonde hair and pale skin.

I know it'd be censored bait, but the denial of the depiction of the women's naked calendar scenario fucking sucks.

I don't watch or read FF, but surely she is the best girl.

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I would fuck maki until my dick fell off

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Iris is better

ywn convince her she's still a pretty princess then ruin her fit body with children

Strong women makes my dick go waku waku

No, but a lot of people who do seem also to be into femdom, so I usually feel weird in these threads.

She is the best

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MHA best girl

I want to lick those abs and her sweaty armpits too

>My older sister had a near rape experience
>She was saved
>She wanted to learn how to defend herself in case it ever happens again
>She started working out a lot
>She took kickboxing lessons
>Not only did she have a shitty attitude towards me, but she became incredibly smug about being strong
>She also mocked me for being a 108kg fatass
>I had enough, and I told her to fight me
>She agreed, and she got a hit in
>I rushed her, and fell on her with all of said 108kg
>Knocked the wind right out of her
>Raped her
>She quit working out and spends her days drinking now
Strong women are a fucking joke. Always have been, always will be.


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it's not supposed to be realistic. women can't get this buff while retaining a cute face and F cup titties anyway.

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No but I only date natty.


>she became incredibly smug about being strong
How old was she?

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"I know a good neck workout: Trying to hold proper form while you sit on my face"

I want to get put in amazon position sex with Maki

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yes, and i'm a real life dragon.

>vagina bones

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those are called thighs

vagina thighs

>>Knocked the wind right out of her
>>Raped her
Am I the only one who saw this?

what the fuck are you talking about

I think he's referring to the adonis belt.

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G*d I love fit girls

>I rushed her, and fell on her with all of said 108kg
>Knocked the wind right out of her
>Raped her

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nice fanfic

I'm afraid of women, strong or not.

>Didn't attempt to punch you while you raped her
Did she liked it?


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That old Hag?

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why musclefags are such normalfags?

>strong women
there is no such thing

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Do you not know what that means?
Shut up Pickle Slug, you're not even a man.

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I cant believe maki never got ryona'd even once in this fucking manga. Fuck you tamaki