When push comes to shove, do you prefer to read the original manga of a story or the anime adaptation?

When push comes to shove, do you prefer to read the original manga of a story or the anime adaptation?

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I wait 10 years until after everyone has stopped talking about it, then I read the original with the adaptation's soundtrack (matching manga scenes with tracks as best as I can).

manga, always. I barely watch anime. like 1 series per year, at most


Manga tend to be too long and bloated anime tend to be incomplete, pick your poison i guess.

I talk to the authors and hear the story from their mouths

I've rarely seen an anime in recent years that carries a better aesthetic or direction than the manga its based on.

There's a few this season, Kaguya for example.

I usually stick with the manga, although If something I read gets an adaptation I'll check that out.

It is quicker to read ~100 chapters of a manga than it is to watch 50 episodes of an anime, so manga. Not to mention the advantage of actually having the original story that may not be adapted to completion with its anime adaptation.


I usually prefer the manga.

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Kaguya is shit both ways.

It depends on the quality of the adaptation.
But most of the time: manga > anime

Watch anime, if it's good I read the manga

Source material in general.

I watch anime and read manga at the same time so I can compare the differences

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Manga always

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In general, anime is my preferred medium. If a series comes to my attention when the anime's out, that's what I'll go for. I don't normally feel any compulsion to read the manga just because it's the original form of the story, but if I like the series enough I might do so just for the sake of getting more of the series.

Manga, unless the anime adaptation is a movie like A Silent Voice.

Assuming one chapter is 20 pages and takes 5-6 minutes to read, reading 100 chapters would take around 8.5-10 hours while watching 50 episodes would take 16-17 hours


I prefer anime original shows, those are always interesting to watch along with Yea Forums

I prefer manga by a large margin, but a good anime is nice.

Aside from Lupin, I haven't watched anime for the last 7 years or so. Are anime originals still rare as fuck?

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I think so. The only anime original in recent memory I can think of is Link Click which isn't even Japanese, it's Chinese.


No, we still get multiple originals each season.

>Are anime originals still rare as fuck?
not rare, just lacking in good staff
the dip in quality is clear when compared to 2000s anime original stuff

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Whichever is better, usually it means the manga.

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Unless the adaptation is horrendous, I will always prefer anime. The presence of soundtrack and voice acting is always too important for me.
The only advantage manga has for me is faster content release pace and that it is always ahead of the anime, but I hate following ongoing manga so that point is invalid.

I've noticed that anime original shows tend to always have the best threads unlike adaptations.
it's puzzling considering how Yea Forums keeps complaining about anime only's ruining their series's thread once it gets adapted

Maybe you hate the genre

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That's simply because the thread is very united, compared to adaptations which are separated between animeonlies, mangafags and LNfags which prevents proper discussion.
Meanwhile anime originals combine the popularity of being an anime with the uncertainty of the following plot developments.

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Depends on the series.

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Usually the manga since the anime can cut out alot of information.

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Anime with original script, like Evangelion or Madoka.

manga doesnt censor shit like the anime does thats for sure

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The brynhildr anime has nipples but the manga doesn't. I can't think of other examples when it's the anime that's more explicite.

If I liked one I will probably try the other.

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I'm going to say manga because anime can really screw up a story by changing details to come up with an anime-original stopping point for ongoing manga. These things can really mess up future seasons if they get them, or make things seem off.

Mieruko-chan anime added a dream sequence where the protagonist sees an altered version of the future to warn her of the danger to come. The problems here are that it spoils the true form of a major monster and gives the protagonist the ability to have dream visions which she doesn't have in the manga.

The Ancient Magus' Bride anime changed the protagonist's dress and framing of a scene to make it look like an actual wedding ceremony when it was only her exchanging promise rings with her love interest in the manga. They are still a long way off from actually being married and their large lack interactions for much of the time in the following chapters are going to make people feel misled if it ever gets a second season. Speaking of, many of the references to the protagonist being encouraged (and agreeing) to go to Hogwarts were cut too.

original manga because i dont like fillers and i dont like seeing looong adaptations of things that only last for a couple of pages in the manga

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