What the fuck am I reading? I don't even gets what's going on anymore

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kubo is a shit writer, we know

What the fuck is a "schrift"?

(hand)writing in german

Opinion disregarded.

>ability that causes death is called death dealing
kubo-sama, I kneel.

It's Kubo at peak Kubo, powers are at their most abstract and weird but remember that it all just boils down to a series of "NO Us" or the ending is just side-stepped or skipped.

sex with rukia

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>Picture of a phone

As expected of someone who can't understand Bleach.

It doesn't cause death, it inflicts a lethal dose.

It's a tablet and I didn't feel like going through the effort of actually downloading it on my phone to make the thread.

That's racist.

Please refer to it as 'Manga of Color'

Your tablet doesn't have internet?

It still phoneposting even if I post from the tablet. And I don't feel like putting kuroba there.

You just want to show that you read on tablet (and that you're black occasionally). It's been what, months now?


You don't even know how to screenshot retard. Bleach is too deep for your brain.

Yeah and?

I'm lazy

>anything German
Confirmed for 100% dogshit

It's Kubo's magnum opus, the pinnacle of shits not given.

I prefer 'Nigganga'.

I feel like the kenpachi fight vs gemmy was even worse than this. The fights have been full of asspulls this entire final arc


99% of the bleachfags I know call TYBW shit, rushed and full of asspulls and now I understand why. You've gotta illiterate and blind to think otherwise

Ok retard

I'm glad to see kubo defenders taking a knee

Ok retard

>everyone has a limit on how much their body can handle any given substance
>His schrift lets him manipulate this limit
>If the user 'ingests' the substance he can raise his own immunity while lowering his opponents

It was literally spoonfed to you

It's just a really retarded power I don't like it

Cope retard

Support better mangaka.

wasnt there supposed to be a new bleach manga starting? i read the first chapter but have heard nothing else since

Cope. Retard.

That's you

I know this is bait but I feel like it was rushed after Urahara fed them the hollow pill, and there’s still some good stuff after that, so I really hope the anime takes its time.

Before I started reading bleach and I was lurking threads I saw way more people calling TYBW a rushed arc full of asspulls than anyone saying the arc was overall good. The start was decent at best but once these fights started everything tanked.

>no argument
Concession accepted

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>it's retarded
You are supposed to elaborate on that

I did and the response was "cope" so I don't think I'll be doing it again cause I've seen the peak IQ of the average bleachtard

Cope retard

Based coping bleachtard

That's you

Danke Doktor

I'm not a bleachtard

You are a coping retard

He's officially broken I accept your concession

Did they explain why or just spout bullshit like you're doing?

Concession accepted

Yes Renji, we're very happy for you

The arc being rushed and constant power ups plus, "my invincibility is better than yours"

You know they will be shinigami

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found the jew

Kubo likes to blueball his fans

REad again


What are they now? They are dead souls, but seem to have all their powers intact. Fullbringers are supposed to be living humans, or are they?

I wish

Half the people still actively discussing Bleach are the drones who'll look past how fucking stupid TYBW's asspulls
Make a thread when you finish the X Axis fight

He can snort infinite coke and win that way.