Big tiddy wolf girl that thinks like a man?

Big tiddy wolf girl that thinks like a man?

I could have been born at any point in history but I was born now where I can see amazing things like this?

The world is a beautiful place and I don’t want to die,

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VR I believe

that's a wig you weebmaggot

Not gender bender since she was never male. She will never be a man. She will never have a penis. She will never father children.

This show was fun. I want to kiss Kuroitsu.

It sucks how she he is under purple haired girl's control. Was every girl on this show, save for hydra, a lesbian?

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She's a boy. It's just a wrong body. The corporation should create the male body. Everything will be okay soon.

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That's a cute pet.

I wish I were wolf and put into the room of maidenly heart conditioning

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Kuroitsu-san loves Wolfie-girl

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New chapter of the manga.

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YES! New watamote and Kuroitsu-san? Today is my lucky day

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It never got translated, did it


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>I-Im not a girl, I like men! MEN!
>ew, gross, a hot wolf girl is trying to have sex with me
why was wolfie kun so dumb


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Oh god. Blader's totally going to freak if he ever finds out his bro works for Agastia now.

I love monstergirl idols.

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There's no budget for fixing old monsters. She'll be sold to recoup costs so they can build something new and better.

Who will she be sold to? Can I buy her?

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Wolfie will never be a man and will never win the Kuroitsubowl

i forgot pretty much everything about this show except that i really liked the boss guy

I loved it when she switched to evil genius mode

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There is only one use for her.

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>cucked by her sigma male boss

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Had you been born sometime in the future you'd probably been able to plug your brain directly into a computer and actually interacted with a simulated wolf girl you could actually touch and feel.

I want to plug my penis into wolfie's ass

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Reminder that wolves have a vice grip vagina.

What about plugging your brain into a simulated wolf girl body you can actually touch and feel

>thinks like a man
>pic clearly shows he doesn't
no man would act like this

She's a pure boy, okay?

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A beautiful couple.

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Cute ruthless killer.

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Between Kuroitsu last season and Desumi this season it's been a great year for toku anime so far.

I loved the sisters over-protectiveness of Hydra. I need to add this manga to my list.

P-please don't sell her! She'll be a good bo~ girl!

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I too was confused why she was allowed to be one of the lab coat wearing elite when, even as a girl, her strong suit is her strength. And her ability to seduce anyone, even the audience.

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In order for Project Wolf pack to wrok, why does Wolfie have to let herself go?

What are the chances that Wolfie, in some bizzaro reality, was given the choice to turn into a man. Think he'd even want to become a dude at this point?

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In this hypothetical case, would Wolf even be attracted to Kuroitsu anymore? Most of the initial stuff that made it that way to begin with was because Kuroitsu was a lot more touchy with a female body Wolf.

Well user. When a wolf boy loves a Kuroitsu very much.

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Wolf-kun would be fine if he was just made a girl in her mind. However, since the budget for brain changing can't cover it, there's alternative ways involving a few select drugs and activating certain nerves. They just need someone to assist with the treatment.

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I'd think he still would, who wouldn't get excited by Kuroitsu's paternal pheromones'?

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But one of them would need a penis, and I refuse to believe that Wolf has one, or enough test to be a top.

The W anime just hast to be not shit

They're seriously short-staffed

And despite that their still under better management than any of their contemporary agencies.

Wolf will be passed around the executives like used goods.

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She was the cutest girl.

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Not really

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all I want in life is a best bro with tits and vagoo

Not only will Wolf-kun, a man, win the Kuroitsubowl
He has already won

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Yuto is destined to one day get stuck as as Zwart permanently
It's what his soul wants

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Kuroitsu is for Blader
Wolfie can watch them make love if she wants

Nice try wolfie, we all know your relegated to competing the imouto league.

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Best couple

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I want to impregnate poorfag-chan and not take responsibility

What's her stats again? I also remembered him as more of a muscle type.

Living the dream

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I can't be the only one who kept confusing girl on the left for Kuroitsu-san. I thought they were flashback to her days as a jobber