One Piece


Chapter 1049: "The world we should aspire to"
- In the cover, someone burned Niji and Yonji's book
- Kaido flashback time.
- Kaido is shown as an 8 year old in Vodka Kingdom.
- The king of Vodka Kingdom tries to sell him to the marines for Reverie's participation.
- We see Kaido in the throne room in chains and being taken away by several marines but then he escapes.
- Kaido at age 15.
- He rampages in Hachinosu island (Blackbeard's base island).
- Rocks pirates come to the island.
- Kaido meets young Whitebeard, who told him that Captain Rocks wants to meet him (we don't see Rocks).
- Kaido is recruited to the crew as an apprentice.
- Granny Kurizumi Higurashi (Orochi's mentor) invites Kaido.
- Cut to bigger Kaido and King.
- The flashback ends with Kaido telling King he knows who Joy Boy is.
- Back to present timeline.
- Denjiro hugs Hiyori.
- The water from Onigashima Raizo and Jinbe spread, leaves the castle and lets off Kaido's flame clouds that were holding up Onigashima.
- Momonosuke starts making his own flame clouds.
- Luffy says he will create a world where none of his friends would starve.
- Luffy's punch hits Kaido.
- Kaido falls to the Flower Capital.
- Flashback continues.
- King: Who is it then?
- Kaido: The one who will defeat me!
- King: Then he will not appear.
- Onigashima lands safely near the capital thanks to Momonosuke's flame clouds.
- Momonosuke falls to the Flower Capital in his dragon form.
- Break next week

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>STILL no usopp saving kiku and kinemon
>STILL no grim reaper resolution
>STILL no robin kidnapping plotline
>STILL no red poneglyp
>STILL no ame no habakiri
>STILL no world government ships
>STILL no kitetsu plotline
>STILL no poneglyph, logbook, zunesha lore
>STILL no kurozumi resolution
>STILL no act 4 epilogue
>STILL no intermission about sabo and hancock
>STILL no moria
>STILL no momo having his moment
>STILL no zunesha doing ANYTHING
>STILL no full rocks lore
>STILL no kaido winning cry
>STILL no full kaido flashback
>flashback AFTER luffy sent kaido down
>STILL no Luffy winning card

>Kaido is down before that

>1 CP0 agent still missing
>Apoo and Inbi still running around
>WG ships outside of Wano
>Big Mom Pirates
>Lucci, Kaku, Stussy
>Smoker and Tashigi
>SSG's new weapons
>Awakened Tobiroppo, Calamities and Kaido

Yep, I'm thinking the raid will fail

Kino Piece is back in the menu boys!!

>Sales decrease the most once big arcs end.
Predict how hard the drop will be after Shitno.

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post powerlevels because spoilers are boring

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>Its the same panel again for 100th time

If you cant draw anymore just kill your self Oda. Im sure the ending will be much shitter than this turd arc.

>more Joyboy shit
the timeskip was a mistake

Bird Cage was way more fun and menacing than this Onigashima falling crap.
Mingo >>> Kaido

Why did she have a sea stone nail and no weapon?

Was her goal to try to make Orochi cum to death?

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>no Momo holding up Onigashima as a mirror to Oden holding the scabbards

Say no to oni racism

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Mihawk too high, Big Mom too low, and Luffy the Sun God is S tier now.

would you fuck Faget?

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"Joyboy will be the one to defeat me"
"Keep Wano open until the return of Joyboy"
"Joyboy will be the one to bring the dawn"

Hahahahahaha oh no no hahahaha

Is oda saving tashigi for the after party so she can safely have her sword sperg moments in safety?


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Not even Oda cares enough about the Momo plot to make it interesting.


Yeah, she will show up when Zoro gets his proper Wano flashback and Kuina will be in it too.

>reading over a thousand chapters of a painfully average at best series which will never end
>reading dozens of extremely good, well paced series from beginning to end
Can one of you guys explain your reasoning?

Tashigi will not be in the arc to avoid hurting Zoro x Hiyori shippers.
>b-but Oda said no romance
He also said Luffy will not beat Kaido by punching harder and look where we are.

Itching for kurohige to yoink that nikka fruit

>Luffy isnt a chosen one

>Tashigi will not be in the arc to avoid hurting Zoro x Hiyori shippers.
- Denjiro is still hugging Hiyori.

We've been fed the 20 years prophecy for so many chapters now. Who are you guys pretending to be laughing at?

The thing that is the most disappointing about Wano is we never got a proper Luffy and Zoro team up against Kaidou. All first half of the arc was the two of them getting ready to fight him, but in the end Oda didn't even have the two take him on themselves. It was such a big missed opportunity.

Do you think the marines wanted kaido because he's one of if not the last oni in the world?

And hopefully if kaido's flashback continues than I hope we finally get introduced to vegapunk


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Denjiro is closer to a father figure you sick fuck.

I would fuck male Ulti and be a Faget

So Kaido didn't say this because he tried to become Joyboy. He said this because Luffy didn't beat him.
Lol fags overanalysing shit again hahahahahaha

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Do Luffy fans even like him being the chosen one or Pirate Jesus?

Roofpice, your brainless mouthbreather.

>the last oni in the world?
Yamato, ulti, petan, and black maria exist tho?

>kurozumis in Rock's crew
the plot thickens

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We knew this since Higurashi had copied Shiki's face.

>Grandfather is a marine hero
>father is the most wanted man
>clan of D
>conqueror's Haki
>trained by Rayleigh
>Nikka fruit
I mean if you seething at the Joyboy shit then you're years behind

Tama is a Kurozumi
How you react?

It was obvious that the granny was part of the Rocks, and Tama isnt a Kurozumi

It's okay guys, Kaidou will totally awaken his fruit any moment now.

Meh, everyone guessed it.

>luffy got aCoC, aCoA and awakening all in a single arc
What will he unlock in the Shanks/Blackbeard arcs?

Its already awoken. Now that he's lost it will unawake. Be prepared to see koido.

Hopefully it will reach axe status so it can be put of his misery

Nika fruit is kind of a new thing though.

I'm a speed reader so I don't know who's an oni exact kaido and yamato,are the other Tobi Ropo onis as well?

JOBdosisters... tell me this is the case...

He punched BIGGER and INTERNALLY with COC

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Just the two of them you dolt. Like how Kid and Law fought Big Mom. Luffy and Zoro both specifically spent all first half of Wano training to fight Kaidou and they never really got any proper fight with the two of them. It was passed over instead of the 5v2 fight that didn't really matter in the end.

They've gone through the Five Stages of Grief and now accept that One Piece was always Naruto butt Pirates.

God haki

Sexual drive

Roofpiece you brainless mouthbresther.


The koi no takanobori legend tells me that it's already awakened
But then if the fruit needs to be awakened to activate the dragon form otherwise it is just a magikarp, then why is momo a dragon by default?

>Blackbeard acts unlike a D by fearing death and showing terror, doesn't die with a smile
>because he isn't a D but a usurper who knew one who died and is faking it
>zoans hold a will of their own
>Joyboy's fruit has his will
>when Blackbeard uses his fruit he shuts off the entire DF, robbing the fruit of any power by draining it away into the yami yami meaning that he will steal Joyboy's will to make himself a real D

For real, though, what’s with all these unresolved threads? Seriously no fight for Brook or Usopp? Is Momo legit not gonna hold up the island?

Pudding will get ravaged and then she will awaken her 3rd eye

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The part about Kaido screeching about haki in hindsight gets stupider with each passing chapter

I haven't actually read wano, I am waiting for it to end first, but they all look like onis to me, they have horns

So did Wano live up to all the hype in the end? Oda said it would be bigger than Marineford and spent all timeskip since Thriller Bark to get to this moment.

is impel down under marines or WG?

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Well the worst generation vs kaido and big mom was so they could separate them because the raid would have ended in disaster if those two worked together hand in hand

Zoro was willing to die with a smile on his face. Does that make him a D?

Naruto with pirates, but actually good

Those are some ps1 tomb raider tits.

Forget the koi shit. Jaba's fruit is dog dog fruit model wolf and he turns into a wolf.
Same for kaku its model giraffe.
Also Momo immediately turned into a dragon.
Kaido doesnt have his awakening because awakened Zoan's dont stay down.

Momo put the island down safely, so that’s been resolved
And brook and usopp didnt need fights

lol when you sum it up like that it looks really bad. It's all so tiresome

Midhawk shouldnt be on the same tier as Shanks or Blackbeard really

oh my 7 joyboys

Awakening is another plot point that was introduced decades ago but never followed up on

Reminder that there are way more chances of Yamato being a Kurozumi

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Sweet ending to the fight, regardless of how shitty the road to it was.
Overall I'm glad that Wano is ending. It's been quite the slog, with its moments here and there.
However, I'll never forget the fucking disappointment I'd get every friday after waking up, getting ready to read the new chapter, and finding out it was a Udon chapter. Worst mini-arc ever.

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>strong devil fruits aren't enough, haki transcends all
>turns into a fire dragon immediately after
>has been spending his entire life in the hope that one day he'll job to someone with the jesus fruit
What did he mean by this?

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You will be surprised by how many people are stating this as a fact for everything in One Piece.

Was pre TS all just a fluke? Who the fuck is writing this story even?

And zero chances of her being a nakama.

>the start of Punk Hazard had Luffy and Zoro fighting a dragon together
>the two use teamwork to slay the dragon
>this is where the Yonkou/Kaidou saga first started
>Oda could have had Luffy and Zoro team up to defeat Kaidou like they did against that dragon on Punk Hazard
>would have had the whole saga come full circle
It would have been such a better way to end the arc than just Luffy punching harder

Not even close. Marineford blows this shit out of the park any fucking day, with only 1/4 of its length.

No Kurozomi being part of the rock pirates was hinted.

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prophecies are just people saying shit they think will happen eventually. Dunno why you stuck this particular stick up your butt

It feels like Oda just wanted to cram in some Roger parallels before the fight ended. It was kind of sloppy.

WG, it's one of the big 3 WG institutes.

>Oda said it would be bigger than Marineford
Did he though? Because it felt like he was referring to the war that would happen post-Wano

He's a drunk never trust a drunk's words user

Keep coping

The cover story sounds incredibly lame and predictable

No cause Marineford is good

No Yamato? At all? I don't feel so good....

Kaido and Yamato are so far the only characters explic referred to as oni

*Punk Hazard

Will the germa cover story surpass the bege story as the worst in OP history?
Who can Oda resurrect for a cover story appearance this time?

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Was Rocks actually killed or did he just retire? I forget. Get a feeling we'll see him soon because of the constant reminders of him existing, like Joyboy.

"In 20 years a figure will come to Wano". Kind of specific to say shit like that from Oden.
You coping faggot