RPG Fudousan

New episode soon!

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Very cute feet.

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imoutos next

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I just realized that Fa is Hanako.

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my onaholegon wife Fa is so cute

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It's sad how people won't post here simply because the shitposter made a thread first.

so beautiful...

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Fa usually goes topless in home.

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No Kotone's tits this episode?

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The main trio all have roles this season.
Kasumi is of course, Shamiko, and Oribia will be in Kunoichi Tsubaki from the next episode.

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It's mostly just little bits of cleavage this time.

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The ending song's melody sounds strangely familiar.

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>find a dungeon under the castle
>'This is perfect for the refugees!'

It's an allegory for that Ukrainian steel works plant.

What is the racial makeup of Kirara enjoyers?

At least we got a topless looking Fa shot. All it needs is Yes on the pillow.

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95% Japanese, 4% other Asians, 1% retards from the West.

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Cute and gay

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Just like in my video games.

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What is the sex like?

I thought her Pajama is a single Smallcloth.

I don't understand why anyone would ship them together, they really feel more like sisters or a mother and daughter.
Also Fa is mine.

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>I don't understand why anyone would ship them together, they really feel more like sisters or a mother and daughter.
You should probably read some Taiyaki and Mochi Au Lait.

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>reading shit series from retarded lesbians

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Honestly, Kotone gives off non-virgin vibes to me.
There's something about her moxie and confident aura that gives off "I've fucked men before" vibes.

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