Why do you like im@s?

Why do you like im@s?

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Cinderella Girls is not iM@S

This picture made nofap impossible for me.

I like semen demons like the one in the picture.




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I don't like idolmadster, but I do really, REALLY like Morino Rinze.

horny anons /here/ opinions aside, I think their music's pretty good.

You are aware that the franchise is not just anti lolicon for years now, but outright only glorifies mature women, unlike any other idol franchises I know?

That's why we don't support im@s and just masturbate to the fan art and doujins.


>uoh x Chinese dress
Name a more i-CUM-ic duo.

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Oh my Lord.

Para Takeshi!

Finally, someone with taste.

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>green eyes and blonde hair
My kryptonite.

I only like Kanako.

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Cute fatty

I don't, I like idolmaster porn. When the anime is like the porn then I'll like idolmaster.

Based frienship

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Anyone notice that the most popular iM@S sub-series in the west by far, with the most secondary fans and shitposting, just happens to be the one with constant loliservice, literal fetish characters, and in general, an amount of fanservice that dwarfs all the other series? Really makes you think.

I instantly cum when I see this image

True. I'm one of those secondaries. Like I said above, I only like Kanako. She's like a cute and chubby housewife which plays into my fetishes.

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I honestly never see people even talk about original im@s except to complain about cinderella girls not being it sometimes

I don't know anything about it, I just fap to the characters.

>which plays into my fetishes.

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You mean """service""".
Still the main series all push hag glorification.

I actually prefer the clothed version.

Yeah her expression is more alluring in that one.

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I haven't watched any of them, but I recognize most of the girls from the doujin

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Bamco gatekeep the gaijin from actually following the series.

The sweet tears of salty gajin hoping Starlit Season would be available for the US only to be region locked

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70 cm of pure perfection.

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Yuno really let herself go.

Just pirate it. You're not uncultured EOP, right?

Some of it

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>I actually prefer the clothed version.
Because clothing make it hotter.

That's because idolfaggotry isn't really a thing in the west. Gaijins can't even go to concerts or anything. So the series lose all their primary appeal and fans are drawn by the secondary appeal - sex. Notice the prevalence of people who only know the franchise from porn

>70 cm
Her bust size?

Itty bitty kani

Chihaya was finally outflatted


Pirate does not mean its meant for you and makes you a freeloading secondary.

Bamco literally don't want your gaijin money in terms of idolmaster

I like the songs and the girls are cute. I also learned a lot of kanji because of it.


check out my daughterwife chie is very cute

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Imagine shooting a massive hot passionate load inside your wife who is 12歳

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Skinny idols are out of fashion in the year 2022.

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absolute cockbait


14 years old idols.

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cute and lewd

Stop right there criminal scum

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The weak should fear the strong

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She is too cute to bully.

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The moaned muri the first time it's inserted

I love those

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F-for the music

I myself am partial to 13

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Based. 9-14 are the best idols

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Nono is for vanilla tender loving only