Baki - Jack vs Kehaya opinion

What’s your opinion on Kehaya?

I personally think he’ll be the best antagonist we’ve yet to see. Better than Pickle, Musashi and Sukune. And a fantastic opponent for Jack.

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Lets just see where this goes
every prediction is always wrong
if papa orge is having a bad day kehaya is enjoying his very last moments right now

A lot of people liked Musashi and he’s he was a great bad guy but I think he’s kinda overrated at this point. Sukune was the worst antagonist and Pickle was okay I guess. This guy seems chill af, and I love that about characters. He doesn’t seem cocky, he seems humble and like a cool guy. I’m excited to see him have a fight with Jack. And yea, I agree that he will prob be the best antagonist we have seen

I fucking hate Yujiro’s stupid face
Looking forward to Jack beating the shit out of him

Maybe not the best but maybe who knows

>Looking forward to Jack beating the shit out of him
Things that will never EVER happen

Screened. I’ll make a thread dedicated to retards like you who think Jack won’t beat Yujiro, asshole.

Jack will beat Yujiro fucking dumbass

Kehaya is strong

probably a not a manga for you this

Why would he be an antagonist? He seems like a nice guy. I want him vs Sukune more than anything, so that rikishi can finally go all out. After that Itagaki can wrap up this part and move on to Jack Dou.

You can’t spell for shit

I hope it’s a 2 arc thing where we follow not only Jack but also Kehaya.

Kehaya is not a bad guy, you’re right. But he’s still a antagonist. I’m pretty fucking my sure we won’t be seeing Sukune any time soon and I’m sure he won’t fight Kehaya, ever.

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Kehaya has Uwu kawai face
But Jack is still stronger


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back to grind

I love Jack

I wonder where he came from. Every other new strong character had an excuse for their absence until they were introduced.

Well technically Kehaya was introduced when Sukune was introduced sooo

But did Kehaya also come from an isolated temple like Sukune? Or was he already known?

Just finished the latest anime and I'm pretty disappointed. I can take the Jap wankery and literal history/reality revisionism where Japs are actually #1 in technique but also technique theory which the West is purely responsible for 100% of the effective fighting techniques in Baki, and China is responsible for 90% of the theoretical effective techniques that don't actually work IRL but do work if you are a demigod
But Son of Ogre was the worst offender. Every single episode jacked Japan off immensely and it was very annoying, regardless that's not my major complaint. Oliva losing the way he did was anti-climactic and irrational. The entire season was intentionally proving Baki cannot handle Oliva's raw strength even after he "awakened" during their fight, the way a simple slap on the ass forced Baki to fly into the air which happens multiple times and he can't control it, and of course never once being able to escape any grapple due to the raw strength differences. But then at the very end of the fight no actually yes he can handle it he is physically stronger than Oliva and Oliva's punches don't make Baki fly 50 feet in the air anymore okay season over who will Baki face next. Literally the last minute of the fight he just wins because he just does and Oliva can't do anything about it as they are both just punching each other despite everything up until that point showed Baki cannot get hit or grappled by Oliva. The only "flaw" ever shown by Oliva was that his spherical grapple was less effective than his regular grapples, which also plays 0 part in why Baki can then suddenly not care about Oliva's punches anymore and why Oliva can't handle Baki's punches anymore.

Yes I am American.
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So it's pretty obvious that Baki is never going to end right? I feel like Yujiro has basically become Itagaki's self insert at this point and he's poured every single bad ass masculine thing Itagaki's ever wished he could portray in his living life into Yujiro and is just straight up living vicariously through him through this manga. I just don't see Baki ever beating Yujiro ever, Itagaki loves him way too much at this point. Baki is NEVER going to defeat Yujiro ever and this story is never going to be complete just like Berserk.

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>see itagaki sage for the first time yesterday
>immediately think about the author of berserk
Bakibros…this isn’t going to end well

Can someone post the raws for latest chapter please?

That is why Jack will beat Yujiro, stupid

>Yujiro has basically become Itagaki's self insert


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What if Yujiro had a colostomy bag?


Baki will never end because it's going forward at a glacial pace and Itagaki is like 65

>a fucking rock

Braindead animals thinking Jack an iota of a chance against Yujiro. Incredible what you people are now peddling. Quiet as a church mouse for years after losing to Motobe and Pickle then now you guys are in full force after that disgusting win against Sukune.

Let me put it in terms you fags can understand.....Yujiro too strong Jack not strong enough. Yujiro took down Sukune with one hand both times. One slam to the ground and then a singular punch to the cranium to knock him out. Compare that to Jack where he scraped by a win.

Kehaya needs to put his foot up Jack's ass and bring you fags back down to Earth, I am sick and tired of you seething imbeciles acting like hot shit.

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Thanks a lot, that was really unique. Got a thumbs up from me.

Depends on how things progress, we don't know how strong Jack has gotten. If he beats Baki he'll have a canon-supported serious-ish shot at Yujiro

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Itagaki won’t work on Baki for more than 2 years. No more than that.

Big words coming from such a small fag like yourself. Jag will beat Yujiro. That is the end game for the series.

Also, I screened your comment. I’ll expose your in a few months, mf

Well it wasn’t the whole chapter but it was the dialogue part of the chapter sooo

Jack vs Baki is pointless. Jack will beat Yujiro with or without beating Baki first

No worries I saw the raws video as well where he breaks the rock. Kehaya looks really nice as a character.

This is an aside but why does Itagaki draw smiles on his characters like they are rapists.

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Kehaya thick

Got a problem w that?

user remember when Jack bit Yujiro and nothing happened? Remember when Yujiro pulverized him in a building shaking punch to the cement floor?

What makes you think anything is going to change now? If Yujiro can one shot Hanayama and Nomi then what durability feat does Jack have to withstand that power?

Everyone’s thick boi

Jackschizos are insane

Holy shit ffs

I’m tired of people like you who are so fucking small minded

1. Jack has NEVER bitten Yujiro.
2. Cement what? Tf are you even talking about?

Hanayama is weak as fuck how tf can you compare him to Jack? Wtf? Sukune is a fat fuck and Jack beat the shit out of him so that argument is retarded.


Get screened faggot

Why don't you guys make a bet like the last time? Who ever losses will show their asses.

So muhammad ali Jr. is a real person right? What are HIS thoughts on him and his dad being turned into characters in this manga and him having his buck broken by Baki?

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I want to know where i can bet actual money on baki, I would make a killing off of these jacktrannies who think he has a chance in hell of beating yujiro

For fuck sakes

Jack will beat Yujiro, end of the story (literally)

If he doesn’t then I’ll show my asshole (close up) with shit on my dick no joke, I’m being serious. But I won’t have to bcuz I’m not wrong and I know or a FACT that Jack won’t lose. So fuck you all

Well considering what is grandson looks like, not much. Much like rich parents, the kids squander the image and riches to almost something unrecognizable. Mohammed Ali would be rolling in his grave seeing this disgusting half breed

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Get screened, motherfucker

Jack sucks, get over it fuck face. He won against Sukune and you clowns are acting like he beat a legend. Seriously Jack will lose to someone in this arc. Now it could be the new guy or Baki or hell Katsumi but he will lose and when he does, I will screen all these shitty posts and make sure you are in the collage.

Mark my fucking words. Jack sucks dick and he will come to his oblivion.

I give him 1 more chapter before he jobs.