ITT: girls with LOTS of hair

ITT: girls with LOTS of hair

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I want her to kidnap me, bros.

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Imagine the shampoo & conditioner costs

Imagine having to unblock the shower drain every week

That is a very threatening stance she has taken holding a slipper.

I like to imagine that girls with particularly voluminous hair also have a lot of pubes

i have hair like that and i got a jungle down there
hairy nipples too

long hair ftw
esp. kurokami longs

Yes, she has a bush you could lose your dick in

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I've got jungle fever for Nao if you catch my drift.

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god that's hot

>thick eyebrows
yeah, I'm thinking she's hiding something bushy under that swimsuit

Echidna is not bad at all either.

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canonically now

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Me on the right.

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japanese shower/bathtub drains are rather convenient, so rather than it being blocked, it's just going to be very gross to clean

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(goes double for her other form)

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Holy shit you think they even need to hire people to mop the floors in that school?

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge.jpg


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Best girl!

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H-how do you know she have a lot of hair down there?

Useful rule of thumb with girls: the carpet tends to match the drapes.

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Oh mah gah

imagine the stench

You can tell by the eyebrows.

I would wash and shave this ugly love lab and her hairy eyebrows before fucking her.

Well never get a season 2, will we

>professional whore
Must be smooth as a baby so no leftover semen and precum dries up there.

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there's a chapter where she dyes her hair silver, and also dyes her pubic hair silver, i think Ucchi (?) sees her silver hair in the bath and she asks Yuu to help her get rid of it or something like that

Boil some water and pour it down the drain every two days or so.

How is she so perfect?!

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>a cleavage you can literally walk into


Imagine charging her with static electricity

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Cinderella Nine was a great show for this

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Is this an archetype? If so what's the type. I love these girls.

There is also the school trip chapter when she notices that everyone else trims their pubes and implies that she had just let hers go wild

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