Dungeon Meshi

Chapter 84 leaks
>To save the world

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How likely is it that Kui will bad end this series?

>to save the world

Like 25%
Looking back, I think she can finish her stories good enough

>Shuro with the chopsticks
>Maizuru with pepper
>Kabru with a fucking icepick
>Rin with...napkins?

Pattadol, my girl survived

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Here are the leaks

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>reinforcements arri...

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Fuck I want a clean version of that cover to color

I didn't mean bad as in bad writing.
More like "Rocks fall, everyone dies except the dungeon master".

Looks like Pattadol has the serpent bowl from the Christmas extra sketches Kui did

Looks like Lycion might still be okay too, considering that senshi is carrying him away from the fight


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No one will have their wish granted, especially Marcille

Uh oh.
>Marcille has no eating utensils either
>Lion is the sky
Oh no, Marcillebros, we're in for a death aren't we?

I mean, Izu doesn’t have any either

Not even once

Itsuzumi isn't the big bad though.

>suddenly a plump elf appears with some friends


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Is this the most zanen ENTER ever?

Nah, I feel that Kui likes her characters too much for that. I will probably be bittersweet at worst.


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Fuck I hope Mithrun survives this story and somehow finds a modicum of happiness/contentment after all the shit he's been through.

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I feel like bittersweet is the best case and the chances they actually get falin back are super low. How many of Kui’s other works didn’t have a bittersweet ending, and how many of them weren’t just pure comedy? once this series took a turn for the serious the chances for a good end really dropped.

I hope you're ready for a flat out and unambiguous good ending for the main cast.

Oh no it's happening again

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>that ominous title
Kui pls

It certainly feels like the story needs to convey that impermanence and loss is something that is inevitable and can't be avoided no matter how long you live for, so I wouldn't be surprised if Falin did indeed die, (or rather, failed to be resurrected for some reason, like her soul was too mixed up with the dragon or some shit)

Even Laios seemed a little more prepared for the potential of Falins perma death (at least past the red dragon chapters) than Marcille is.

Kind of weird that Laios says his favourite food is cheesecake, rather than some monster they've eaten so far.

I wonder if it holds some special significance for him?

Yeah, the significance is that Cheesecake is fucking delicious.
French Cheesecake is the best, don't fucking quote me New York or Japanese fags

About the only "good" ending I can think for him is that Marcille ends up in the Canaries with him and there's a hint that both will end up bonding over the fucked up experience of being a Dungeon Lord, that is if he isn't just perma-dead

>To save the world
I'm having flashbacks

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Oh hey, you can see Pukey and the three junior recruits

I doubt that he’s perms dead just from having half his head blown off, even by Namari’s standards that’s a relatively easy fix.

That being said though, I know it’s most likely just wishful thinking, but I was moreso hoping he’d get some semblance of his desires back if they defeated the demon, otherwise he’d basically stay the same half-dead man he is now, just endlessly hunting down demons because it’s the only thing he’s capable of wanting anymore.

That Mithurn with his lamia waifu and the brother in the background.

Why doesn't Marcille simply reduce her own lifespan or the lifespan of everyone?

I'm less worked about a bad end, and more worried about DM ending badly.

In what world is Harrison Bergeroning the world better than raising everyone up higher instead?

>Laius moving on with Pattadoll?
>I don't want that!
>I want to be at the front of his mind even after I die!
>For 10 years, at least!
Snk truly ruined the industry.

>In the year 2081, the 211th, 212th, and 213th amendments to the Constitution dictate that all Americans are fully equal and not allowed to be smarter, better-looking, or more physically able than anyone else. The Handicapper General's agents enforce the equality laws, forcing citizens to wear "handicaps": masks for those who are too beautiful, loud radios that disrupt thoughts inside the ears of intelligent people, and heavy weights for the strong or athletic.
Heh that's a neat little novel, I learned something new today.

Because that wouldn’t solve the problem that she thinks is the biggest issue, being that races all have different lifespans and it’s causing huge disparities among them culturally and on an individual level.

If she just made herself live to 100 or something it wouldn’t change the fact that say, elves treat humans like babies who can’t understand anything and should just be forced out of the way when needed.

Plus Marcille also Carrie’s the idea that she’s a freak/abnormal, but if everyone loves to be a thousand like her, that will become the new normal and she wont be a weird freak anymore (plus more time is better than less time I guess, Marcille still has an elf mindset after all and thinks of 100 years as super short)

You can make cheesecake with monster milk and eggs, dude.

>Kensuke revealing its true form

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Come on. In the end she wants personal happiness. No need for that idealistic stuff.

>more elves
Yeah this is getting a bad end.

It's the canaries we already seen, why are you acting as if it's something new?

Obviously she’s projecting her personal traumas onto the world at large in order to try and convince herself that she’s actually just being altruistic and not just someone whose scared of outliving her friends, but the point stands, it makes sense why she isn’t just shortening her life down to human levels.

New York is better you shit.
Even if your reasons are personal, that doesn't remove the altruistic impulse to help the world at large.

>wolf elf still alive
I suspected it, but good to see anyway

True. I'm fucking blind it seems.

>My friends dying after 60 years
>NO! I don't want that!
>I want everyone to live a long time!
>A thousand years at least!

This will never not be funny

>dying 40 years into adulthood is akshually great cause .....

still kinda weirded out that Kui fell into this trope. It´s genuinely retarded.

That's not the point.

>lion hands typed this post

Marcille is 100% right in her goal, she's just wrong because she doesn't realize that the Lion is a bastard.

nooo not Kensuke!

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>elves are the only faction confronting the demon
What is the rest even doing?

>Marcille is 100% right in her goal
No she is not. There is a reason why long living races have such shitty birth rate.

How is that at all relevant to anything?
When has birth rate been relevant at all to the story or characters? Or was indicated to be an issue with Elves or Dwarves or other long lived races.

>You get to live 1000 years
>Also you need to fuck a lot to get kids
Oh no, the horror.