How much more enjoyable is Girls und Panzer for a /k/ and /his/fag?

Cause I'm neither (I don't even play War Thunder) and I still love it

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>expecting historical accuracy from anime

Who said anything about accuracy?

If you like tanks, you'll like Girls und Panzer. The anime doesn't have very much slice of life in it, and mostly focuses on the competition between the different factions. I can't speak for the movies, though.

I've already watched the whole thing, thanks. Just wanted to know if the average /k/tard and/or /his/fag find it even more awesome than I do

arma/ofp fag since 20 years. Just a simple grunt, never drove much anything fancy like a tank. Foots on the ground. And fuck enemy tanks. Fucking basterds. Wait. What was the question again?

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GuP is a staple for all /ak/ threads

GuP is very beloved on /k/.

>find it even more awesome than I do
For sure, it has loads of little /his/ and /k/ fanservice bits that make it all the more enjoyable.

>How much more enjoyable is Girls und Panzer for a /k/ and /his/fag?
Nah, you don't want to know that

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brb, gonna check out that G-Spot thread

The /ak/tards I know love GuP. But they seem to like whatever anime has weapons in it like Gunslinger Girls or Black Lagoon

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Those two series are good in and of themselves, so what's not to like? Stuff like Coppelion or Otherside Picnic, on the other hand... And don't even get me started on the shitstorms that always happen when stuff like GATE or Zipang come up.

I get Chobi, but what's so great about Erika? She's highly popular for some reason

I'm a Yea Forums fag and it actually made me very interested in tanks and military history.

>Yea Forums
Well Senshado is a sport and GuP is actually a sport anime so nothing wrong here. It's like watching Eyeshield 21 and then become interested in eggball sport.

As an a/sp/ie, what do you think of other sports anime like, say Uma Musume?

She's REDEEMED or so it seems. I hated her until last part.

I'm /k/ and I hate gup.
It's a collection of Wikipedia quotes with uninspired character design.

I'm /k/ and I love gup
It's a collection of historical and military trivia with inspired character design.

Yea Forums here. Shame how few guppies total conversion mods exist. For example a lewd guppies advanced wars would be sweet. You know, when they take damage, they get even lewder advanced tanks guppies, and the winner takes them all, HAHAHA. see you later, faggots.

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I'm /k/ and gup is fine
It's a nice sports show with a few historical and military trivia nods sprinkled here and there.

/pol/ here. guppies are cool. much better than tanya, who is a dude for starters, and then dumb japs fuck up the otherwise lovely scenario with magic and wizards. like what the fuck. were the world wars not cool enough for you? do you really need to put flying magical girls (dudes) in your show? fuck that bullshit, holy shit. guppies are so much better. tl;dr. ja, heil auch.

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/his/ prefer big brained long term strategies like logistics and shit on pure tactical battles, which tank battles often are.

I'll be honest, I've never actually seen it but I'm familiar with it because it gets posted all the time on spee, I keep telling myself I'll watch it at some point

Just kinda curious about what sort of reactions these unorthodox sports get. For the moment I can't quite think of any other ones, except Keijo ,but RIP in pieces to that.

I'm a /k/ fag and I absolutely love it. Kinda like how I'm a huge /o/tist and I love Initial D. Also man Saori is really going for an attention grabbing swimsuit.

>Also man Saori is really going for an attention grabbing swimsuit.
how else are you going to catch the boys?

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Naomi makes my mangina drip

By showing how good of a wife she'll be?


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Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
Und das heißt

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Koume, maybe you shouldn't take those hormone pills...

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Meant for

Mein wife.

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How would anyone make it past Erika to get close to Maho?

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I am Erika

saw some overhead war footage from Ukraine where the put flags above the tanks so people could follow what was happening. Really sold me on the idea that senshadou would be a fun sport to watch if it were feasible. More interesting than the tankathalon

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I love my fat seal wife!

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*old men

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It leads to happy happy hippos.

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Erika is my wife and I allow it.

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I'd try and catch Maho on her way to or from school/practice/work/whatever so there's a high chance the stupid Wani won't be there. Then just try to strike up general conversation with her. Maybe talk about senshado and how cool she looks commanding from the tank.

>retarded enough to like shitty anime
>retarded enough to like guns
>retarded enough to like military history
peak autismo show

Is it time?

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>Maybe talk about senshado and how cool she looks commanding from the tank.
Maho strikes me as the kind of girl who would gladly have a talk about senshado with you but not give much of a shit about compliments.

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My cutting board has bigger mounds than this hound

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Certainly not Momo

I liked Coppelion

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That's fair. Probably gets so many compliments she doesn't know how genuine they all are. Maybe after getting to know her better she'll know I'm genuinely complementing her and not just doing it for nothing.

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Is that Caesar or Noriko on the left with the huge ass? Damn.