Kazuya is a cutest carrot in a shelf full of cutest carrots.

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My wife!

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Hello, Jaws.

Actual best girl in this shitty manga.

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>It's marketed as such, so he can eat a dick.
It's a love triangle at worst. But never was haremshit.
>He wouldn't add more girls if he wanted this story to be tagged as haremshit everywhere.
He stopped adding contenders for the kazuyabowl. Mini ain't part of the harem... Yomase Hari is gacha game exclusive.

Nobody's perfect

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new image upload reiji in your twitter twitter.com/Miyajimareiji/status/1524174701735845888

Just look at how story will find the most contrived and forced ways to make Kazuya le bad guy™ in this, like, making bystanders look at him like he is a public danger to society or a wife beater when he calls out Chizuru's bullshit, then Nagomi blaming Kazuya for the aftermath and not forgiving him for breaking up with Chizuru without telling her first, Kazuo and Kibe wanting to beat him up to a pulp for being that type of person and Harumi being... just there, watching amused at how the weight of injustice falls upon our boi.

It was already uploaded in the archived bread.
>Hope you're doing well today too
She is reprising the generic rental gf script. So, get ready for Kazuyabyss getting fed up.

Reminder that she is not going to tell her clients that she has a boyfriend. Don't believe her lies.

>"Mizuhara, you're b-buh-buh-bitch"
>Cue Chizuru's shocked face
>Cue the entire cafe turning their faces around towards Kazuya
>Cue Mini rushing into the cafe and telling Kazuya "Even if what you're saying is ture, it's still gonna hurt the person that you're talking about"
>Kibe, Kazuo and Nagomi all rush out from behind the counter and take turns stomping Kazuya's skull in
>Kazuya has le epiphany of some sort
>Apologizes to Chizuru
>She tells him it's fine and rushes off to the bathroom
>Has an ambiguous blushing face and a text bubble saying some random shit, you can fill in the blank


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I'm seriously intrigued on how Reiji is going to put all blame on Kazuya.

Because he is the bad guy, always has been, violating the sacred terms of service. The fact that Chizuru went along with it was firstly for her safety: since Kazuya is crazy, secondly for her own benefit: She used him to make her granny happy that she got a boyfriend, when in fact she was pulling on her the same trick Kazuya was on his own granny. him making her a movie was an extra benefit.

At this point you kick the computer out the window and angrily declare you'll write your own ending, with blackjack, and hookers, before going to a local library for guides on storytelling and the Hollywood scriptwriting formula, and then bumping into a 7/10 with similar circling-the-drain lifestyle and interests in fanfictionny writing except they're really into isekai where the MC unwittingly fucks his sisters

Having Kuri go mad at him, even though japanese megane Timmy Turner was the one who gave him false hopes.

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When he'll get fed up with perfect Chizuru and repeats the stunt from their second rental date, she'll tell him straight that she is a RENTAL GIRLFRIEND and there is no future for them ever.
He'll finally feel the weight of wasted money and time and he'll just say he would be happier if he never had met(rent) her and just leave her. He will be treated like a villain because he'll give her a 1 star review
Cue sad Chizuru spread that will be meaningless like every other.

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>>Kibe, Kazuo and Nagomi all rush out from behind the counter and take turns stomping Kazuya's skull in
The past bread had an even funnier scenario. It was like this.
>Kazuya tells Chiz off in the most beta way, still struggling to not let himself get carried away.
>Sky turns red
>Nagomi appears from nowhere and smacks him into the floor.
>Kazuo comes running with a machete, texas chainsaw massacre style while screaming "YOU DARE TO HURT A WOMAM, YOU SHITHEAD!?"
>Kibe wakes up from whatever drunk dream he had while sleeping in a trashbin, pins down Kazuya and strangles him for being am idiot, a liar and a oppressive sexist.

>Cue sad Chizuru spread that will be meaningless like every other.
Hopefully it's crying chizuru realizing and accepting her feelings, ironically, by pushing him away and him obliging to that.

>Hopefully it's crying chizuru
It can't be, her crying is reserved for her loved ones dying, she'll just be sad
she already does, that's why she acts the way she does
>accepting her feelings,
considering what the two of them went through if she still is adamant on rejecting him, only complete memory loss can make her accept him

she literally put it back and didnt buy it.

>only complete memory loss can make her accept him
Or Kazuya drifting away, doing his own life (or at least, trying to do), winning Kibe back by not being a liar in his decisions for once (but in exchange, losing Kuri because Nip Timmy Turner ships Kazuya with Chizuru and can't fathom himself the fact it could never happen), accepting Ruka now that she cooled down, watching him be "happy" on his own without her is enough to crave for that feeling.

>watching him be "happy" on his own without her is enough to crave for that feeling.
but that's essentially what she wants, she wants him to find a girlfriend and be happy

>but that's essentially what she wants, she wants him to find a girlfriend and be happy
And when that happens...she'll most likely realize she wants to be in rebound-chan's place so badly and suffer because she actually pushed him away.

that's stupid, I still hold out for her having a genuine reason for rejecting him, but using the client excuse to "save him from a painful truth"

>accepting her feelings

Yea, accept that she is a piece of shit who is fucking other richer men while she indirectly rejecting someone she considers out of her league.

The entire story seems like it's set up for her to have been hooking up with Umi or someone the entire time and the author chickened out at the last second when it came time to reveal it. He's the one who invented Chizuru being afraid to tell the truth about something sad, he probably incorporated how he felt about destroying the readers' view of the story directly into Chizuru's character. Same way he clearly gets angry when he sees couple love like Mami does.

Kazuya's the one who pretty much abides by the terms until Chizuru breaks them first.

>the entire time
No during their second date she clearly still isn't dating him, but it doesn't seem like she's against it at all
She only seems to be concerned about his ex. Who is to tell they didn't hook up after the movie wrapped up and Umi inviting him to that party was his "revenge" for Chizuru choosing him that one time.

On the box you go, wait for another 3 months

A whole new level of cuckening

Don't know about fucking, but I'm afraid that especially after that confession she can't see Kazuya as boyfriend material at all and that his white-knighting bring about the exact opposite to what he hoped for.

ez he will fuck Ruka out of desperation and become the villain. sex scene between them is already hinted twice, I'm sure it will happen someday. Also Ruka doesn't have other goals to complete except that. As story goes, either she breaks with him or she fucks him.

I can see how she forces Kazuya to give her the final "First Time" before allowing him to break up.

>out of desperation
Nah, it will be because he will let things flow out of hitting the last solid layer of mental rock bottom before entering the molten depths of hell.
Then timeskip to April.

225 says otherwise: Ruka won't give up on him and will ganbaru harder to make Kazuya notice her as a woman, no matter if he fucks off for real.

That's because her current understanding of the situation is "If only he didn't like someone else, he'd love me back." Only we know that isn't true because as soon as he gets rejected he still wants to get rid of her. Once she sees that the problem wasn't Chizuru she'll be able to accept that she'll never be able to just force him to love her through hard work.

in all this mess, Kuri never found out about ruka-kazuya relationship.I hope he discovers it and out of rage goes berserker and turn into a thotslayer, killing every thot in this faggot manga.

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Except the painful truth won't be her dating another guy, it will be that she has the same condition her grandma and mother had, but it's already as bad as her mother's and that she doesn't want to form bonds with others because she doesn't want to cause them the pain she went through.

And tbf, he won't care now. Kuri moved on from her.

Too bad her hangup is falling in love with a client, and not about falling in love in general.

She told Kazuya clearly that she'd like a relationship that she wouldn't have to hide from anyone, something stable. None of that implies that she's secretly dying from a deadly disease. All of it is focused on the fact that a Rental can't date a client. But she's free to be with anyone else.

That was at first, she ended up falling for him for the same reasons Chizuru felt for. For being hotblooded enough to make her heart beat in this case. And was highlighted in the movie arc, her heart started beating harder only after watching Kazuya putting his efforts into producing the last scene.

true, probably also because she feels bad towards Ruka. she was the one who pushed kazuya into that relationship.

Into the supreme gentleman.

You're missing the point. It doesn't matter why Ruka fell for Kazuya. She still thinks that the only thing stopping Kazuya from falling for her is Chizuru. But we've seen that isn't true. He is not interested in dating her at all. He thinks she's a nice person. She's physically attractive. But does not want to be her boyfriend, and Chizuru is not the reason why.

She's a good girl.

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She isn't interested in dating her, but after Chizuru rejects him, he'll be interested in fucking her, Ruka probably won't let him though, because she isn't stupid and will figure out why he got so forward all of the sudden. Then we can either get Kazuya doing something unforgivable or going full incel on the womankind.

Kazuya would have broken everything off at his birthday party if Chizuru didn't guilt trip him into continuing things.

Imagine being a Mami fan at this point. She showed up after 2 years, did fuck all, got humiliated by 2 retards and went back into her hole. Her motives were also boring. Wow she still liked Kazuya the whole time big surprise see you again in 100 chapters for more copy pasted frowny faces.

>and not about falling in love in general.
Hard to believe that if she doesn't hook up with Umi during these three months.


I dunno why, but I like the little wobbly lip that the anime versions of the girls have.

you guys are at least as obsessed with umi fucking chizuru as kazuya is.

chizuru has no interest in umi. she loves kazuya but is an absolute retard about it

Chizuru just acts more naturally around Umi than she does around Kazuya. They really do come off as a better couple. Right now it's written as Chizuru being in love with Kazuya because she loves the moral support he gives her rather than actually enjoying spending time with him.

I hope Reji introduces a new girl that is competition and cucks Chizuru

Kinda funny to think that there's 3 girls besides Chizuru who are in love with Kazuya and none of them would work as an actual rival.

It would be so based if Kazuya just said “fuck it”, and rented another rental girlfriend because he was fed up with Chizuru’s

I think what matters at this point is for Kazuya to just get over Chizuru. Another girl would only be a bonus. While the clock is ticking and she's continuing to fail auditions she should see him just moving on and having fun with life.

Better yet, have him fall in mutual love with that other rental and have them enter a relationship completely off screen while the manga focuses on all the other girls fixing their issues. The eventual reveal would be hilarious.

I just want to see delicious Chizuru tears of her being jealous. That’s what made Niseoki so great

>hoping Kazuya does anything to redeem himself
You clearly haven't been paying attention.