Who was in the wrong here?


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My boy hayao is never wrong, the man single-handedly invented anime and continues to make the only films worth watching. Every hater of his on Yea Forums has been payed off by that faggot goro

The young guys for expecting miyazaki to understand what they were doing. You'd have to be pretty dumb to invent some weird new tech and think "you know who'd love this? A crotchety old luddite!"

I'm fascinated by the potential for AI to design something from all major aspects of film making

Imagine studios in the future where they can relegate background art to an AI. Now obviously background art can have varied levels of importance but if it's not a major feature of a production then that's a huge load off there.

Kill yourself zoomer retard.

Right after you, twitter tourist

And how is he qualified to evaluate AI technology?


He was not evaluating AI technology itself, but the AI technology applied to anime.

>sees ugly looking shit
>it's disgusting to most
>explains why he personally believes it's repulsive
wow this grandpa should really get with the times and kneel before AI school project #3998

why does he have to be such a cunt

Funny way of spelling Tezuka

Miyazaki is always wrong except when it comes to Lolis and Otakus, in those cases he is 101% right.

He's just saying what he thinks.

Ghibli's backgrounds have a really big impact on the feel of their works, I don't think AI can replicate it. But I guess with AI you can create thousands of pictures from nothing and at least some will be great.

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It looks like shit and is by definition soulless. Miyazaki was in the right here 100%, even if going 'muh crippled friend' is really stupid.

>this kind of Ai in anime
soulless shit
>this kind of Ai in video games
Everyone that disagrees is an idiot

I don't disagree

Does he? That thing looks disgusting, sure. He wouldn't use it his work, no shit. But then goes all that high horse shit like
> I have a disabled friend and he can't lift his hand
> it's an insult to life itself
> humanity lost faith
Which is stupid and unnecessary and makes him look like a cranky old shithead who hates everything that was invented in recent ~30 years.

I wonder what that old faggot thinks about Keijo. He'd probably cum in his diaper the moment he see Cerberus.

>We humans are losing faith in ourselves.
You cannot argue against this retard.

You will never fit in.

There is a game built upon AI-generated art. And it looks soulless as fuck.

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Miyazaki generally has great opinions but comes across as the most pretentious asshole while expressing them. He's so quintessentially Japanese.

> new perspective technology created by humans is a sign that humans are losing faith in ourselves
I cannot argue against this retard, that's for sure.

99% of old people are preachy. He's not some god who's above it all and gave his raw reaction. This isn't some big deal.

Love the woke dipshit in the comments trying to say Miyazaki was upset about "consumerism" as if that had anything to do with this

Society is becoming heretical in its fascination with AI so I can see where he is coming from.

>make something that's meant to be repulsive
>Miyazaki finds it repulsive
Success, I suppose?

How he react if one of the students had a Chihiro body pillow? I would pay to see that.

For me, it's comments acting like Miyazaki has such a "big heart" for projecting his disabled friend onto the animation. Miyazaki is such a loveable, affable father figure after all.

capeshit already does this, literally. if they started doing it for complete backgrounds it would come of as extremely soulless and uncanny.


Why did they made the models so fucking disgusting? Couldn't they have made some generic manikins instead?

Incredibly based as always


What's the full context behind this? Why are they pitching this to Miyazaki out of all people in the first place? The dude's a 70+ year old hand drawn animator known for being a huge traditionalist, and these guys casually show him some cgi zombie AI. What kind of reaction did they honestly expect?

Not liking pointless new technology that makes everything worse doesn't make you a luddite, faggot

He's reached that place in Japanese society where you're a respected enough figure to be allowed to say whatever is on your mind

When’s this misanthropic old fart going to keel over?

why did miyazaki bring up his disabled friend? the thing in that animation was a zombie, not a disabled person.

He is senile

That weirdly animated monster is not much different then how the older generation of Chinks view disabled people.

Tezuka is the one that killed anime.

if the japanese had spent less money on moe shit and more on cybernetics research, then they wouldn't have this problem

>look like a cranky old shithead who hates everything that was invented in recent ~30 years.
That's because everyone in Japan over the age of 50 is that.
Problem is that also extends to concepts, ideas and research and that said over 50 populace takes up 77% of Japan's population

how do you define luddite?

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>Miyazaki created anime
Awww is it summerfag time already? School’s out?

>I feel like we are nearing the end of times
Fucking kek, what an absolute cringelord. It was just a demonstration of an AI generated ragdoll for video games, not post-nuke footage. The presenter's only fault is valuing some tech illiterate boomer's opinion on new tech. I'd be surprised if Miyazaki could even open up a web browser by himself.
He made a couple mediocre kid's movies with good animation and visuals and for some reason people treat him like an authority on anything remotely art related which has bloated his ego to too great a level. What an absolute cunt.

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miyazaki is a senile old fart. i unironically can't take him seriously. but maybe he's just really a rotten person.

not him but he's very obviously being sarcastic.

>Miyazaki immediately thinks of his friend when shown an AI generated zombie animation
>somehow it's the programmers' fault

I know you're being sarcastic, but I can't think of many things Miyazaki was completely wrong about. Other than the "pull yourself by the bootstraps" thing and the way he basically psychologically crushed his own son during his film debut. Miyazaki is usually right about the stuff he says however bluntly he says it. I think his only real failing is his naïve understanding of the anime industry, it's not a welcoming place for creatives and actual artists, and the conditions to foster these people simply does not exist anymore.

So you are complaining about his bluntness (and rudeness), not about the opinion itself.

Underrated post.

At this point he's just a bitter old contrarian faggot.

I count his wails about woes of technology as a part of the opinion itself.

Are you being ironic?

He is right about that, though. Maybe his delivery isn't the best, ideally it should've been honey coated medicine instead of the usual Miyazaki anal suppository, but his stance on technology is less of an opinion and more of an observation of fact.

he was light on his criticism
I would have gone twice as heavy

> He is right about that, though.
That's debatable. Problem related to technology are usually created by people and not the by the technology itself. Meaning there is no point in blaming technology.

>muh contrarian
Go back

No, it really isn't. This isn't a thought experiment anymore. We've seen the societal consequences, and particularly how nefarious the intersection of technology with entertainment is. Artistry was lost in favour of mass entertainment of dubious moral quality and bereft of any artistic integrity.

You're complaining about capitalism damaging art, not the tech.

You can stop breadposting now and abstracting the topic of discussion. This isn't about politics.
>b-buh everything is about politics
Fuck off and stay fucked off.

To this day I still don't understand, out of all the people that could judge an AI that could "work for an horror videogame", they decided the most bitter old man who's famous for something completely unrelated.

>Problem related to technology are usually created by people
That's the point.
Those guys were not using technology correctly and he scolded them for that.