Akira no Abyss/Yuko no Abyss

Break is almost over! New chapter tonight.

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No one is excited for the chapter?

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No text spoilers?

Dog and scum is better
This failed novelist sucks dick

>no early sensei thread
Looks like the schizo was finally range banned

So was there rape or not?

Even if he made a thread, I would just have made my own thread. The last thing he needs is more attention.

>So was there rape or not?
Doesn't seem to be the case.

I've been dreading this chapter, or at least this whole flashback. This series is basically misery/torture porn at this point, and with flashbacks there are no stakes as it won't affect the present story, so I'm expecting something fucking horrible soon.

Do you think Esemori will kick the bucket at the end of this flashback arc, or will that happen afterwards?

I'll be very very early on reading this chapter and nothing will stop me

Dog and Scum shat the bed the last week with the reveal of Sakuraba being the scum all this time.
At least Abyss has some things to keep looking out for.

It seems not

RAWs in 3 hrs and 47 minutes

Yeah it's dumb AF, I get it but it lacks impact

So she was two-timing?

Hello Sneaky

Sneaky still uploads abyss raws when he could.
He stpped spoiling only because of muh Nagi ghosted from manga's existence.

Sure thing he will.
He has few days left.

>series called dog and scum
>not expecting all of the characters to be one part dog and one part scum
We all know reika was scum for the information withholding so she can play family and shuuji was just scum all around, so sakuraba being wishy washy and not exactly being okay with hearing he got his reluctant friend's wife pregnant is just the passive equivalent

But he is biased towards Scum considering Scum gets scans even before raws come out while BA scans take days.

Is Dog and Scum even popular?

It was never intended to be tho.
Although, sales weren't that good in Japan.

>sales weren't that good in Japan.

What do they say? I don't speak moonrune

for all the meme about boy's abyss only seemingly to get, in average, 10-15k per volume, D&S is genuinely unheard off
shoseki ranking of D&S 1st volume for its 1st (and only) week: 440 shosekiranking.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-3693.html
2nd volume not ranked at all shosekiranking.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-3802.html
3rd volume ranking: 460 shosekiranking.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-3909.html
no need to dig for oricon number because no way it ever got listed on their ranking when its shoseki ranking is already this low
PS: i looked at amazon jp to know the release date of each volume

Then why does D&S keep getting shilled by Sneaky? He even shills it more than Abyss, and that was even before the Ryo thing.

it's his passion project and he likes them r/manga interaction he got there (because he's very active there)

Do you know about passion projects?
For sneaky, Kanokari and D&S are his'.

Is this him?

Did akira got cucked by nippon chad?

Are you telling me he still likes Kanokari? Even after how shit it turned out?

dunno, maybe it's him maybe it's not
he did say he doesn't visit Yea Forums often

on an unrelate note, now that i start to lurk around on that site, i realize none of cocktail knight volume ever got any ranking there, kinda sad that

I don't think CK is even popular anywhere outside of Yea Forums.

My bet is that nippon Chad was the one that saved Yuko

it got 200+ people rating its 1st volume on amazon jp so i think there are genuine buyers of this manga, sadly it wasn't enough to not get axed

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also in comparison, boy's abyss newest volume managed to stay 2 weeks on shoseki, with the peak was ranked at 198 then dropped down to 464

Why is D&S even his passion project in the first place

Maybe he found Reika hot, she is hot and /fa/

Akira telling Yuko that she should go out with chad

Looks like he might have just been a sucker and believed whatever got said to him about her given the text, but I suppose we'll have to see the rest for context. Gonna be real stupid if it turns out all this shit happened because he was just being a little bitch and caved to a schoolyard bully

From this page I'm getting the sense maybe I was right about chad saving Yuko from the faceless man rape.

Never underestimate a waifufag.
If there's a one-in-a-million alluring waifu with mysterious nuances and constant presence in the manga, get sure not only him, but also any scanlator, would stick to a manga, no matter if it jumps the shark.
And compare the spoilers he gives with Mangalatam/5ch/baidu ones.

>And compare the spoilers he gives with Mangalatam/5ch/baidu ones.
Explain further

4 letters 1 word
B i a s.

Why did you make a marriage promise with me if you were already dating someone else, I guess

I don't get it

You can see him turning into present-day Edgymori already.

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Expanding a bit.
Just remember the spoilers of the previous kanokari chapter (234) spoilers.
Leaker kun omitted the fact about Kazuya stating he is on the verge of giving up and when Chizuru throws the carrot back and highlighted the carrotzuya face and the "blush".

So basically Sneaky emphasizes Chizuru stuff while the other leakers don't?

Hype restored. Hopefully this chapter also shows if Reiji is indeed, Cancermori's son.

What are the odds?

>implying that won't take at least 2 more chapters to reach

Low if we go by the leaks.

RAWs soon, hopefully.

Show us the leak

Ryo must be waiting on Yuko to come to the hospital and make one final meeting with Esemori for maximum telenova.

10 minutes left

They are above.
The 2 pepitochiken pics.

>If you can't protect her, give her up.
>Be careful on your way home.

>You're going out with him?
>We promised to get married...
>So? Did you tell Uryu you're marrying someone else? Did you turn him down?


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Who the fuck is Uryu?

I assume it's the blondie she went with


>Makes like two threads promoting Dog and Scum
Christ, shut up. He should have never admitted to it. Now you retards are still running with it half a year later.



Esemori cucked so bad he got cancer years after the fact

somebody upload the chapter anytime now

sensei a shit

So Reiji is this Uryu person's son?