One Piece

It's over

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Kawamatsu(My Husband)

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I hope so, but I still have my doubts.
Post-flashback Flower Capital final slugfest is still a possibility.

If you had a boat, how would you call it?


Was he a good villain?
Is there more you expected from him/stuffthat didn't fulfill your expectations?

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I just need to see his flashback now

LuNa afterparty sex SOON

i don't get why oda has shown it in bits and pieces even now at his defeat it's barely half a chapter






キング で?誰です?
カイドウ 俺を倒したやつ
キング じゃあ現れないですね



>STILL no usopp saving kiku and kinemon
>STILL no grim reaper resolution
>STILL no robin kidnapping plotline
>STILL no red poneglyp
>STILL no ame no habakiri
>STILL no world government ships
>STILL no kitetsu plotline
>STILL no poneglyph, logbook, zunesha lore
>STILL no kurozumi resolution
>STILL no act 4 epilogue
>STILL no intermission about sabo and hancock
>STILL no moria
>STILL no momo having his moment
>STILL no zunesha doing ANYTHING
>STILL no full rocks lore
>STILL no kaido winning cry
>STILL no full kaido flashback
>flashback AFTER luffy sent kaido down
>STILL no Luffy winning card

>Kaido is down

>1 CP0 agent still missing
>Apoo and Inbi still running around
>WG ships outside of Wano
>Big Mom Pirates
>Lucci, Kaku, Stussy
>Smoker and Tashigi
>SSG's new weapons
>Awakened Tobiroppo, Calamities and Kaido

Yep, I'm thinking the raid will fail

Maybe because related to Xebec?

Episode 1049 The World to Aim For
Kaidou's boyhood
Sold to the Navy to his country
He escapes from the Navy and is recruited by Rocks.
Young Whitebeard appears briefly.
(The story of Rocks ends easily)
An old lady (a relative of Orochi, right?) recruits Kaidou
The recollection ends with him telling the King that he knows who Joy Boy is.

The place is flooded.

Denjiro hugging Hiyori

Flame Clouds comes out just in time

Luffy's powerful punch hits Kaidou

Continuation of the recollection from earlier
King: So? Who is it?
Kaidou: The guy who defeats me.
King: Then he's not going to show up.

Onigashima Island, which falls near the capital.
The dragon that falls with a thud.

Next issue is cancelled.

post powerlevels

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Flashback to Kaidou as a kid
His country tries to sell him to the marines but he escapes
He rampages in Hachinosu(i think it's blackbeard's island) and Rocks invites him to his crew
Young WB appears
Rocks flashback suddenly ends
Orochi's grandma invites Kaidou
The flashback ends with Kaidou telling King he knows who Joy Boy is.

Back to the inundation

Denjirou hugs Hiyori

Luffy's punch hits Kaidou

Flashback continues

King asks: Who is it then?
Kaidou: The one who will defeat me
King: Then he will not appear

Onigashima falls near the capital
Momo falls

Break next week

Lil' Boat.

Because Kaido's flashback contains way too much endgame reveals pertaining Joyboy, Lunarians, Xebec, God Valley, Wano's importance, the Dawn of the World, the Void Century, the One Piece itself, Imu, etc.

the more squiggley Ulti is, the funnier she is.

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retard tranny, spoilers have been out for 12 hours already
we don't need your chink language and google translate

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THANK NIKA it's fucking over.

fuck off idiot

This is literally Goku "defeating" Frieza with a Genkidama.

>It's a Higurashi chapter

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>next issue is cancelled

Meaning Kaido will come back?

>timing the break just as Kaido is (probably) defeated
Going to be a long two weeks.

Smoker will never be a Strawhat

He's a fantastic badass design and I love that the big bad strong guy in the world uses a club but he was hamstringed by the fucking Oden nonsense and the Yamato stuff and he lost that spark to me

I liked the idea that he was suicidal and he wanted to be killed by force and the whole surviving execution angle was intriguing but fuck me the Wano wank just made him embarrassing


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only complaint is thunder bagua spam. If its just Kaido's default normal attack it comes across like luffy still yelling GOMU GOMU NO PISTOL every time he throws a standard rubber punch

Kaido this low
Big Meme this low
WB imposter this high
Shiki this high
Whatshisname from BB team this high

Lol. Lmao even.

Kaido definitely wiped Vodka Island off the face of the Earth when he had the chance.

>warm piss

>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
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5. Yamato
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
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5. Yamato
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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my cover story theory

Pudding is freeing the Vinsmoke brothers, while Blackbeard pirates are invading Pudding's place, searching for her.
When Vinsmoke will try to escape, they will see Pudding in trouble or they will all run into Blackbeard pirates and will help her in order to repay the debt (because they have no emotions to care for her otherwise).

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>Onigashima Island, which falls near the capital.
Aw shit. That's biggest "we're done here" sign more than anything in the chapter.

Then they got curl stomped by Blackbeard pirates anyways

HigurashiStacies can't stop winning. Carrying this whole arc on our back, like we carried Kaido's bitch ass during his duel with Oden.

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No that's King saying that the person who will defeat Kaido will never appear after he says Joyboy will beat him.

What was Hiyori going to do with that nail if the building wasn't on fire and if Orochi hadn't been trapped under rubble?

hope morj and morjfags kill themselves after this weeks chapter.

post more pudding

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The Joyboy shit is retarded in every way

Why are you samefagging

Oda needed to make Luffy the chosen one somehow as if the Roger comparisons didn't make it obvious enough

>Onigashima falls near the capital.
Yep it's over.

>Onigashima falls near the capital
>Momo falls
Prepare for Momo holding up Onigashima. Our lad will make it.

Joyboy isn't chosen by anyone. He was just a person.


Joyboy is a real legend though

user the island fell to the ground.

What if Joyboy ate Nika’s fruit and left an impact throughout history with it.

The jap spoilers I read said he saves onigashima with his clouds

this. joyboy failed which caused the world government to take over the world.

Kaidobros…are we jobbers?

>Carrying this whole arc on our back, like we carried Kaido's bitch ass during his duel with Oden.

>Kaido is groomed by an old hag

She is Yamato mother...

Additional spoiler from leaker:
Rocks himself does not appear in the chapter. Only a young WB recruiting Kaido

Grooming kaido was linlin's job
The schizo larper is clearly her daughter keku

He's trying to, I think some spoilers earlier mentioned he starts making flame clouds appear when Raizo's water put some out.

>Sold to the Navy to his country
Even more evidence that onis are an actual race. I hope next chapter continues the flashback so we can learn what is Yamato's purpose in Kaido's plan

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Yeah Oda's saving him for Big Mom or Garp or Blackbeard

>luffy punched out a yonko on his own a week after getting oneshotted
get a load of this fairy tail tier trash

>Even more evidence that onis are an actual race
I don't think this was questioned, Kaido specifically calls him and Yamato onis.

Stop trying to make this about yourself, troon. She will remain useless and irrelevant.

>Sold to the Navy to his country

Holyshit, vodka island is a shithole