Why the heck sometimes fujos are into non bishonen characters...

Why the heck sometimes fujos are into non bishonen characters? These two are unbelievably so popular among fujoshi industory now.

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>Why the fuck do different people have different tastes
What is this retarded thread? Stupid autistic ESL, kill yourself.

Ogata is a bad guy.
Women always love bad guy.

Yeah, fuck Tsukishima, Cat goes with his brother.

Well it does pander to a certain segment of fujoshi, those who like more buff or bara-like types.

Not anime or manga. Discuss shows, not the fanbase.
Also fujoshits are the worst.

Different tastes for different fujos just like the lolifags, JKfags and hagfags.

You might not be prepared to hear tgis but there's women who are exclusively into fat guys, too

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Probably a fujo herself samefagging.

Why these two? They barely interact.

Why are otaku son of a bitches into non skinny characters? Because they find them attractive.

Manlet is for me not Cat

The pointy chin big hand stereotype hasn't been true for over a decade now.
New trends feature older men, body hair, and more masculine body types, pudgy old men too.

I wondered same thing.
In pixiv female ranking, there are always Golden Kamuy porns.
I understand if it's Sugimoto fan art but many of them are Ogata.
This is not niche popularity. Obviously as popular as top tier fujo idols such as Rengoku, Mikey or Gojo.

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Ogata is like an ideal man for women who are dreaming of having sex with psycho pass killer.

Did you miss out on Osomatsu-san or something? And for the same reason cakes are more popular: the demographics into this shit are aging and generally are interested in people closer to their age.

I am not woman but it isn't hard to understand Ogata popularity.

>Literally the aloof bad guy type from otome game
>I- I can fix him
>Obsessed and attempted to steal the heroine (their self-insert) mid point in the story

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There's also the cat characteristics, bitches love that shit.

>reading comprehension

The majority of Ogata's popularity comes from fujoshi, they also flooded the author's twitter with asshurt when the character died

Golden Kamuy is literally an otome game.
Asirpa is the player character.

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Please understand, women can't read.

and they're based

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What's the appeal of fujo?

Semi-off topic but reminder to everyone here that fujo doesn't mean every female nerd, they don't all ship guys together. Fujos are the ones obsessed with shipping guys.

>Lynn Okamoto: "Golden Kamuy has too many crazy pervert characters and seems not considering about getting female fans but still so popular by women. Is this because of gay? Do they like it because of gay? This is unacceptable for me."

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They're likelier to test out stuff they've seen in bl, probably.

what's the term for all the female Ogata fans self-inserting as Asirpa hoping that Ogata would abduct them

Sounds like he is salty.
Maybe you shouldn't be drawing a manga where the MC mindrape womens with hormones if you want to appeal to females readers.

>why they are
>unbelievably so popular
Study English for 20 years before posting

Self-inserters, then. It's something I don't really understand because I wouldn't try to overwrite myself over an existing character. I want to say they'd be self-shippers, but projecting over another character is going in a "I don't take this that seriously and may actually be just a shipper" territory

Yumejoshi. The two groups have a dislike for each other.

Only thing is, in recent years, I've noticed that there are self-shippers/yumejoshi that are not faithful, like the haremfags. It makes me with there was another term, because waifufags gets misused too

I've read a doujin Usami x Olga(Tsurumi's daughter) but based setting is 21st century high school.
Usami is obsessed with having sex with Olga because she is genetically a half Tsurumi.

Actually that's how shoujo works and it's popular with females too.

A whore?

I mean a term for the people who aren't ironic and/or haremfags

>deleted tweet
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He said he was drunk.

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Femcel hands typed this

While I don't agree with getting that angry, "how do different people have different tastes" is one of the dumbest questions I read on this site

If you haven't noticed, ugly but cute men are the next big thing

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Reflects the body and mind behind trannies who likethis shit

>Cat got BTFO

Great ending. Shippers seething.

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Fujos gonna fujo m8

Female fans are Based.

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so he's telling what he think

>fujo shlicks to bishounen
>fujo shlicks to more realistic man

Women love competent men who are broken inside.

These two are violent traumatised nutters and women think they can heal them.


Tsukishima is for monke only

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*Very ugly
Sorry sis

>Why the heck sometimes fujos are into non bishonen characters
Because people have can different tastes? What the hell is this stupid question? Is it shocking to you that women aren't monolithic?

Fujos are the ones who want to see guys get together, and get off to that. Women who want the guy for themselves are different

>Lynn Okamoto is a Japanese manga artist and a former employee of Bandai and Arc System Works.
>His most famous work is the series Elfen Lied which was adapted in a 13-episode anime series by the studio Arms
Sure, whatever.

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