Yui should have won

Muh introverts fall in love with each other was obviously superseded by a super romance.

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The imouto should had won instead, I don't want him and his shitty character to ruin other girls and Saika.

Do you honestly think Yui understood 8man better than Yukino did?

That fag of an MC didn't deserve any of those grillers desu

iroha should have won

Yuckynno didn't understand shit.

you should stop self-inserting already. 8man has his own personality and preferences. I didn't really like yukino either, but she was obviously the most compatible with him.

They didn't deserve him. He should've gone for the superior option.

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Nope. She was never genuine. That is the point. She saw 8man as something he isn't. Her love was fake. Every part of this story beats you over the head with this.

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I actually really liked their mentor-student dynamic. anything romantic between them would have ruined that

Genuine is not real.
Having a brainlet gf is clearly easier to deal with.

Can someone explain this anime to me?
I have never been so confused in my life.
I just don't understand why they act the way they did. All the dramas and motivation, am I that out of touch with the teenagers?
Their actions seem so unreasonable.

I just don't get it.

Sure if she is proper about her expectations
She loves the white knight savior who 8man isn't really.

>drama is unrealistic
Realism is gay and boring unless you're a good writer.

8man and Yukino were vibing the entire anime.

Neck self, gen z

*yeets you*

>Having a brainlet gf is clearly easier to deal with.
so you think Yui should've won because she's dumb?

Yukino made the club because she feels her family is responsible for his social situation. The club exists to give Hachiman a social network, improve his social skills and thus make him a less bleak person. Yui latches on to this idea as well because she also feels guilty. Hachiman puts two and two together during early season 1, first with Yui (one of the early arcs, "I hate nice girls" monologue) and then later Yukino (after the camp arc). The latter hits him pretty hard because he built up Yukino in his head to be the perfect woman and wanted to partake in the club activities with her, but then it turned out that she was just feeling sorry for him and the whole club exists for him and his sense of self worth drops even lower. He continues to join the club activities, but every issue they run into is unsolvable so he decides to just make himself the destroy his social status even more as some sort of self flagellation. With this method he solves the issues on the surface temporarily. Yukino and Yui hate this because it is the exact opposite of what they hoped to achieve with the club, but Hachiman continues to double down. Hayama is interesting because he actively enables Hachiman's behavior to preserve the status quo in his friend group. He feels slightly guilty, but values his own social life more than Hachiman's.
During the christmas party planning or whatever it was with the other school, Hachiman is unable to solve the situation with his usual method and everything is going to shit. Yukino is one bad conversation away from completely cutting ties with him because he obviously doesn't want to be helped, but he comes back
and says that he is out of options and needs her help to fix the situation. She says no, but then he has the "genuine" speech that hits her hard, because she finally understands what Hachiman has been searching for all along and it also happens to be what she felt deep down. She decides to help him.

The characters have a very specific brand of autism and retardation.

Reminder that her ending is the best
Stay at home dad

>Yukino made the club
confirmed headcanon. Sorry all these theories turned out wrong.


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>Yuimama S
Pleb tier chart immediately.

Seethe harder Yui.

What can Yui offer him aside from sex?

I still remember the fake "Yui won and Yukino confessed to Hayama" spoilers

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Healthy offspring.

kurokami long > yui
That's reality. She stood no chance.

Yukinon a best.

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Her sister is better.

Codependency isn't love. 8man and Yukino "romance" isn't genuine

Don't forget her alts

what is sex with her like?

fucking kek. I also remember that the spoilers for the final volume dropped in a thread insulting Yukino

Based trip poster. They should have gone for Hayama instead of that pretentious gloomer.

She got a sequel where she does homewrecking so I'd consider that a win.

her homewrecking attempts get completely ignored though. meanwhile, the 2 autists keep on flirting in front of everyone. moving on is really the only good thing that could happen to her at this point

idk. ask 8man. that guy probably posts here

8man really doesn't strike me as the Yea Forums guy.

well, he's japanese for one. early 8man does have that "thinks he's smarter than he actually is" thing going that a lot of people here have. the amount of blogposting that happened here when s1 aired is proof of that

reminder that getting together with 8man means losing, not winning

8man is specifically written to cater to all of ice bitch's preferences and needs. she's specifically the only person in the world who'd gain anything by ending up with him

nah, she needs someone outgoing who's going to drag her around and make her actually have fun instead of being a dumb shut-in that closes herself off from others

>early 8man does have that "thinks he's smarter than he actually is" thing going that a lot of people here have
Except if you do have that you want to stand out. You do not pick a website where you can't.
>the amount of blogposting that happened here when s1 aired is proof of that
Because it is liked. But 8man would never use Yea Forums.

did you even watch the show? she's actually not a shut in at all. her real problem is that she's autistic, and there's no fix for that. might as well have her end up with the guy who'd put up with her autism

That's exactly what 8man is doing, at a pace she's comfortable with nonetheless.

8man also needs someone to do that for him, though.

>Codependency isn't love
And mutual codependency isn't love either

Yukino pushes him to constantly improve in a lot of areas. I'd say that's good enough. 8man does give more in this arrangement, but he also gets a rich, intelligent, 11/10 wife who is crazy for him. I doubt he'd have it any other way.

oh, they can work with each other
but each of them would be better off with someone else

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I always preferred her desu

>gains more confidence
>manages to mend her relationship with her mom slowly
>is the happiest we see her in the entire story right at the end
I don't know, user. I think you're talking out of your ass. I do agree with the other girls though. 8man was written specifically for yukino and her problems, it seems. The other girls won't be getting much by ending up with him.

as an introvert I usually seek out high energy girls so I agree with this somewhat
two introverts dating would never leave the house

They're literally written to cater to each other's tastes though. It's actually almost ridiculous. I doubt they'd ever find a better match even if they spent their entire lives looking.


die then

that only really works if you have something in common with that high energy girl. 8man doesn't even have that with yui. everytime they talk it's either about the club or about yukino

yuckyno a shit

Yui's just as bad. I've seen her type, she'll drop him after a month or 2 when it doesn't pan out as the princess tale she wanted. Sensei, Kawasaki and Iroha are the best choices.

used goods, violent, and also a smoker
Maybe. Too bad she's not relevant at all in the story.
school bicycle, openly flirts with other guys

They're not really the best for 8man. They're just who you personally prefer.